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  Support for the XDG Base Directory Specification

[2024-04-18] Patch 9.1.327 brings support for the freedesktop XDG Base Directory Specification and has now been merged. A few more adjustments have been made withe following patches: v9.1.0337 and 9.1.345. That means, you can now place your configuration files under ~/.config/vim/ instead of ~/.vim so Vim will stop littering your home directory. Note: To make this change backwards compatible, Vim will only attempt to source from that location, if ~/.vim/vimrc and ~/.vimrc file do not exist. So it won't impact existing users, but users that want to start using the new location, will need to move their existing configuration to the new place. You can also read about it at :h xdg-base-dir. Thanks to all the contributors that help Vim continuing to grow! (Christian Brabandt)

  Vim 9.1 is released!

[2024-01-02] The Vim project is happy to announce that Vim 9.1 has finally been released. This release is dedicated to Bram Moolenaar, Vims lead developer for more than 30 years, who suddenly passed away in August 2023. The most notable changes are support for Vim9 classes and objects, smooth scrolling support and virtual text support. And as usual, runtime files have been updated, many bugs have been fixed and potential security relevant fixes have been included. You can find the full announcement here. (Christian Brabandt)

  A new Vim.org Homepage

[2023-10-12] The Vim homepage will be renovated by a few students from the FH University Salzburg. Development will happen at a new Github repository. Feedback is very welcome and can happen at the vim_dev mailing list or at the github repository.
See the announcement. (Christian Brabandt)

  New Vim.org Homepage Hosting

[2023-09-26] The Vim project has been moved to a new hosting provider.
The hosting should be much more stable now and database problems should now also been solved.
Thanks to Wavestack for hosting us. (Christian Brabandt)

  Moving the Vim Homepage

[2023-09-24] The Vim project will move to a new homepage on tuesday, september 26th, 2023 around 08:00 pm CEST.
During that time there may be some issues connecting to the current homepage (or trying to login) but hopefully they will be resolved very soon.
The new vim.org domain name should then resolve to the new IP
This homepage here will stay in read-only mode and no longer maintained.
Read the announcement at the vim_announce mailing list. (Christian Brabandt)

  RIP Bram Moolenaar

[2023-08-08] The Vim project is deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Bram. We certainly will miss him, his guidance and his humour.

The Vim project wouldn't exist without his ongoing passion to lead and develop Vim and the community for more than 30 years.

Our deepest condolences to all his family and may they have enough strengths to come through these saddened times. We lost a great guy way too early, who should have had the chance to enjoy and live for at least several more years!

In addition he was well-known for collecting donations for the ICCF foundation and helping many children in Uganda. And despite the saddened news, during the last 7 days an incredible amount of EURO 60,000 was donated. That is so awesome. Thank you all contributors!

An incredible amount of people have been giving respect and saying goodby at here and you'll find obituary articles and links here.

It is in Brams interest to continue the Vim project even if development now will slow down, but hopefully the community is being able to step up and continue the work in the next years. (Christian Brabandt)

  new :defer command

[2022-09-09] Cleaning up after creating a file or directory can easily be forgotten. To make it easier the :defer command has been added. It works like it does in the Go language. Also, you can add a flag to writefile() and mkdir() to have them defer a delete() call. This is especially useful in tests, where temp files need to be cleaned up. Read about it in the help file. (Bram Moolenaar)

  Virtual text has been implemented

[2022-09-09] The past weeks a new feature has been added, that allows for displaying text in between the buffer text. Since this text does not exist in the file this is often called "virtual text". The virtual text can appear inside the line, after the line and below the line. You can read about it in the help. (Bram Moolenaar)

  Vim 9.0 is released!

[2022-06-28] Finally, after years of hard work, there is a new major release of Vim. Besides many additions and fixes, the main new item is the support for Vim9 script. You can go straight to the Download page and try it out. Or read the announcement. (Bram Moolenaar)

  Sven Guckes has passed away

[2022-02-22] I'm sad to announce that a member of the Vim community is no longer here. See this message: https://groups.google.com/g/vim_announce/c/MJBKVd-xrEE This is what vim.org looked like when Sven was still maintaining it: vim.org in 2001. (Bram Moolenaar)


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