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oonav ftplugin 0 110 Plugin for navigating object oriented code
VimBlame.vim utility 4 95 Open "git blame" info in a new tab
VimSub color scheme 6 315 A color scheme that looks like the default Sublime Text 3 theme
VimAtom color scheme 2 271 A color scheme that looks like the default Atom theme
VimVSCode color scheme 14 420 A color scheme that looks like the default VSCode theme
gitgrep utility 0 127 An easy way to issue a git grep command and navigate between the results
deleft.vim utility 4 128 Delete a wrapping if-clause, try-catch block, etc. and shift left.
flipdir.vim utility 1 128 Direcotry viewer
tagasort.vim utility 44 217 Sort and format the attributes of html and jsx tags.
nerdtree-harvest utility 0 103 Yank modified file paths from NERD Tree
gen_clang_conf utility 0 94 easy generate simple clang config.
vim-auto-popmenu utility 18 182 Display the Completion Menu Automantically (next AutoComplPop) !!
tangram.vim utility 5 129 Lightes snippet plugin in the vim market! Only ~90 lines of code.
vim-simplified-surround utility 8 95 Very simplified version of Tpope's vim-surround.
leftmargin.vim utility 1 135 Vim plugin that adds left margin to vim windows. Similar to goyo.vim
conjoin utility 0 80 Remove continuation characters when joining lines in vim
vim-files utility 9 192 This is a simple plugin to create directories and files from vim, and even using
vim-shitespace utility 9 84 Show bad whitespace
vim-numbers utility 4 153 Text objects for numbers
vanity (colour scheme manager for vim) utility 19 130 Manage vim colour schemes with ease
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