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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-08-03]  vim-highlighter : Highlight words and expressions
(1.27) Fix - incorrect window resizing, default options for grep, --smart-case matching   Add command - clear highlights of Find list - Azabiong Choi
[2021-08-01]  HTML/XHTML Macros : HTML/XHTML editing macros and menus
(1.1.0) - Overhaul smart tag code, allowing many more tags to be "smart" - Optimizations - Documentation updates - Christian J. Robinson
[2021-07-30]  Bufstop : Fast and efficient buffer switching for Vim
(1.6) New features added, check the documentation and the git repository for more details. - Mihai Ciuraru
[2021-07-30]  Minimd : A fast, folding Markdown outliner.
(1.2) Allow using default Markdown syntax.  Jump to headers of specified number. - J. B.
[2021-07-30]  systemverilog.vim : Indent & syntax script for Verilog and SystemVerilog
(1.12) Update to VIM 8\\'s package management system (also compatible with the latest Pathogen if using VIM 7) - Nachum Kanovsky
[2021-07-23]  vim-qf-diagnostics : Highlight quickfix errors, and display error messages in a popup window
(1.0) Initial upload - foo bar
[2021-07-23]  vim-jqplay : Run jq interactively in Vim
(1.0) Initial upload - foo bar
[2021-07-23]  vim-jq : Runtime files for jq (the command-line JSON processor)
(1.0) Initial upload - foo bar
[2021-07-23]  vim-qf-history : Navigate the quickfix or location-list stack using a popup menu
(1.0) Initial upload - foo bar
[2021-07-23]  vim-qf-preview : Preview the location of a quickfix item in a popup window
(1.0) Initial upload - foo bar
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