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The Vim Community

Some people say that vi users are a rabid pack of fanatical lunatics. We prefer to think of ourselves as community of users who have found a piece of software that perfectly meets our needs. We like to help our fellow users whenever we can.

Questions and Answers

A very active place these days to get help from others is you don't know how to do something is Stackexchange. It's a bit like stackoverflow but for users.

Mailing Lists

There are several "official" mailing lists for Vim. Please note that to post on these lists, you must be a member (except for vim-announce, you cannot post there). To subscribe, send an empty message to [list-name]-subscribe@vim.org.

address description
vim-announce@vim.org Announcements only: new releases and important patches
vim@vim.org Help on vim and vim usage
vim-dev@vim.org Discussion on current vim development
vim-mac@vim.org Vim use and development discussion specific to mac
vim-security@googlegroups.com Vim internal, non-public list for discussing potential security issues

Quoting Leonid Mamtchenkov: "Until now I thought only that the Vim mailing list was very informative and fast-responding. Now I also think that it is one of the kindest I've came across. :) Thumbs up!"

Plenty of other groups and mailing lists exist, and are described more fully on their own page.

IRC Channels

If mailing lists don't provide the quick reply and razor wit you need, you can look for Vim users on IRC at these networks:

network common server channel comment
freenode irc.freenode.net #vim very active; web page
IRCnet   #vim  

USENET Newsgroups

Vim is discussed on USENET -- what isn't? You can find Vim discussion on comp.editors on your local NNTP server. Or look at the Google archive.

Web Pages

Vim.org might be the official vim web page, but it's hardly the only one. There are plenty of them, listed both in our registry and on the Vim webring.


Another wiki is at wikibooks: learning the vi editor, there is a section specifically for Vim, the rest is regular Vi.

The tips have been moved to the Vim Tips wiki.

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