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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2020-08-14]  vim-doge : Generate proper code documentation skeletons with a single keypress.
(2.7.1) Fix typescript bug multiline function declaration with decorators and deconstructuring. - Kim Koomen
[2020-08-14]  vim-CtrlXA : make Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A run through keyword cycles
(1.8) toggle keywords behind cursor word - Enno Nagel
[2020-08-14]  vim-cpywrite : Generate copyright headers for any open source license
(0.2.0) Improved startup time - Robert Di Pardo
[2020-08-12]  awk.vim : Indenting for AWK script
(1.88) change: New option g:awk_indent_stat_continue fix: Option g:awk_indent_tail_bslash with tab - Clavelito Cla
[2020-08-11]  AmbiCompletion : Ambiguous completion
(2.0a7) fix function type error - Shuhei Kubota
[2020-08-10]  lingo.vim : NEW Syntax for LINGO : optimization modeling language for linear, nonlinear, and integer programming
(0.99) organize the project structure to follow the standard runtime path structure - Mark Huang
[2020-08-08]  Vimkubectl : Manage any Kubernetes resource from Vim
(0.9.6) Added {range} support for :Kapply. - Saud Mohammed
[2020-08-07]  vim-love-docs : Highlighting and help file for the LOVE framework
(0.7.0) Made love and lua types jumpable. To jump to lua types, install the luarefvim plugin. - Davis Claiborne
[2020-08-06]  stan-vim : Vim plugin for the Stan probabilistic programming language.
(1.1.0) * Add support for Stan 2.24 - George Ho
[2020-08-06]  HyperList : Everything. Concise and precise. Outliner, organizer, brainstormer, project mgmt
(2.4.4) Refactoring (thanks to Nick Jensen [nickspoons] for guidance. - Geir Isene
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