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vim.org maillists

A few notes about using the maillists:

  • Before sending a message check the archive (see below), search the Vim pages and the FAQ; your question may have been answered already.
  • Do not send messages in HTML. You will be flamed! Every decent mail program has an option to switch off HTML.
  • Attachments are allowed, but keep the total message size below 50 Kbytes. Otherwise upload your file somewhere and send the URL to the maillist
  • The maillists are hosted by Google Groups. The @vim.org addresses are aliases. For some things you need to use the original @googlegroups.com address
  • For subscribing and unsubscribing you can send an empty message to the address mentioned in the table below. You will get a message back with instructions how to confirm.
  • Mention your full name, so that we know who we are talking with.
  • Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
    Please do not use top-posting when replying to a message.
    That is: type your reply below the text you are replying to and remove irrelevant text from the original.
Purpose Announcements only. New releases, important patches and bug reports. Change of important mail and web addresses.
To Subscribe email vim-announce-subscribe@vim.org
To Post You cannot post to this list, only Bram can.
To Unsubscribe email vim-announce-unsubscribe@vim.org
Help See the vim_announce Google Groups page.
Comments The vim-announce list is very low on traffic.
Mail sent to this list is also sent to subscribers of the vim, vim-dev and vim-mac lists, no need to subscribe twice.
Atom/RSS feeds http://groups.google.com/group/vim_announce/feeds
Archive since July 2007: Google Groups.

Purpose This list is for Vim user support. You can send general questions to this list to be answered by other Vim users.
To Subscribe email vim-subscribe@vim.org
To Post email vim@vim.org; you must be subscribed to post!
To Unsubscribe email vim-unsubscribe@vim.org
Help See the vim_use Google Groups page.
Comments You should consult the FAQ and the mailing list archive before posting to avoid duplicating often-answered questions.
Atom/RSS feeds http://groups.google.com/group/vim_use/feeds
Archive since July 2007: Google Groups.
all times: Gmane

Purpose Bugs, new features, and other development issues are discussed on this list.
To Subscribe email vim-dev-subscribe@vim.org
To Post email vim-dev@vim.org; you must be subscribed to post!
To Unsubscribe email vim-dev-unsubscribe@vim.org
Help See the vim_dev Google Groups page.
Comments If you aren't writing bugfixes or extensions to vim, or at least reporting an apparent bug, this probably isn't the right list for you. Use questions should stick to vim@vim.org, above.
Atom/RSS feeds http://groups.google.com/group/vim_dev/feeds
Archive since July 2007: Google Groups.
all times: Gmane

Purpose This list is for discussing the use and development of Vim on the Mac OS.
To Subscribe email vim-mac-subscribe@vim.org
To Post email vim-mac@vim.org; you must be subscribed to post!
To Unsubscribe email vim-mac-unsubscribe@vim.org
Help See the vim_mac Google Groups page.
Comments This is for Mac-specific questions about using, compiling and coding. Generic use questions should stick to vim@vim.org, above.
Atom/RSS feeds http://groups.google.com/group/vim_mac/feeds
Archive since July 2007: Google Groups.
all times: Gmane

Purpose This list is for discussing potential security relevant issues of Vim (non-publicly). There won't be an archive and only maintainers of the list can read it.
To Subscribe invite only
To Post email vim-security@googlegroups.com;
To Unsubscribe (for members only): Manage your subscription at the Google Groups page
Help See the vim-security Google Groups page.
Comments Discussing security relevant issues for the Vim editor internally, non-publicly, but everybody can post. Can be used to make the maintainers aware of potential security issues.

There formerly was a vim-multibyte list, but now that UTF-8 is widespread multi-byte files are considered a core part of Vim. The archives can still be found:
since July 2007: Google Groups.
We used to have Yahoo groups, but they were unmaintained for a long while and scheduled to be taken away in December 2020.

third-party lists

Please let us know of any Vim-related mailing lists that we've missed!

Purpose This list is for discussing the development of Vim on OpenVMS.
To Subscribe email vim-vms-subscribe@polarhome.com
To Post email vim-vms@polarhome.com; you must be subscribed to post!
To Unsubscribe email vim-vms-unsubscribe@polarhome.com
Help email vim-vms-info@polarhome.com to obtain information, or use the web interface at: http://www.polarhome.com/mailman/listinfo/vim-vms
Comments This is for questions about compiling and coding for Vim on OpenVMS. Non VMS related use questions should stick to vim@vim.org, above.
Archive http://www.polarhome.com/pipermail/vim-vms/

maillist help

For help on using the Vim maillists go the to the "help" page, as mentioned in the table above.

You may wonder why the lists at Google Groups use an underscore, while the lists @vim.org use a dash. This is for historical reasons. The lists were first created on our own server, using dashes. When the server died we moved them to Google Groups. Unfortunately, some of the names were not available there. We used an underscore for all the lists, so that at least it is consistent.

Note that the aliases @vim.org support both a dash and an underscore, but if you send something to @googlegroups.com you need to use an underscore.

If you have questions or remarks about this site, visit the vimonline development pages. Please use this site responsibly.
Questions about Vim should go to the maillist. Help Bram help Uganda.
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