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Other Weird Vim stuff

Vim (the editor) isn't the only Vim around. It's no surprise that other products have latched onto the same catchy name. We're always looking for more evidence of Other Vims.

The oldest appearance of Vim (so far) is the detergent powder made by Unilever. According to this article it appeared in 1911.

The pictures below are thumbnails, they link to full-size images, which are sometimes quite sizeable.

Emacs add on Google

Vim Dishwash Bar

Found in Vietnam. Click to see the monsters.

Vim Dishwash Bar

Does Vim do your dishes? Certainly!
Found in a supermarket in Udaipur, India.

Vim on Broadway

"Vim" fashion outlet on Broadway in NYC. Everyone knows Vim is always in style. This appears to be their website.
They already existed in the 80s, see http://80s.nyc/#show/40.7362/-73.9947.
This truck cafe in Sicily is known for it's Vi burgers: Vi truck cafe .

Exiting Vim

If you think exiting Vim is difficult, get this book.

Vim cleanser

Judging by this old advertisement, Vim (the detergent) has probably been around a bit longer than Vim (the editor).

Vim scourer

Vim will clean pots shiny bright, especially if this pot is any indication.

Vim B&W ad

A very old Vim advertisement with funny text.

nuVim package

Vim in the supermarket, good for your health!

Vim Superman poster

You never knew Vim can "Make your woman smile for a week"!
Also see VIM in a bottle.

Vim Putz smile Vim putz mirror Vim putz lady in a box

Old German Vim advertisements. Not quite a Mona Lisa smile!

Vim Virtual Screensaver

Screensaver with genetical intelligence?

Vim Airlines

See Vim fly!

Vim Assistant

Hi, I'm your helpful Vim assistant!

Vim Vital Magazine

An average Vim user.

Vim on the beach

Vim at the beach.

And now for something completely different: Vierundzwanzigsteljahrsschrift der Internationalen Maultrommelvirtuosengenossenschaft (VIM for short).

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