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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-12-14]  RAPID-Syntax : Syntax, indent and more for Abb industrial robots
(2.1.1) *    enable most features by default *    add text objects for Proc/Func/Trap.. and comment blocks *    [[, [], ... work in operator pending mode *    add commands/types of some technology packages *    fix bug where unnamed buffers are created for each use of gd, f and u *    add EIO.cfg etc to 'complete', customizable (see :help rapid-complete) *    restructure help - Patrick Meiser-Knosowski
[2019-12-14]  KRL-Syntax : Syntax, indent and more for Kuka industrial robots
(2.1.1) *    add missing KSS functions *    add $config.dat etc to 'complete', customizable (see :help krl-complete) - Patrick Meiser-Knosowski
[2019-12-13]  greenwood : A green color scheme
(1.0) Initial upload - Mirko Mirko
[2019-12-13]  vimteractive : Sending commands from vim to interactive programs
(2.2.0) Added support for vertical terminals - Will Handley
[2019-12-11]  gruvbox-material : Gruvbox with Material Palette
(1.0.0) Changed - Adjust the background color of `CursorLine` in the dark variant. - Link `WhichKeyFloating` to `SignColumn`. - Optimize vim-sneak. - Markdown headings. Added - Use blue as foreground color of modified file name in airline color scheme. - Add a judgment logic for `CursorLineNr`. - Optimize Dart. Fix - Fix background colors in transparent mode. - Remove `doc/tags`. - Sainnhe Park
[2019-12-10]  memobook note suite : Memobook functionality - easy annotation and lookup of notes, reminders, etc
(1.3) Non-Vim-related: minor corrections, plus Gedit plugin. - eightbit astronomy
[2019-12-09]  icansee.vim : Custom color scheme for maximum legibility on dark background.
(0.3) Prevent same fore/background for diff. - John Rhee
[2019-12-08]  git.vim : Use git in neovim and vim8
(v0.1.0) Initial upload - Shidong Wang
[2019-12-06]  save : remap Ctrl-S for saving in all conditions
(1.0) Initial upload - Li Zeng
[2019-12-05]  markdown-drawer : Simplify navigation in large markdown files.
(0.3) Initial upload - Kevin O'Neal
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