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Script Type Rating Down
vim-groff-viewer ftplugin 4 8 Display Groff files in a document viewer
vindent.vim utility 4 33 Navigate and select text based on indentations.
SwitchColor utility 1 70 Lets you switch colorschemes easily, and make vim remember your choice.
highlight.vim color scheme 0 33 A Vim colorscheme with almost no highlighting, except where it matters!
gitTools utility 0 31 Set of tools to perform git commands.
soicode.vim utility 4 36 Soicode plugin for vim
vim-linebox utility 7 95 The VIM lines and boxes plugin
Birdie utility 5 56 A Vim plugin that facilitates Verilog netlist tracing.
MarkX utility 8 90 Places signs in the margin to indicate where marks are, (auto-)sel. & del marks,
vim-board utility 7 281 Easy notes and shortcuts
Tumnus color scheme 1 163 Vim colors approved by Mr. Tumnus
auto-marks ftplugin 2 56 auto set a mark to A-Z.
extend_line utility 1 54 extend_list: add new elements to existing lists
pr0kter.vim color scheme 8 87 Vim colorscheme (a clear one)
clrzr syntax 0 54 Color highlighting for Hex & CSS color representations
vim-rsvp utility 0 50 rapid serial visual presentation speed-reader
vim_hdl_trace utility 0 56 similar verdi trace connect.
nginx_conf_syntax_highlighting syntax 1 74 Syntax Highlighting for NGINX Conf Files
vim-surround-funk utility 38 202 Delete/Change/Yank/Paste surrounding function calls (based on tpope's surround)
vim8 > vim9 utility 0 71 Be happy with vim8!
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