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Script Type Rating Down
Toast color scheme 4 26 A colorful, medium-contrast light and dark theme with full Vim and Nvim support
vim-jira utility 0 29 Browse JIRA inside Vim!
hcch utility 9 18 Vim plugin for creating header/source pair for c/c++ languages
Zeef utility 5 28 Interactively filter a list of items
VPE - Vim Python Extensions utility 4 85 Extension for Vim scripting using Python 3
todo.vim syntax 8 55 Syntax coloring for todo lists.
tabpages utility 1 39 Load multiple files in tabs upon startup.
unintellisense.vim utility 3 59 A plugin that generates + inserts a random variable name into the editor
vim-shoot utility 0 69 Vim plugin to take screenshots of code
blockwisediff.vim utility 4 70 A block-oriented diff to compare selected lines virtually
vim-easy-term utility 0 60 The Easy Term makes using vim's terminal feature easier to use.
viMTG game 0 76 The VIM 'Magic: The Gathering' deck builder
jcallers.vim utility 3 209 grep calls to function under the cursor
vim-readonly utility 0 201 Automatically set readonly option on specific files.
vim-bujo utility 9 107 Manage todolist with vim
jobs.vim utility 0 120 Run system commands in background.
svnTools utility 0 97 Launch subversion commands from vim, get results and display on screen.
kanvim ftplugin 0 113 Simple Kanban board for Vim
winStack utility 8 120 Commands to manage window splits as a window stack.
vim-nobin utility 0 168 Plugin to load original source code instead of executable binary.
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