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SessX : Simple session management

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Richard Bentley-Green
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SessX defines some simple, but very useful, enhancements to the standard session operation. Includes support for saving and restoring the `SelX` plugin status - #vimscript #5875

NOTE: This may well work for vim versions prior to 7 - I haven't tried it though

*** If you have any suggestions for improving this, then please let me know. If you think it's rubbish then PLEASE let me know why - it's far more useful than just 'voting it down' (which really doesn't help at all). Contact details are in the top of the README file ***


SessX uses the normal vim session facility; it doesn't replace it or subvert it any way - it just makes it a little more convenient to use. If no session is in force then SessX will not interfere

SessX makes sure that you always save your session files in the editor's startup directory so that you can easily find them again later. To make best use of this, start vim from the root of the source tree you are working with

You can easily give your session a unique name, and change it whenever you want, and SessX also reminds you to save your session on exiting vim

If you are using the SelX plugin, then SessX shall also save the SelX selection/highlight configuration too

In normal vim fashion, you can reload the session when you start vim with `vim -S {filename}` where `{filename}` defaults to `Session.vim` if not specified
install details
Just un-tar into ~/.vim/bundle/ as usual and read the README file for config options

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
sessx.tar.gz 17/11/2020 2020-11-21 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Corrected variable use in SaveSession() - was non-local
sessx.tar.gz 27/04/20 2020-04-28 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Added MKSInfo command
Added 'default' to setting StatusMsg colour. Without this, colour override  would be hit-and-miss
sessx.tar.gz 26/04/20 2020-04-27 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Documentation improvements (no code changes)
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