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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-06-20]  enwise : Press `enter` to close unbalanced brackets in cursorline.
(v0.3.2) refactor code - Aaron Taner
[2021-06-15]  SelX : A Rainbow of Vim selection/highlighting & search
(15/06/21) - Oops! Fixed incorrect command-line feedback/reporting of case toggle mapping   '<Leader>cH' (the actual operation is/was correct) - Richard Bentley-Green
[2021-06-14]  smartq : Master key for quitting vim buffers
(1.0) New Features - Add bang (!) support for SmartQ and SmartQWipeEmpty.   - SmartQ! and SmartQWipeEmpty! force delete/wipe/close buffers. - SmartQ(!) now accepts one optional args to manually delete buffer   - Accepts both bufname or bufnr. Also supports tab completion.   - e.q. SmartQ autoload/smartq.vim   - e.q. SmartQ! 1 - Add s:new_tmp_buf() for creating temporary buffer that self-destructs. - Create LICENCE Fixes - Fix non-empty unspecified readonly buffer from using :q to :bd Misc - Remove g:smartq_bd_filetypes and make it default - Update default global settings - Use default let variable inside functions instead of let s:variable - Snakecase script functions. - Update README - Add MIT LICENSE - Mark Lucernas
[2021-06-13]  Minimd : A fast, folding Markdown outliner.
(1.0) Initial upload - J. B.
[2021-06-12]  vim-earthbound-themes : A set of 10+ color themes inspired by the SNES game Earthbound
(1.1.0) Add "Devil's Machine" theme - Ben Busby
[2021-06-08]  spotdiff.vim : A range and area selectable diffthis to compare partially
(4.1) Added keymaps to select the Visual area. Added a custom operator to select the motion and text object area. Added an option to highlight a corresponding diff unit. Added keymaps to jump cursor to the next/previous diff unit. - Rick Howe
[2021-06-06]  vim-movelines : Vim plugin for moving lines in normal and visual mode.
(1.0) Initial upload - Krzysztof Cieslak
[2021-06-04]  DrawX : ASCII and Unicode Art (etch-a-sketch style)
(26/05/21) - Made 't' and 'x' operations more 'intelligent' when deciding which character to place (now take account of more variations of character to replace) - Added operations 'T' and 'X'; these are deliberately 'less intelligent' versions of 't' and 'x' - Added '!' operation (cancels active direction - useful for T placement - see docs) - Richard Bentley-Green
[2021-06-02]  bookmarks.vim : enhanced bookmarks
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Javier Puigdevall
[2021-05-28]  jobs.vim : Run system commands in background.
(0.1.1) - New: hide passwords, prevent showing command passwords on the command line, instead replace the password with * characters.                                                                                                                                                       Use option: g:jobs_hidePsswd to dissable it password hidding. - Javier Puigdevall
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