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Script Type Rating Down
lldbvim utility 4 25 Set and delete lldb breakpoints
vim-obsidian-daily utility 1 29 A VIM Plugin for creating daily notes in your Obsidian vault
mediawiki.vim syntax 1 25 Wikitext/Mediawiki syntax highlighting for Vim
setpwsh utility 4 28 A Vim plugin to improve powershell integration.
difffilter utility 4 43 Selectively compare lines as you want in diff
fancyterm.vim utility 4 102 Simple plugin that allows sending buffer text into an active terminal.
findgrep.vim utility 12 86 An interactive FindGrep command to mimic emacs find-grep command
vim-md-link utility 9 39 Keep long URLs out of your way in Markdown documents
vim-weaselwords utility 8 60 Crafting polished prose by highlighting weasel words and passive use in Vim
sharegpt-vim-editor utility 0 43 sharegpt ai ml dataset viewer/edit jsonl json
vim-chore utility 0 38 v0.1
vim-gpt-commit utility 27 118 Generate git commit message using ChatGPT in Vim
vim-stream-editing patch 11 62 Edit text without moving your cursor!
vim-color-export utility 21 89 A tool to backport NeoVim colorschemes to Vim
vim-color-patch utility 25 70 Load colorscheme patch script automatically after ":color xxx" command !!
FixUp-GetLatestVimScripts patch 0 84 after/ plugin that fixes settings for stock GetLatestVimScripts.vim plugin
ProjectConfig utility 0 50 Per-project Vim configuration
HiTags utility 0 80 dynamic symbol (e.g variable) highlighting with minimalistic requirements
gnt_poignant color scheme 3 203 color scheme based on why_poignant
wrapwidth utility -1 323 Wraps long lines virtually at a specific column
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