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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-08-21]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(5.10) fix: Brace, paren and comment line. - Clavelito Cla
[2019-08-20]  fugitive.vim : A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
(3.0) Use custom format for :Gstatus, not literal git status output. Inline diffing in :Gstatus, with support for staging individual hunks. List unpushed and unpulled commits in :Gstatus. Show rebase status in :Gstatus. Greatly expanded set of mappings in :Gstatus. Try g?, c?, and r?. :Gstatus p (add --patch) is changed to P. :Gstatus U (checkout/clean) is changed to X. New U behavior is global reset. :Gstatus 2X/3X performs checkout --ours/--theirs. :Gstatus gI ignores file. Smarter :Gstatus automatic reload. :Git subcommand calls :Gsubcommand when appropriate. :Git add --patch and similar commands use :terminal. :Git diff, :Git log, and :Git --no-pager display results in temp buffer. :Git and subcommand wrappers use custom quoting rather than shell escaping. :Git ... ./path is relative to working directory. Add --option completion to :Git and git wrappers. Provide :G as wrapper for both :Gstatus and :Git. Support for :Grebase --interactive. :Gblame accepts all arguments, including filenames and commits. Support :Gblame --reverse to navigate forwards through history. Support :Gblame with range to blame subset of current file. Allow disabling dynamic blame colors with let g:fugitive_dynamic_colors = 0. :Glog opens quickfix list instead of displaying raw log output. Cleaner :Glog quickfix list leveraging Vim's new "module" format. :Glog no longer defaults to current file.  Use :0Glog for that. :0Glog follows file across renames. :Glog name softly deprecated in favor of :Gclog (named after :cfile). Provide :Grevert. :Gdiff renamed to :Gdiffsplit. :Gdiffsplit always opens one window.  Use :Gdiffsplit! for conflicts. Support git grep --column. Chdir with git -C rather than :cd for most commands. (Git 1.8.5 required). Show all stderr hook output on :Gcommit. Provide core.askPass default for Gpush and friends. Require bang to :Gwrite from index. Bug fixes. Polish. - Tim Pope
[2019-08-15]  gruvbox-material : Gruvbox with Material Palette
(dev) 1. adjust common hi groups 2. optimize more file types and plugins 3. finish neosyn branch - Sainnhe Park
[2019-08-15]  HyperList : Everything. Concise and precise. Outliner, organizer, brainstormer, project mgmt
(2.3.17) Significant release: Added a GVIM menu. Full rework of the color schemes for VIM & gVIM. Improvement to Goto Reference (gr) and Autonumbering and more. Several minor changes and improvement in the docs. Thanks to Don Kelley for suggestions and for extensive testing. - Geir Isene
[2019-08-13]  autohide : Set 'hidden' attribute on swap files and the like in Windows
(5) Fix backup files not properly hidden when the file has an extension. - Ben Fritz
[2019-08-13]  SpaceCamp Lite : Vim colors for the final frontier.
(1.05) Adds spellcheck highlights - Jared Gorski
[2019-08-13]  SpaceCamp : Vim colors for the final frontier.
(1.05) Adds spellcheck highlights - Jared Gorski
[2019-08-12]  fireplace.vim : Clojure REPL support
(2.1) Bug fixes and minor tweaks. - Tim Pope
[2019-08-07]  vim-color-vanilla-cake : 🍰 Light & Eye-friendly Color Scheme
(0.4) 1. adjust color palette - Sainnhe Park
[2019-08-06]  vimteractive : Sending commands from vim to interactive programs
(2.0) Now with multiple terminals - Will Handley
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