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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2022-08-08]  astro : Astro language indentation and syntax support in Vim or Neovim
(1.1.1) Initial upload - Wuelner Martínez
[2022-08-08]  The NERD term : A term toggle plugin
(1.1.1) https://github.com/wuelnerdotexe/nerdterm/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#111---2022-07-22 - Wuelner Martínez
[2022-08-08]  human : Collection of vim default options for humans.
(1.4.0) https://github.com/wuelnerdotexe/human.vim/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#140---2022-08-08 - Wuelner Martínez
[2022-08-08]  enfocado : How themes should be.
(5.11.0) https://github.com/wuelnerdotexe/vim-enfocado/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#5110---2022-08-08 - Wuelner Martínez
[2022-08-07]  vim-groff-viewer : Display Groff files in a document viewer
(v1.0.1) Fixed error where mupdf was unable to open a pdf created with `-T pdf` flag. - Gene
[2022-08-06]  TxtBrowser : Browse .txt and .rst files easily(show the title tag and syntax highlight)
(1.3.6) 1) Support .rst file. 2) Support .gdb file. - yp guo
[2022-08-04]  cscope_helper.vim : Loads and updates cscope.out when gvim/vim is invoked in subdirectories.
(1.0) Initial upload - Dan Nygren
[2022-07-29]  gitTools : Set of tools to perform git commands.
(0.0.3) - New: stash command Gitsh [STASH_NUM] - Fix: perform Gitst on foreground, no need of Jobs.vim. - New: Gitcm [FILE/DESC] command.   Launch without arguments to open commit message on first launch, then commit on   second launch. - New: Gitds command to show diff with all staged chages. - New: when callign Gitsta, if current buffer already shows a git status,   refresh it, do not ask user to open a new window/tab. - Javier Puigdevall
[2022-07-27]  HTML/XHTML Macros : HTML/XHTML editing macros and menus
(1.3.0) - Refactoring - Change logic for handling visual mappings - Christian J. Robinson
[2022-07-24]  Command-T : Fast file navigation for VIM
(5.0.5) - Teach watchman scanner to favor `watch-project` over `watch` when available (#390, patch from Todd Derr). - Greg Hurrell
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