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Scripts and tips both have karma displayed at the top their page.

script karma box tip karma box

The karma is made up of the total rating a tip or script has, the number of times it has been rated and the number of users that have viewed/downloaded it. Each user (derived from ip) can rate once using the rating box at the bottom of the page. There are three anonymous ratings you can give a tip or script:

rating box
  • Life Changing (+4) - Changed the way you use vim. For example the "*" command was a "life changing" command for me.
  • Helpful (+1) - Very helpful -- gave you good insight into better and cooler ways to use vim
  • Unfulfilling (-1) - Less that satisfying, confusing, or perhaps a little wrong. If you rate a tip unfulfilling it might be nice if you add a note to clarify the tip and increase it's value.

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