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reedline.vim utility 0 8 Simple Readline/Bash-like shortcuts for command-line mode
vim-codelf utility 0 7 Vim plugin for searching useful variable names
vim-node-inspect utility 0 11 Interactive CLI node debugger
vim-langtool utility 2 14 list and jump to grammar errors found by LanguageTool
sfz.vim syntax 0 26 Syntax file for .sfz
vim-quickui utility 32 47 The missing UI extensions for Vim 8.2.
greenwood color scheme 14 141 A green color scheme
git.vim utility 4 38 Use git in neovim and vim8
save utility 5 73 remap Ctrl-S for saving in all conditions
markdown-drawer utility 0 42 Simplify navigation in large markdown files.
vim-substy utility 4 53 Input substitution command
reftools.vim utility 1 35 A vim plugin for https://github.com/davidrjenni/reftools
memobook note suite utility 0 105 Memobook functionality - easy annotation and lookup of notes, reminders, etc
Jsonviewer utility 0 36 JSON browser in Vim.
Vorg ftplugin 0 41 Vim organizational format
stan-vim syntax 30 86 Vim plugin for the Stan probabilistic programming language.
lingo.vim : NEW Syntax for LINGO syntax 0 38 optimization modeling language for linear, nonlinear, and integer programming
vim-gdiff utility 0 47 The missing :Gdiff command for Vim
ticket.vim utility 4 49 Manges git branch specific vim session files
Whisk color scheme 2 130 My vim color scheme
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