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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-11-13]  stan-vim : Vim plugin for the Stan probabilistic programming language.
(1.0.0)   * Added autocomplete functionality via Vim's built-in `omnifunc`   * Improved documentation and added more screenshots - George Ho
[2019-11-13]  magnum.vim : Pure Vim script big integer library
(2.1.1) Updated contact info (no changes) - glts
[2019-11-12]  auto_update_cscope_ctags_database : 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database
(a.0) 1:fix issue 2:add more file type - Hidin zhang
[2019-11-12]  rainbow_csv.vim : Highlight columns in csv/tsv files and run SELECT queries in SQL-like language
(4.3.0) * Redesigned syntax logic: added support for conventional Vim filetypes * Support newlines in CSV fields * Support multicharacter separators * Updated RBQL * Bug fixes and usability improvements - Dmitry Ignatovich
[2019-11-12]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(5.21) fix: Closing brace and closing paren - Clavelito Cla
[2019-11-11]  jupytext.vim : Plugin for editing Jupyter ipynb files via jupytext
(0.1.2) Bugfixes, see https://github.com/goerz/jupytext.vim/blob/master/HISTORY.md#012-2019-11-10 - Michael Goerz
[2019-11-11]  Vorg : Vim organizational format
(1.0) Initial upload - Bartosz Jarzyna
[2019-11-10]  vim-airline : lean & mean statusline that's light as air
(0.11)   - New features     - Extensions:       - [Coc](https://github.com/neoclide/coc.nvim) support       - [Defx](https://github.com/Shougo/defx.nvim) support       - [gina](https://github.com/lambdalisue/gina.vim) support       - [vim-bookmark](https://github.com/MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks) support       - [vista.vim](https://github.com/liuchengxu/vista.vim) support       - [tabws](https://github.com/s1341/vim-tabws) support for the tabline   - Improvements     - The statusline can be configured to be shown on top (in the tabline)       Set the `g:airline_statusline_ontop` to enable this experimental feature.     - If `buffer_idx_mode=2`, up to 89 mappings will be exposed to access more       buffers directly (issue [#1823](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/issues/1823))     - Allow to use `random` as special theme name, which will switch to a random       airline theme (at least if a random number can be generated :()     - The branch extensions now also displays whether the repository is in a clean state       (will append a ! or ⚡if the repository is considered dirty).     - The whitespace extensions will also check for conflict markers     - `:AirlineRefresh` command now takes an additional `!` attribute, that **skips**       recreating the highlighting groups (which might have a serious performance       impact if done very often, as might be the case when the configuration variable       `airline_skip_empty_sections` is active).     - airline can now also detect multiple cursor mode (issue [#1933](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/issues/1933))     - expose hunks output using the function `airline#extensions#hunks#get_raw_hunks()` to the outside [#1877](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/pull/1877)     - expose wordcount affected filetype list to the public using the `airline#extensions#wordcount#filetypes` variable [#1887](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/pull/1887)     - for the `:AirlineExtension` command, indicate whether the extension has been loaded from an external source [#1890](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/issues/1890)     - correctly load custom wordcount formatters [#1896](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/issues/1896)     - add a new short_path formatter for the tabline [#1898](https://github.com/vim-airline/vim-airline/pull/1898)     - several improvements to the branch, denite and tabline extension, as well as the async code for Vim and Neovim     - the term extension supports [neoterm](https://github.com/kassio/neoterm) vim plugin - Bailey Ling
[2019-11-09]  thesaurus_query.vim : Multi-language Thesaurus Query and Replacement plugin
(0.7.0) - Added French Backends using online source `cnrtl.fr` and `synonymo.fr` - Added German synonym backend based on `openthesaurus.de`, backend identifier `openthesaurus_de` - Fixed some bugs - Added `datamuse_en` into default backends list. - Removed defunc backends such as `thesaurus.com` and `woxikon.de` from default backend list. - Chong HE
[2019-11-08]  tortus.vim : Dark (grey and yellow on black) color scheme based on on torte.vim
(1.0.11) * change diff colors * bring helpExamples/helpCommands more to foreground * bring markdownCode/markdownCodeBlock more to foreground - Patrick Meiser-Knosowski
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