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Script Type Rating Down
gitdraw.vim ftplugin 0 2 draw git heat map by vim
coffee utility 8 45 coffee
vim-pastebins utility 5 25 A vim plugin that helps you using pastebin services!
Buffer selector utility 0 17 Buffer Selector - Vim plugin for selecting a buffer to edit using a popup menu
ephemeris utility 4 39 init
easter utility 0 45 compute the date of Gregorian Easter for a given year
vim-mr-interface utility 0 42 vim plugin that support doing CRs and MRs in gitlab from vim
indent-bar utility 8 53 Use vertical bar to display indentation level
SelX utility -1 93 A Rainbow of Vim selection/highlighting & search
SessX utility 0 62 Simple session management
painless-digraph utility 1 23 Enter a sequence of digraphs with ease!
vim-macaw color scheme 0 40 A colorscheme editor for terminal vim
vim-ripple utility 0 39 Minimalist plugin to interact with a REPL
wheel utility 0 57 Buffer group & workspace manager
sql_tool_swb utility 0 59 run sql statements using sql workbench/j
vim-deb-preview utility 2 37 Preview / Modify / Repackage debian packages from vim
vim-strip-trailing-whitespace utility 0 43 Removes trailing whitespace from modified lines on save
better-vim-tmux-resizer utility 0 37 Resize tmux panes and Vim windows with ease
CmdlineSpecialEdits utility 0 38 Useful replacements of parts of the cmdline.
any-jump.vim utility 4 50 Jump to any definition and references 👁 IDE madness without overhead
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