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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2022-05-16]  vim-highlighter : Highlight words and expressions
(1.40) Add "Hi >" command to jump to the most recently set highlight   :h  Hi> - Azabiong
[2022-05-13]  Birdie : A Vim plugin that facilitates Verilog netlist tracing.
(1.2) - Support Python 3.10 - Print instance path before module name - TK Lam
[2022-05-09]  MarkX : Places signs in the margin to indicate where marks are, (auto-)sel. & del marks,
(08/05/2022) - Added protection against an error that can occur if '&secure' is set. I don't really understand this, but the fix seems to address the problem. I saw the issue when using the vim-abolish plugin by Tim Pope. To reproduce the error, when over a word, press 'cr' and then wait until the 'CursorHold' event kicks in, which causes markx#RefreshAll() to execute. It's at this point that the error manifests itself. - Richard Bentley-Green
[2022-05-08]  vim-board : Easy notes and shortcuts
(1.10) Add command 'Board:menu' Add syntax ':' type - Azabiong
[2022-05-06]  SwitchColor : Lets you switch colorschemes easily, and make vim remember your choice.
(0.0.7) Improved keybindings thanks to CoolioDood @ Reditt. Hopefully correct retrivial of color files on MS Windows. Rebuilt plugin for lazy load. Really improved the helpfile. Enjoy. - Tommy Bollman
[2022-05-06]  eunuch.vim : Helpers for UNIX
(1.3) Re-detect 'filetype' after typing a shebang line. Fill in blank shebang line based on current 'filetype'. Support :Move and :Rename in new files. Provide :Copy and :Duplicate. Support :Delete and :Remove in empty directories. Require ! when :Delete or :Remove can't be undone. Provide User autocommand events for :Chmod and :Remove. Always create parent directories on :Mkdir (like `mkdir -p`). Run BufReadPre and Post autocmds for :SudoEdit. Resolve symlinks in :SudoEdit, as required by sudo -e. Support :SudoEdit and :SudoWrite with ! in 'guioptions'. Drop defunct support for SUDO_COMMAND filetype detection. Drop defunct support for skeleton init script. Bump minimum Vim version to 7.4. Bug fixes. - Tim Pope
[2022-05-06]  vindent.vim : Navigate and select text based on indentations.
(8.2) Initial upload - Jesse Kelighine
[2022-05-04]  GitBlame : plugin provides minimal command set for working with git
(0.8.6)     change gitdiff     ignore numbers in status following R     gitdiff between two commit, fix wrong command to show file at     from_commit - Michael Moser
[2022-05-03]  SelX : A Rainbow of Vim selection/highlighting & search
(02/05/2022) - Added g:SelxDispMapNextCol option to allow further possibilities with configuring the highlight usage map - Richard Bentley-Green
[2022-05-01]  pgn.vim : syntax highlighting for .pgn (chess) files
(2.1) null move numbers - Ryan Sarson
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