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Miscellaneous and Trivial Bits

Here you can find other bits of vimaphernalia that don't quite fit anywhere else. Mostly, this now consists of various images, but you can expect more weird things to pile up here as time goes by.

Logos and Icons

There's just one official Vim logo -- it's the one you see up at the top of this page. The logo, as well as a number of variations on it, are available here. There are also a number of icons in different formats.


Wolfram Esser has made an animation with the Vim logo. This is quite a bit of fun to see and hear. The animation is available in various formats and two resolutions here. Don't be suprised if downloading is a bit slow, the files are 1.5 to 9 Mbyte. Have fun!

Buttons and Propaganda

This section is replete with buttons suitable for tacking onto web pages. You can proclaim your support of Vim through a 128 by 38 button!

Other Weirdness

Did you know that Vim can get your dishes clean? Did you know there's a shop dedicated to Vim on Broadway in NYC? We've got proof.
If you happen to be in Sicily, grab a Vi burger here.

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