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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2023-03-28]  octave.vim : Indent file for the GNU Octave language
(1.2) Initial upload - Rik ***
[2023-03-28]  octave.vim : Syntax highlighting file for GNU Octave language
(8.1.0) Syntax matched to Octave Release: 8.1.0 Underscores now supported in numbers for readability (e.g., 1_000). Class signifiers (u8,u16,u32,u64,s8,s16,s32,s64) for binary and hex numbers. Fortran exponeniation operator (\"**\") is now an error. Backslash line continuations in single-quoted strings are now an error. Backslash line continuations for ordinary code are now an error. Trailing text on the first line of a block comment is now an error. Support for Vim < 5.7 has been removed. - Rik ***
[2023-03-27]  vim-softwrap : Soft-wrap current line  when they spill beyond the available textwidth
(1) Initial upload - Enrico Maria De Angelis
[2023-03-27]  WinZoZ : Plugin for easy window-oriented movemets
(1) Initial upload - Enrico Maria De Angelis
[2023-03-26]  spotdiff.vim : A range and area selectable diffthis to compare partially
(5.0) Changed to support vim 8.2 and nvim 0.4.4 or later. - Rick Howe
[2023-03-23]  vim-ai : Complete and edit text and chat with GPT model
(1.2.0) openai configuration and other small improvements - Martin Bielik
[2023-03-22]  MarkX : Places signs in the margin to indicate where marks are, (auto-)sel. & del marks,
(22/03/2023) Typo correction in docs for mapping 'm' - Richard Bentley-Green
[2023-03-18]  HexX : Hex editor
(18/03/23) Initial upload - Richard Bentley-Green
[2023-03-18]  Neural : ChatGPT Vim plugin, OpenAI Vim plugin, and more!
(v0.0.0) Initial upload - w0rp
[2023-03-18]  vim-rebrackets : Recursive parentheses
(1.0) Initial upload - momozo 2251
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