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Script Type Rating Down
Whisk color scheme 1 22 My vim color scheme
stable-windows utility 0 26 Keeps your vim windows stable when layout changes
SpaceVim utility 14 34 A community-driven modular vim distribution
roku.vim syntax 9 26 roku development plugin
borlandp.vim color scheme 1 37 a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Borland IDEs.
vim-notmuch-addrlookup ftplugin 1 20 complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those indexed in your mail folders
vim-hello-word game -1 41 A vim plugin to recite English vocabulary
vim-dbml syntax 0 27 Database markup language syntax
vim-open-or-create-path-and-file utility 11 32 Open or create a file under cursor
RunCommand utility 0 114 Run shell command within a vim buffer
equalise-window-widths.vim utility 0 85 Equal width windows in one operation
vim-floaterm utility 5 146 This plugin helps open the terminal in the floating window and toggle it quickly
calculator.vim utility 3 92 Calculator inside of Vim
vim-airline-stopwatch utility 9 242 a vim-airline extension that implements a stopwatch
vim-smartsplit utility 0 102 You're lazy. Let Vim decide your split directions.
gruvbox-material color scheme 3 364 Gruvbox with Material Palette
emoji-ab utility 4 80 Emoji Abbreviations in Vim 🔥
vim-auto-abbrev utility 0 73 Automate abbreviates for you
vim-color-vanilla-cake color scheme 4 257 🍰 Light & Eye-friendly Color Scheme
vim-color-desert-night color scheme 4 190 🏜️  Dark, Warm, Eye-friendly Color Scheme
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