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Script Type Rating Down
vimwintab utility 3 131 "IDE-like" tabs in Vim
doas.conf syntax syntax 1 56 Syntax Highlighting for doas.conf(5)
vsh ftplugin 1 54 vim shell, https://github.com/zetatez/vsh
FZF-Ack-Project ftplugin 0 62 Auxiliary tools of  FZF&Ack
smartq utility 0 158 Master key for quitting vim buffers
Minimd utility 13 155 A fast, folding Markdown outliner.
vim-movelines indent 2 68 Vim plugin for moving lines in normal and visual mode.
bookmarks.vim utility 2 68 enhanced bookmarks
ruted-vim utility 0 48 The ruted-vim plugin allows you to enter Unicode symbols easily in Vim
enwise utility 7 109 Press `enter` to close unbalanced brackets in cursorline.
vim-highlighter utility 18 421 Highlight words and expressions
addr2line utility 3 62 Perform address to line on a backtrace, load results on quickfix window..
ge-qwerty-keymap utility 0 63 Georgian QWERTY keyboard layout
projmakers ftplugin 0 70 auto create makeprg commands per project
vimspectorpy ftplugin 0 133 python default configurations for vimspector
redebug utility 0 76 An interactive Python regular expression debugger.
onetags ftplugin -1 188 vim tag files management
oonav ftplugin 0 100 Plugin for navigating object oriented code
VimBlame.vim utility 4 86 Open "git blame" info in a new tab
VimSub color scheme 6 288 A color scheme that looks like the default Sublime Text 3 theme
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