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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2018-05-22]  muttrc.vim : A syntax file to support the syntax of devel versions of mutt
(1.9) Updated for Mutt 1.10.0 - Kyle Wheeler
[2018-05-21]  readline.vim : Readline-style mappings for command-line mode
(1.6) Minor changes - Elias Åström
[2018-05-20]  thesaurus_query.vim : Multi-language Thesaurus Query and Replacement plugin
(0.6.3) Add datamuse.com as one of the default backend to alleviate the problem caused by change in thesaurus.com. - Chong HE
[2018-05-20]  pgsql : The best PostgreSQL plugin for Vim!
(2.1.1) Updated for PostgreSQL 10.4. - Lifepillar
[2018-05-19]  javaimports.vim : Inserts all import clauses to your java source file
(1.0.0) better usability when choosing between choices rework of JRE class extraction: * Classes are generated during "make install"=> independent from JDK version now => if you install new jdk you should rerun make clean; make install known limitations: * Class names in the java code written inside strings (encapsulated in quotes) are recognized as false positives. - Steve Kreyer
[2018-05-16]  vipsql : A vim-frontend for interacting with psql
(v1.0) Initial upload -
[2018-05-15]  uncrustify : uncrustify formatter support
(0.0.1) Initial upload - Markus Braun
[2018-05-14]  mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
(1.6.1) Add: Highlighting for tables, <kbd> shortcuts and _**bolditalic**_. Add: shift+enter support to create multiline items (#44). Fix: shift+enter no longer require double escape to exit insert mode. Fix: Dead link detection, incorrect external label and relative links were always skipped. Fix: grep and ggrep do not count line column properly (byte-offset is converted now). - Sidney Liebrand
[2018-05-13]  MUcomplete : Chained (fallback) completion that works the way you want!
(1.0.0rc8) Plugs for extending the current completion (e.g., to expand 'Ne' to 'New York Times') now work with every value of completeopt. Fixed the “natural” direction for line completion. Minor bug fixes. Added more tests. Updated documentation. **Release 1.0.0** is approaching! Please report any issue you may have with this version! - Lifepillar
[2018-05-12]  evince-synctex : Python-based vim script for bidirectional synchronization between Vim and Evince
(1.3) Scroll the view to center the cursor after moving (with zz) when CTRL-click in Evince (can be disabled by a setting) Only create a single dbus listener for all TeX buffers Obey g:no_*_maps variables to prevent the creation of the \ls mapping Updated documentation - Julien RIVAUD
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