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Script Type Rating Down
vim-kinesis-kb900 ftplugin 0 11 Syntax support for Kinesis Freestyle Pro (KB900) keyboard layout files
notepad16 color scheme 8 47 notepad16 is a 16 color light theme for Vim
vim-searchhi utility 1 53 Highlight the current search result differently
termdbg utility 0 14 Terminal debugger for vim
vim-contemplate utility 0 28 Autcommand scaffolding with snippet exapnsion
ModelineCommands utility 0 30 Extended modelines that allow the execution of arbitrary Vim commands.
vim pivotal utility 4 29 Access Pivotal stories in Vim!
Simple bottom line for gVim utility 1 45 Simple bottom line for gVim
jupytext.vim utility 0 37 Plugin for editing Jupyter ipynb files via jupytext
subversive.vim utility 0 25 Provides operator motions to quickly replace text
cutlass.vim utility 0 24 Adds a 'cut' operation separate from 'delete'
yoink.vim utility 0 25 Maintains a yank history to cycle between when pasting
vim-rzip utility 0 33 Extends stock zip.vim to allow recursively browsing and writing zip files
vertical_region.vim utility 1 32 Move to lines bounding a vertical indent region
vim-docvim syntax 0 34 Syntax highlighting for Docvim comments
vim-decode-qp ftplugin 0 24 Decode Quoted-Printable text
ctrlp-grep utility 0 41 grep your files via ctrlp interactively
vim-ls ftplugin 0 29 LiveScript support for Vim
Venu utility 0 35 Simple menu for vim
cosmic-barf.vim color scheme 27 143 A dark, solarized based colorscheme
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