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fancyterm.vim : Simple plugin that allows sending buffer text into an active terminal.

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created by
Ernest Deak
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fancyterm is a simple plugin that helps with sending entire buffers
or just lines or selections into repls or shells

fancyterm isn't actually as fancy as some more advanced live-repl
environments, but because it aims to be somewhat universal, it works
with many repls/shells out of the box, without any extra configuration.

So it can easily become a quick-and-easy way to start a live-repl programming

Demo video:
install details
The official git repository can be found here:

# Installation

## Manual installation

Copy `plugin/fancyterm.vim` and `doc/fancyterm.txt` and `doc/tags`
into a plugin directory in your runtime path

## Pathogen

Clone the repo into `~/.vim/bundle/`
Run `:Helptags` to generate the tags for the help file.

## Vim bulit-in packages

Clone the repository to path like
git clone <URL> ~/.vim/pack/plugins/opt/fancyterm/`
Replace <URL> the actuall url of this repository.
And add the following to your `.vimrc` file
packadd fancyterm

If you don't want the default bindings you can also write right before
let g:fancyterm_map_keys = 0
packadd fancyterm

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
fancyterm-2.0.0.tgz 2.0.0 2024-04-17 9.0 Ernest Deak Since version 2.0.0 the default <C-i> bindings have been removed.
Instead, the <leader> key has been used in their place. This is because
I didn't realize what <C-i> was actually used for, and choose it pretty much
at random.
If you set `let g:fancyterm_map_keys = 0` then this change doesn't affect you
fancyterm-1.2.2.tgz 1.2.2 2024-04-15 9.0 Ernest Deak fix for TermSendCurrentLine() not expanding tabs to spaces upon sending them to the terminal
fix for TermSendVisual() sending the visual selection several times
fancyterm-1.2.0.tgz 1.2.0 2024-04-15 9.0 Ernest Deak Tab expansion now happens based on the &tabstop global setting.
Fixed a bug where the current line would not be escaped before being sent to the terminal.
fancyterm-1.1.0.tgz 1.1.0 2024-04-15 9.0 Ernest Deak Added a command to set the active terminal via :TermSetActive
fancyterm-1.0.0.tgz 1.0.0 2024-04-14 9.0 Ernest Deak Initial upload
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