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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2018-09-24]  EditSimilar : Commands to edit files with a similar filename.
(2.50) - ENH: Also support optional {text}=?{replacement} that if done don't count yet as a successful substitution; another {text2}={replacement2} must still happen. - FIX: :SaveOverBufferAs and :WriteOverBuffer don't handle files with spaces. Need to define them with -nargs=+ to keep Vim from unescaping the filespec. *** You need to update to ingo-library (vimscript #4433) version 1.025! *** - Ingo Karkat
[2018-09-22]  vim-rumrunner : A better MRU list.
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Andrew Nichols
[2018-09-20]  Command-T : Fast file navigation for VIM
(5.0.3) - Fix unlisted buffers showing up in |:CommandTBuffer| listing on Neovim. - Fix edge cases with opening selections in tabs (#315). - Fix possible degenerate performance of |:CommandTBuffer| and   |:CommandTMRU| on Neovim. - Handle missing match listing buffer in Neovim (#342). - Greg Hurrell
[2018-09-19]  Vim SQL Workbench : Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
(8.2.1) * Fixed the latest problem reported on github issue #25 - Cosmin Popescu
[2018-09-13]  devops.vim : DevOps ide for VIM
(0.1) Initial upload - suren yufu
[2018-09-12]  syntax/dosini.vim : Syntax file for dosini (*.ini)
(2.2) links dosiniValue to String - Hong Xu
[2018-09-09]  mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
(1.8.1) - Add: Mkdx can convert tables back to CSV - Fix: Only open quickfix when broken links are present(#56) - Fix: Table highlighting now stops at the end of a table (#57) - Fix: Empty cells in CSV also get a border (#61) - Fix: All hasmapto calls are mode specific (#64) - Fix: g:mkdx#settings.restore_visual can now be disabled during runtime (#65) - Fix: Wrapping at end of line no longer breaks when line ends with non word characters (#67) - Fix: No longer pollute register when updating table of contents (#68) - Fix: Empty setex-style headers are no longer added to quickfix headers or the table of contents (#69) - Fix: Always empty quickfix list before showing dead links (#70) - Sidney Liebrand
[2018-09-09]  cursorline_current.vim : Show cursorline only in active window
(0.3.0) Bugfix for opening windows onto existent buffers, per report from m_ben in #vim - Tom Ryder
[2018-09-08]  vtags : verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  
(2.24) fix the bug caused by 2.23 which not write back report log, so when open a new log it will not found it and repeat open same file, cause new vtags log file can not open. - Jun Cao
[2018-09-06]  squeeze_repeat_blanks.vim : Squeeze repeated blank lines into one
(0.1.1) Initial upload - Tom Ryder
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