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SelX : A Rainbow of Vim selection/highlighting & search

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Richard Bentley-Green
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SelX provides additional selection/highlighting/search functions that operate in a very similar way to the standard '*' (and similar) key mappings and the standard '/' (and similar) command line search operations; the difference is that multiple, multi-coloured highlights are supported, operating on a per-tab basis

The selection/highlight selections can also (optionally) be saved as part of a vim session. This is also supported by my SessX plugin - vimscript #5874

SelX is intended to complement rather then replace the standard vim selection/search highlight facility

NOTE: I really have no idea what the minimum vim version requirement is to run SelX and I don't know of a practical way of finding out (I've only used it on v8.2). The best I can suggest is to try it; it will probably work and if it doesn't then let me know and I'll see if I can sort it

*** If you have any suggestions for improving this, then please let me know. If you think it's rubbish then PLEASE let me know why - it's far more useful than just 'voting it down' (which really doesn't help at all). Contact details are in the top of the README file ***


In order to keep track of which selections/highlights are set, a Highlight Usage Map is automatically displayed on the in-focus window's status line. This Highlight Usage Map looks something like the following;-

  [ 1 | 2 | 3 |   |   | 6 |^  |   |   ]

The Map has an entry for each of the available SelX highlight colours (in reality, the map entries are appropriately coloured)

If a particular highlight is not set then it is shown with just its colour (for example, numbers 4 and 5)

If a particular highlight is set then it is shown with its number (for example, numbers 1, 2 and 3)

The '^' is always displayed and points to the next highlight that will be used when the auto-selection command is used

Markers are also placed (not shown in the above drawing - see the README) to show whether a selection/highlight is a whole word or arbitrary, and whether or not it is case-sensitive. The case-sensitivity can be set prior to the selection and both of these attributes can be toggled after a selection has been made


There are several mappings/commands for selecting/highlighting and searching for a specific selection which mirror the normal '*' (and other) mappings and command line '/' and '?' commands

There are also some optional mappings that enhance (depending on your point of view) the standard vim highlight/search operation
install details
Un-tar into ~/.vim/bundle/ as usual and read the README file for setup and config options

Note that there is some initial setup required to integrate this into your vim installation

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
selx.tar.gz 14/01/2023 2023-01-15 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green I discovered that defining the dummy version of selx#Statusline() - see change on 26/04/2020 above - actually has the effect of bringing-in and parsing the SelX autoload code! I think this is a bug in vim but is (apparently) expected behaviour. So I have now removed this dummy function and replaced it with the function g:SelxStatusline(). Using this wrapper function will ensure that the autoload code is not brought in/parsed unnecessarily. The README has been updated to reflect the change when using this for the vim buffer status bar
selx.tar.gz 02/08/2022 2022-08-15 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - The search index (used by (`<M-n`/`<Leader>n` and `<M-N>`/`<Leader>N`) now operates per-tab (the auto-selection index has always done)
- The auto-selection index, and the search index are now transposed to a new tab opened with the `tt` mapping
- Added facility to (optionally) copy the auto-selection index and the search index between tabs (via the 'SelXPaseteAll` command)
- Added g:SelxPasteNextIdx and g:SelxPasteSearchIdx options to support (switching on/off) this functionality
- The usage map and output from the `SelXList` function now displays which highlight (if any) is the target of the search operations (`<M-n`/`<Leader>n` and `<M-N>`/`<Leader>N`)
- Added new command; `<M->>'/`<Leader>>` to set search to last defined highlight (per tab) - surprisingly useful!
- The auto-selection index, and the search index are now saved to the session (if the appropriate config is set up, of course)
- Added `g:SelxStripDecor` option to allow the output of some commands/mappings to produce cleaner output
- Some of the command line output showing the highlight colours did not include the highlight attributes. This has now been added
selx.tar.gz 02/05/2022 2022-05-03 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Added g:SelxDispMapNextCol option to allow further possibilities with configuring the highlight usage map
selx.tar.gz 29/04/2022 2022-04-30 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Expanded the maximum number of highlight colours from 9 to 99
- Added g:SelxExtKeyMap to support additional colours (> 10)
- Added g:SelxDispMapMarks option to allow small reduction in map size
selx.tar.gz 24/04/2022 2022-04-27 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Corrected a minor but annoying bug whereby if a 'normal' vim highlight was active (displayed) and a 'SelX' highlight was created in visual selection mode, the 'SelX' highlight would be created ok, but the original 'normal' highlight would get re-assigned to the same as the 'SelX' highlight. The correction means that the 'normal' highlight is left as-is now
- Improved the `<leader><leader>n` mapping so that it now visually selects the next located text. This makes repeated use of this mapping much more usable
- Corrected some comparisons which should be case-sensitive but may not be in some vim configurations
selx.tar.gz 15/06/21 2021-06-15 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Oops! Fixed incorrect command-line feedback/reporting of case toggle mapping
  '<Leader>cH' (the actual operation is/was correct)
selx.tar.gz 04/06/21 2021-06-04 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Added commands to copy and paste highlight config between tabs
- Improved feedback text on command line for some commands/mappings
selx.tar.gz 01/03/21 2021-03-02 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - README/help text improvements
- Changed the characters displayed in the Unicode version of the 'whole word' and 'case-insensitive' markers to something a bit more subtle (smaller)
selx.tar.gz 27/02/21 2021-02-28 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Some minor improvements to this README and documentation
- Added support for case selection/toggling, inc new mappings toggling case-sensitivity, both default and per-selection - see the new mappings <Leader>C and <Leader>cH
- Highlight Selection Map now shows markers to indicate word/arbitrary selection and case-sensitivity for each highlight - see README for details
selx.tar.gz 24/11/20 2020-11-25 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Improved feedback for 'full word/arbitrary' selection toggle operation
- Added search success/failure feedback; printed to command line
- Minor comment corrections
selx.tar.gz 27/10/2020 2020-11-21 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Modified visual selection version of '*' so that it does not immediately jump to next occurrence; ie - works like the 'normal' version
- Modified list of suggested highlight colours
selx.tar.gz 01/05/20 2020-05-01 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Added :SelXList command to print details of active selections/highlights
selx.tar.gz 27/04/20 2020-04-28 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Added 'default' to setting StatusMsg colour. Without this, colour override would be hit-and-miss
Removed a stray mapping for '*' from autoload/selx.vim - oops!
selx.tar.gz 26/04/20 2020-04-27 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Documentation improvements.
Minor functional changes - nothing serious, but worth having
See version information at bottom of README for full details
selx.tar.gz 25/04/20 2020-04-25 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Documentation improvements. Improved control over mappings. Corrected one use of 'normal' to 'normal!'
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