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Script Type Rating Down
vim-adif syntax 0 14 ADIF syntax support
verilog_smn.vim utility 0 51 To display the module name and instance name when viewing verilog file
taberian utility 1 25 Clickable tabs per VIM window
cmap.vim syntax 4 46 Save time in C in Vim
4colors color scheme 4 42 Distraction-free theme that only uses 4 colors
GitBlame utility 0 48 plugin provides minimal command set for working with git
MarkdowneyJr utility -1 51 Format Markdown files with simple keystrokes.
vim-qf-diagnostics utility 0 49 Highlight quickfix errors, and display error messages in a popup window
vim-jqplay utility 0 38 Run jq interactively in Vim
vim-jq ftplugin 0 41 Runtime files for jq (the command-line JSON processor)
vim-qf-history utility 0 37 Navigate the quickfix or location-list stack using a popup menu
vim-qf-preview utility 0 31 Preview the location of a quickfix item in a popup window
vim-fzy utility 0 32 Navigate projects using fzy in a (popup) terminal-window
vim-cmake-help ftplugin 0 29 View CMake Documentation inside Vim
vim-cuda-syntax syntax 0 28 CUDA syntax highlighting for Vim
vim-cpp-modern syntax 0 37 Extended syntax highlighting for C and C++ (C++11/14/17/20)
viora.vim utility 4 50 Access Oracle from Vim
vimwintab utility 3 110 "IDE-like" tabs in Vim
doas.conf syntax syntax 1 45 Syntax Highlighting for doas.conf(5)
vsh ftplugin 1 44 vim shell, https://github.com/zetatez/vsh
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