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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2018-12-11]  vim-ls : LiveScript support for Vim
(1.0) Initial upload -
[2018-12-09]  Venu : Simple menu for vim
(0.0.1) Initial upload - Tol Ida
[2018-12-08]  cosmic-barf.vim : A dark, solarized based colorscheme
(1.1) Extend highlighting for nerdtree - Evan Turner
[2018-12-06]  vim-scratchpad : toggle a scratchpad
(1.3) permit forcing filetype, make detection of current working directory and file type more robust - Enno Nagel
[2018-12-06]  CtrlXA : make Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A run through keyword cycles
(1.3) more default lists - Enno Nagel
[2018-12-05]  RadicalGoodSpeed.vim : Dark colorscheme,  for web front end.
(1.4.0) Color adjustment - Jun Fujimura
[2018-12-03]  readline.vim : Readline-style mappings for command-line mode
(1.8) Fix spelling mistake - Elias Åström
[2018-11-29]  vimagit : Ease your git workflow within vim.
(1.7.3) Release 1.7.3 ============= This release adds some minor improvements, and fixes a lot of bugs. Most of these has been in master branch since a long time. New features ------------ * Add option to auto-close magit buffer/window on clean state #132 * Jump to source is now line precise #152 #153   Using the 'E' (for edit) mapping, cursor will now jump to the exact line   instead of the beginning of the hunk. * Smarter cursor position when staging/refreshing.   When refreshing, the cirsor stays in the same position. When (un)staging,   cursor move to the hunk close to the current one. * Add vimagit support to vim-airline Bug fixes --------- * Fix freeze while refresh fix #170 #36 * Fix character escape issues #156 #168   These are two old issues, which have been reproduced thanks to the issue   #168. Big up to @akrejczinger for the docker image. * Discarding untracked file results in an error in some cases fix #165 * Ungraceful behaviour when opening magit outside of a git repo fix #162 * Freshly created repository fails to open in vimagit fix #169 * Handle commit set at the end of magit_default_sections #149 - Jerome Reybert
[2018-11-28]  make_target.vim : Make target for Makefile recipe under cursor
(1.1.0) Correct documentation - Tom Ryder
[2018-11-26]  Txtfmt (The Vim Highlighter) : "Rich text" highlighting in Vim! (colors, underline, bold, italic, etc...)
(4.0a) Version 4.0 Alpha release: ** New Feature: 'leadingindent' option permits suppression of highlighting in whitespace at start of line. ** Syntax Engine Refactor: All syntax now generated dynamically. (Prior to this, certain sections of vimscript were generated offline by an embedded perl script.) - Brett Stahlman
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