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Script Type Rating Down
vim-mutt-aliases ftplugin 0 9 complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your mutt aliases file
vim-mailquery ftplugin 0 10 complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your inbox
AdvancedMarks utility 1 12 Work with marks with more power.
dsf.vim utility 0 7 Delete surrounding function call
SpaceCamp Lite color scheme 20 34 Vim colors for the final frontier.
SpaceCamp color scheme 16 45 Vim colors for the final frontier.
carbonpaper.vim utility 0 13 Transfer code to LaTeX with your colorscheme in Vim
rubocop utility 0 10 Run rubocop async within vim!
vcs-jump utility 0 11 Jump to interesting places with a Git or Mercurial repo
hlparser utility 0 26 parse `:hi {name}` into a dict
shellcheck.vim ftplugin 8 28 Vim wrapper for ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts.
qbcolor.vim color scheme 0 54 a colorscheme that looks like good old Microsoft QuickBASIC.
vim-translate-me utility 6 22 A(Neo)Vim translation plugin which supports floating window and asynchronous run
tagalong utility 1 47 Change an HTML(ish) opening tag and take the closing one along as well
vim-select-replace utility 0 31 replace or delete a word or selection in multiple places
vimtags utility 0 30 Create and update tags files with pure VIM (without ctags etc.)
markdown-preview-sync ftplugin 0 23 A quasi real-time vim markdown preview plugin
VIM Search utility 0 33 VIM Search um simples script vim para pesquisar arquivos e pastas
vimfocus utility 8 47 Inverse visual selection commenting
coc.nvim utility 94 118 Make your vim/neovim smart as VSCode
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