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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2024-04-23]  vim-lastplace : Intelligently reopen files where you left off.
(4.5.0) Automatically jump to the location of your most recent edit when opening files. New in this release: the xxd filetype is ignored. - Greg Dietsche
[2024-04-19]  difffilter : Selectively compare lines as you want in diff
(1.0) Initial upload - Rick Howe
[2024-04-17]  fancyterm.vim : Simple plugin that allows sending buffer text into an active terminal.
(2.0.0) Since version 2.0.0 the default <C-i> bindings have been removed. Instead, the <leader> key has been used in their place. This is because I didn't realize what <C-i> was actually used for, and choose it pretty much at random. If you set `let g:fancyterm_map_keys = 0` then this change doesn't affect you - Ernest Deak
[2024-04-16]  Popcorn : You can define your own pop-up menu.
(0.5.2) * execute nested default item * skipped items are highlighted Comment and centered - Shuhei Kubota
[2024-04-15]  vim-markdown-toc : A plugin to generate table of contents for Markdown files.
(v1.5.0) - Compatibility improvments - Complete documentation - Ma Zhuang
[2024-04-15]  vim-serape : a bright and vivid color scheme
(v0.3.0) add support for gVim and other elements - Jason Long
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