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octave.vim indent 0 1 Indent file for the GNU Octave language
vim-softwrap utility 0 12 Soft-wrap current line  when they spill beyond the available textwidth
WinZoZ utility 0 7 Plugin for easy window-oriented movemets
HexX utility 0 25 Hex editor
Neural utility 0 23 ChatGPT Vim plugin, OpenAI Vim plugin, and more!
vim-rebrackets utility 4 11 Recursive parentheses
Vim is done utility 9 27 A Todo UI for vim
make-my-code-better.vim utility 0 40 Use ChatGPT to suggest ways to make your code better
vim-ai utility 35 57 Complete and edit text and chat with GPT model
vim-dirdifftree utility 4 43 Diff two directories and represent them as a tree
wrapfiller utility 0 31 Align each line exactly between windows even if wrapped
iBasic.vim syntax 0 60 VIM Syntax file for iBasic
iwbasic.vim syntax 0 50 A syntax file for IWBasic
camelcomplete utility 4 44 Vim 9 plugin to complete CamelCase and snake_case identifier abbreviations.
vim-hex-rework utility 12 75 vim hex edit plugin
vim-unitex utility 4 57 Superior alternative for vim's conceal feature
irclog.vim syntax 1 66 Syntax Highlighting for X-Chat and Irssi Log Files
noodle.vim utility 4 47 A minutes-timer vim plugin
Miesl.vim color scheme 9 74 Monochrome colorscheme.
Mies.vim color scheme 22 109 Bauhaus monochrome colorscheme.
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