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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2018-07-20]  strip_trailing_whitespace.vim : Strip trailing whitespace exactly the way this author wants
(2.0.2) Complete rewrite, accept range, define user command rather than plugin map - Tom Ryder
[2018-07-20]  toggle_flags.vim : Toggle flags in option values
(1.0.2) Rename, refactor a little - Tom Ryder
[2018-07-19]  cpf_upf_sdc : Syntax highlighting for CPF, UPF and SDC
(1.1) upgrade CPF@1.0e to CPF@2.0 - Gaofeng Dong
[2018-07-17]  undoquit.vim : Undo a :quit -- reopen the last window you closed
(0.1.0) Initial upload - Andrew Radev
[2018-07-14]  digraph_search.vim : Search for a digraph by name while inserting
(0.1.1) Require +digraphs feature - Tom Ryder
[2018-07-13]  insert_cancel.vim : Cancel an insert mode operation
(3.1.0) Rewrite documentation - Tom Ryder
[2018-07-13]  diff_prune.vim : Reverse changes in selected lines of a diff
(1.1.0) Adjust to work with `git-add --patch` - Tom Ryder
[2018-07-13]  vim-sass-colors : sass/scss color variable highlighting (works with imports)
(0.7.2) Add more default style folders. Additionally checks if current file is in a /style/ or /styles/ directory for more robust default color importing support. - Maxim Ivanov
[2018-07-12]  insert_timeout.vim : Leave insert mode after a period of inactivity
(0.2.1) Initial upload - Tom Ryder
[2018-07-12]  cmdwin_ctrlc.vim : Tweak CTRL-C command line window behavior to be a bit more useful
(0.2.1) Fix function scope - Tom Ryder
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