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Script Type Rating Down
clrzr syntax 0 8 Color highlighting for Hex & CSS color representations
vim-rsvp utility 0 8 rapid serial visual presentation speed-reader
vim_hdl_trace utility 0 10 similar verdi trace connect.
nginx_conf_syntax_highlighting syntax 1 19 Syntax Highlighting for NGINX Conf Files
vim-surround-funk utility 37 57 Delete/Change/Yank/Paste surrounding functions (based on tpope's surround.vim)
vim8 > vim9 utility 0 17 Be happy with vim8!
ColorScheme2CSS utility 0 40 Converter Vim colorschemes in CSS files
vim-slime-cells utility 0 17 A plugin on top of vim-slime to enhance its cell feature.
replacer.vim utility 0 18 Find and replace in vim
ag-search utility 0 52 search with ag/grep in background, save/load searches on quickfix
tosvg utility -1 40 Exports the current buffer as a SVG.
vim-ivy syntax 0 23 Syntax plugin for the IVy language
dev-goodies utility 0 62 useful commands for working with code.
vim-yank-window utility 1 42 A small plugin to yank and paste windows
vimcrypt2 utility -1 125 open encrypted files in vim, enter password once for the same buffer
enfocado color scheme 5 152 How themes should be.
sign-marks utility 5 156 Unlimited marks. Save/restore marks. Display marks quickfix/window. MarksConfig
YANP utility 0 66 Notetaking plugin with recurring topics structure and customisable syntax.
vim-adif syntax 0 53 ADIF syntax support
verilog_smn.vim utility 0 141 To display the module name and instance name when viewing verilog file
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