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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2020-09-20]  Colortemplate : The Toolkit for Color Scheme Designers!
(2.1.0) The toolkit for color scheme developers! What's new: 1. 🎨 The Style Picker: edit color schemes in real-time directly within Vim! 2. 🎬 Import function to generate a template from any color scheme: you don't need to start from scratch! 3. 🐞 Bug fixes. Bring your color schemes to another level! - Lifepillar
[2020-09-19]  vim-readonly : Automatically set readonly option on specific files.
(1.2) + Fix performance issue (startup time) - Y. Choi
[2020-09-14]  awk.vim : Indenting for AWK script
(2.0) update: Redesigned version 2 - Clavelito Cla
[2020-09-11]  mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
(1.10.0) - Add: mkdx#gf_visual function which mimicks mkdx#gf using visually selected text (#119) - Add: opt-in support for TOML and JSON frontmatter and settings to control which syntax is supported. - Add: feature to renumber numbered list items with tab/shift+tab (#113) - Fix: eager-load settings to ensure settings are properly initialized before loading a markdown file (#125 by @victorkristof) - Fix: using mkdx#gf with multiple lines with a link always opening first link (#122 by @Delayless) - Fix: non plaintext files now also open using open instead of in (n)vim (#116 by @kraxli) - Fix: links with subdomains failed to open using mkdx#gf (#116 by @kraxli) - Fix: issue when setting let g:markdown_folding = 1 causing Pattern not found: g:mkdx#settings.fold.enable = 0 - Fix: use maparg to check exact mappings exist instead of mapcheck (#112 by @Mayrixon) - Fix: issue in neovim reporting external links as broken due to unbuffered stdout - Fix: add missing highlight groups to clear when toggling highlighting on/off by updating the setting - Sidney Liebrand
[2020-09-06]  clever-f.vim : Extended f/F/t/T mappings for more convenience.
(1.6) - Adding new features - Fixes for newer Vim - Linda Rhysd
[2020-09-05]  vim-shoot : Vim plugin to take screenshots of code
(0.0.1) Initial upload - Jack McKiernan
[2020-09-05]  UnconditionalPaste : Force character-/line-/block-wise paste, regardless of how it was yanked.
(4.30) - ENH: Add gHp mapping for repeating the same previously queried combination and a configurable preset g:UnconditionalPaste_Combinations. - ENH: Add i_CTRL-R_CTRL-H / c_CTRL-R_CTRL-H mappings for ghp and i_CTRL-R_CTRL-H_CTRL-H / c_CTRL-R_CTRL-H_CTRL-H for gHp. As only some paste variants are offered in insert and command-line modes, these allow to use any (working) variant there, too, and any combinations of them. - BUG: Empty line check in gSp does not account for a closed fold under cursor and wrongly considers the current line within the fold instead of the first / last folded line. - ENH: Allow to disable all default mappings via a single g:UnconditionalPaste_no_mappings configuration flag. - ENH: Add gCp and i_CTRL-R_CTRL-C_CTRL-C variants of gcp and i_CTRL-R_CTRL-C that flatten any sequence of whitespace to a single space; so not just indent, but also inner runs of whitespace. - ENH: Add gcip and i_CTRL-R_CTRL-I variants of gcp and i_CTRL-R_CTRL-C that just paste inline (so linewise and blockwise register contents are not put on separate lines, but start at the cursor position), but keep inner newlines and their indent (so not all is flattened into a single line). - ENH: gsp lets users tweak which sides do not get a space inserted via g:UnconditionalPaste_EmptySeparatorPattern. - ENH: gSp also considers whitespace-only lines as empty (not just totally empty ones) by default, and lets users tweak that via g:UnconditionalPaste_EmptyLinePattern. - BUG: gSP / gSp on completely empty buffer does not add both leading and trailing empty lines. - BUG: gSP / gSp on single line in buffer do not consider start / end of buffer. - Ingo Karkat
[2020-09-04]  blockwisediff.vim : A block-oriented diff to compare selected lines virtually
(1.0) Initial upload - Rick Howe
[2020-09-02]  vim-doge : Generate proper code documentation skeletons with a single keypress.
(2.8.0) Add support for python async functions. - Kim Koomen
[2020-09-01]  vim-easy-term : The Easy Term makes using vim's terminal feature easier to use.
(0.0.1) Initial upload - Beomjoon Goh
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