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iBasic.vim syntax 0 16 VIM Syntax file for iBasic
iwbasic.vim syntax 0 32 A syntax file for IWBasic
camelcomplete utility 4 31 Vim 9 plugin to complete CamelCase and snake_case identifier abbreviations.
vim-hex-rework utility 12 57 vim hex edit plugin
vim-unitex utility 4 42 Superior alternative for vim's conceal feature
irclog.vim syntax 1 47 Syntax Highlighting for X-Chat and Irssi Log Files
noodle.vim utility 4 37 A minutes-timer vim plugin
Miesl.vim color scheme 9 57 Monochrome colorscheme.
Mies.vim color scheme 22 84 Bauhaus monochrome colorscheme.
VimRegDeluxe utility 1 42 VimRegDeluxe - edit registers as files, e.g. system clipboard & recorded macros
ecfdef syntax 1 38 Syntax high
vim-hec5 ftplugin 4 86 Hex editor for Vim. It uses UNIX utility xxd for conversion.
dialog.vim syntax 0 64 Syntax for dialog
FX-602P Bundle syntax 4 62 Preparation Release to create a script on vim.org
fuzzy utility -1 54 Add fuzzy search capabilities to your Vi editor
MOS 6502 Assembler syntax 0 55 Vim syntax highlighting for the ca65 assembler
tinygo.vim utility 0 54 TinyGo support to Vim
The ObjectSense Programming Language utility 8 107 An object-oriented reincarnation of VimL
astro ftplugin 4 93 Astro language indentation and syntax support in Vim or Neovim
cscope_helper.vim utility 0 63 Loads and updates cscope.out when gvim/vim is invoked in subdirectories.
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