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VimRegDeluxe utility 1 24 VimRegDeluxe - edit registers as files, e.g. system clipboard & recorded macros
ecfdef syntax 1 16 Syntax high
vim-hec5 ftplugin 4 40 Hex editor for Vim. It uses UNIX utility xxd for conversion.
dialog.vim syntax 0 35 Syntax for dialog
FX-602P Bundle syntax 4 42 Preparation Release to create a script on vim.org
fuzzy utility 0 36 Add fuzzy search capabilities to your Vi editor
MOS 6502 Assembler syntax 0 38 Vim syntax highlighting for the ca65 assembler
tinygo.vim utility 0 40 TinyGo support to Vim
The ObjectSense Programming Language utility 8 72 An object-oriented reincarnation of VimL
astro ftplugin 4 76 Astro language indentation and syntax support in Vim or Neovim
cscope_helper.vim utility 0 49 Loads and updates cscope.out when gvim/vim is invoked in subdirectories.
The NERD term utility 10 106 A term toggle plugin
human utility 10 117 Collection of vim default options for humans.
Ebitengine Kage syntax 16 83 Basic Kage language support for Ebitengine
popdef utility 1 65 Displays a list of function and class names in the popup window
tabs.vim utility 0 75 Tabs manager, handy when you open 10+ tabs.
Modern Borland color scheme 2 102 A modern Borland-like colorscheme for Vim
vim-groff-viewer ftplugin 5 127 Display Groff files in a document viewer
vindent.vim utility 4 151 Navigate and select text based on indentations.
SwitchColor utility 5 360 Lets you switch colorschemes easily, and make vim remember your choice.
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