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wobble ftplugin 1 6 Text objects and tweaks for writing HTML/XML and CSS in Vim
sonokai color scheme 0 14 High Contrast & Vivid Color Scheme based on Monokai Pro
VimSafe ftplugin 4 6 A VIM Password Safe (Vault) like tool
fixtermkeys utility 4 14 Fix terminal Ctrl Alt Shift modifiers for keys like Tab CR Space BS cursor
asynctasks utility 5 31 Modern Task System for Project Building/Testing/Deploying !!
edge color scheme 8 34 Clean & Elegant Color Scheme inspired by Atom One and Material
astra color scheme -1 60 astra
reedline.vim utility 2 30 Simple Readline/Bash-like shortcuts for command-line mode
vim-codelf utility 0 22 Vim plugin for searching useful variable names
vim-node-inspect utility 5 47 Interactive CLI node debugger
vim-langtool utility 2 35 list and jump to grammar errors found by LanguageTool
sfz.vim syntax 0 61 Syntax file for .sfz
vim-quickui utility 57 116 The missing UI extensions for Vim 8.2.
greenwood color scheme 20 225 A green color scheme
git.vim utility 4 51 Use git in neovim and vim8
save utility 5 82 remap Ctrl-S for saving in all conditions
markdown-drawer utility 0 60 Simplify navigation in large markdown files.
vim-substy utility 4 66 Input substitution command
reftools.vim utility 1 45 A vim plugin for https://github.com/davidrjenni/reftools
memobook note suite utility 4 121 Memobook functionality - easy annotation and lookup of notes, reminders, etc
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