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Links to Vim web pages

A bunch of pages about Vim can be found on the Vim webring.

Vim-related Projects

VimDoc is the official Vim documentation project, hosted right here at SourceForge.
Vim Online
Vim Online is the portal software that powers this site. Development for Vim Online is hosted here at SourceForge.
Vim Project pages
Less interesting stuff for the Vim project hosted on sourceforge. Has statistics for the web site. The sourceforge areas other than CVS are not used.
Vim in Japan
An active website and user group in Japan.
Vigor is an animated assistant for vi. Vigor was originally written for nvi, but Andy Kahn has ported it to Vim as Vimgor.
Using Vim with Eclipse.
An extension for Vim that supports full use of gdb from Vim. With breakpoints, watch variables, gdb command completion, etc. Uses the NetBeans interface.
An add-in for using Vim with Microsoft Outlook. This is a minimalistic solution, there are a few problems to be solved.
GNOME-Vim is a Bonobo component that embeds Vim and implements (part of) the same interface as the GtkHTML component. This makes it possible to use Vim in Evolution instead of the default HTML editor.
KVim is a port of Vim to the K Desktop Environment. It provides a nice GUI, with menubar, toolbar, popups menus and much features. The project was initially started by Philippe Fremy and Thomas Capricelli. The goal is to have -a KDE version of vim and a component for KDE using the KPart technology.

Other Vim Links

Sven's Vim Pages
These pages were once vim.org. This is a copy that someone made.
Vim Golf
See how others solve tasks with a minimal number of keystrokes.
Vim rating
Linux Productivity Magazine
Issue of an online magazine dedicated to Vi and Vim.

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