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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2020-10-27]  vim-cpywrite : Generate copyright headers for any open source license
(0.3.1) Fixes bug caused by emails with '+' separators - Robert Di Pardo
[2020-10-27]  VPE - Vim Python Extensions : Extension for Vim scripting using Python 3
(0.2) Documentation improvements (still needs work). Some internal code refactoring. Improved logging of run-time errors (to log buffer). Syntax class:   - Added link_to argument to group method. ScratchBuffer:   - Prevent annoying warning message. Buffer class:   - Added new properties: type, location, long_display_name,     short_display_name, short_description, bufnr, changed, changedtick,     lastused, lnum, linecount, loaded, variables, windows and popups.   - Added goto_active_window method. Started adding some examples as a supplement to the documentation. The HTML help is now available on readthdocs. - Paul Ollis
[2020-10-26]  Toast : A colorful, medium-contrast light and dark theme with full Vim and Nvim support
(0.2.4) Fixing some greys for 256-color dark background - Jay Sitter
[2020-10-25]  vim-doge : Generate proper code documentation skeletons with a single keypress.
(3.4.1) Do not generate docblocks for function calls in TypeScript/JavaScript. - Kim Koomen
[2020-10-22]  HTML.zip : HTML/XHTML editing macros and menus
(1.0.0) - Major refactor, now only supports Vim 9 (or a very recently patched version of Vim 8 if you have it) - Christian J. Robinson
[2020-10-21]  felipec : FelipeC's colorscheme
(2.0) Complete revamp using a template and a generator. - Felipe Contreras
[2020-10-20]  AmbiCompletion : Ambiguous completion
(2.0a9) fix variable declaration, add g:AmbiCompletion_useMatchFuzzy - Shuhei Kubota
[2020-10-18]  vim-jira : Browse JIRA inside Vim!
(0.0.2)   * Add mappings to open issue in browser   * Allow Jira command to open a single issue   * Fix opening issue in browser - Rajesh Sharma
[2020-10-17]  hcch : Vim plugin for creating header/source pair for c/c++ languages
(0.1) Initial upload - max ponka
[2020-10-14]  hi : Text highlight and filter tool, enhanced log analyzer.
(2.0.4) - New: named groups with configuration command: 'Group = NAME1 NAME2 NAMEN'. Disable group with 'Group = '. - New: filter commands :Filtw/Hifw. Perform filter and show results on the same window. - New: Configuration command Cmd to execute vim commands: - New: filter option to remove from filter window colorIDs or patters, adding prefix '--' to the pattern or colorId. - New: Configuration command for Conf options to enable and disable the highlighting: on, off, won, woff - New: allow pattern search on :Hics or :Hisb commands and 'Find' configuration command. - New: enable/disable highlighting commands: Hioff, Hion, Hiwoff, Hiwoff. - Javier Puigdevall
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