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Script Type Rating Down
gnt_poignant color scheme 1 38 color scheme based on why_poignant
wrapwidth utility 0 109 Wraps long lines visually at a specific column
ipxe syntax 0 34 Syntax highlighing of ipxe scripts
Popcorn utility 4 72 You can define your own pop-up menu.
preseed syntax 4 85 Provide syntax highlighing of debian preseed files
KeySound utility 0 45 Turn Vim into a typewriter!
SudoEdit-TEST utility 0 37 test-upload
KeySound utility 0 0 Turn Vim into a typewriter
KeySound utility 0 0 Turn Vim into a typewriter!
vim-navigator utility 4 57 An whichkey alternative to provide keymap hints.
rpi-vim utility 0 69 Vim integration for emulated Raspberry PIs
terminal-drawer.vim utility 0 70 Vim plugin for quick open/close terminal drawer
vim-highlight-yanked utility 5 84 Highlight yanked text.
vim-conda-activate utility 0 55 Activate Conda environments in Vim.
vim-writegood utility 1 86 Check your English prose in vim.
fuzzyy utility 18 157 A fuzzy finder for vim
organ utility 8 68 Generalize Orgmode to Markdown and any Folded file
GoSeigen color scheme 0 143 A programmer's color scheme
vim-helpme utility 8 95 Try this if you can't remember all that stuff!
vim-outline utility 9 79 A simple outline sketcher for Vim.
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