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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-06-14]  vim-mailquery : complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your inbox
(1.0) Initial upload - Enno Nagel
[2019-06-14]  vim-mutt-aliases : complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your mutt aliases file
(1.0) Initial upload - Enno Nagel
[2019-06-13]  coc.nvim : Make your vim/neovim smart as VSCode
(0.0.70) - feat(document): add getVar method - fix(util): not break selection on message - fix(workspace): fix jumpTo not work on vim8 - fix(completion): trigger completion with word character - refactor(handler): return boolean result - perf(workspace): improve jump performance - fix(util): Escape filename for jump (#862) - refactor(plugin): not show empty hover - feat(outline): ignore callback function - feat(workspace): support list of events with registerAutocmd - fix(workspace): fix jump with tab drop - refactor(language-client): change API of selectionRanges - qiming zhao
[2019-06-11]  Colortemplate : The Toolkit for Color Scheme Designers!
(2.0.0b3) Ironed out a few features and added new ones: `ga` now shows colors; statistics has been extended with “critical pairs” of fg/bg colors; file extension may be omitted when including files; added #if, #let, #unlet, #call commands to streamline some verbatim blocks. And several bugs were removed! - Lifepillar
[2019-06-10]  readline.vim : Readline-style mappings for command-line mode
(20190609) - Change default behavior for escape - Add option g:readline_esc to get the old behavior back - Elias Åström
[2019-06-10]  AdvancedMarks : Work with marks with more power.
(1.00) Initial upload - Ingo Karkat
[2019-06-10]  ArgsAndMore : Apply commands to multiple buffers and manage the argument list.
(2.11) - Support [range] on :ArgsFilter. - Add :ArgsFilterDo variant of :ArgsFilter. - Use proper error aborting for :Bufdo, :Argdo, and :[CL]Do*. - FIX: Avoid creating jump on :bufdo / :windo / :tabdo. - Support [!] on :Bufdo[Write], :Argdo[[Confirm]Write], ArgsFilterDo to force iteration when the current buffer has unpersisted modifications and 'hidden' isn't set (just like with the built-in :argdo, :bufdo). *** You need to update to ingo-library (vimscript #4433) version 1.035! *** - Ingo Karkat
[2019-06-10]  ingo-library : Vimscript library of common functions.
(1.038) - ingo#compat#maparg() escaping didn't consider <; in fact, it needs to escape stand-alone < and escaped \<, but not proper key notations like <C-CR>. - FIX: Make ingo#cmdline#showmode#TemporaryNoShowMode() work again. - Factor out ingo#msg#MsgFromCustomException(). - Add ingo#regexp#MakeWholeWordOrWORDSearch() variant. - Add ingo#pos#Compare(), useful for sort(). - FIX: Handle corner cases in ingo#join#Lines(). Return join success. Also do proper counting in ingo#join#Ranges(). - Add ingo#join#Range() variant of ingo#join#Ranges(). - FIX: ingo#comments#SplitAll(): isBlankRequired is missing from the returned List when there's no comment. - Add ingo/comments/indent.vim module. - Ingo Karkat
[2019-06-09]  dispatch.vim : Asynchronous build and test dispatcher
(1.8) Support :vert Copen and other mods. Provide options for partially disabling strategies. Bug fixes. - Tim Pope
[2019-06-08]  Ferret : Enhanced multi-file search for Vim
(5.0) - The |<Plug>(FerretAcks)| mapping now uses |/\v| "very magic" mode by default. This default can be changed using the |g:FerretVeryMagic| option. - |:Acks| now preferentially uses |:cdo| (rather than |:cfdo|) to make replacements, which means that it no longer operates on a per-file level and instead targets individual entries within the |quickfix| window. This is relevant if you've used Ferrets mappings to delete entries from the window. The old behavior can be restored with the |g:FerretAcksCommand| option. - Ferret now has a |:Lacks| command, an analog to |:Acks| which applies to the |location-list|. - Likewise, Ferret now has a |:Largs| command, analogous to |:Qargs|, which applies to the |location-list| instead of the |quickfix| window. - The Ferret bindings that are set-up in the |quickfix| window when |g:FerretQFMap| is enabled now also apply to the |location-list|. - Greg Hurrell
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