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gtk-vim-syntax : Syntax highlighting for GLib, Gtk+, Xlib, Gimp, Gstreamer, and more.

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David Necas
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A collection of C extension syntax files for xlib, glib (gobject, gio), gdk-pixbuf, gtk2 (gdk2), gtk3 (gdk3), atk, at-spi, pango, cairo, clutter, gimp, gstreamer, dbus-glib, json-glib, libglade, gtksourceview, gnome-desktop, libgsf, libnotify, librsvg, libunique, libwnck, gtkglext, vte, poppler, evince.

The xlib one was originally created by Hwanjin Choe (vimscript #570), the others were generated from gtk-doc declaration lists and support enabling/disabling of highlighting of deprecated declarations.
install details
Include selected files in your ~/.vim/after/syntax/c.vim with :run glib.vim. See README in the tarball for details.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20130716 2013-07-16 6.0 David Necas All syntax files were updated to recent version of the libraries and files for gusb, gudev and fftw3 were added. Deprecated symbols, broken by changes in gtk-doc,works again. FooPrivate types were filtered out. Support for Vim 5.7 was dropped, version 6.0 is now required. Sample c.vim.example was updated (thx to David King).
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20121015 2012-10-15 5.7 David Necas This is the first Gtk+3 version of gtk-vim-syntax.  A number of Gnome2-era syntax files was removed (libgnome, ORBit, libglade, liboil, ...) although a Gtk+2 syntax file is still kept as many non-Gnome developers may find it useful.  All GLib files were consolidated to glib.vim; standalone gobject.vim and gio.vim are gone.  Similarly, all Gtk+ files were consolidated to gtk2.vim or gtk3.vim (depending on the version); standalone gdk.vim is gone.  Therefore, it is likely you will need to update your vim configuration.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20110314 2011-03-14 5.7 David Necas Syntax names of gobject-introspection and json-glib introduced in the previous release contained dashes which made them invalid vim identifiers.  They were renamed to gobjectintrospection and jsonglib.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20110214 2011-02-16 5.7 David Necas A GStreamer syntax file was added.  This is still a Gtk+ 2/Gnome 2 version, probably the last.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20091024 2009-10-24 5.7 David Necas Keyword `if' that appeared in the previous version among GObject identifiers due to some gtk-doc misparsing was removed.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20091021 2009-10-21 5.7 David Necas Syntaxes were updated to versions corresponding to GNOME 2.28.  Two new files were added: for libsoup and libunique.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20090402 2009-04-02 5.7 David Necas All syntax files were updated to Gnome 2.26 versions; clutter and goocanvas syntax files were added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20090105 2009-01-05 5.7 David Necas GObject syntax file missing in the last release was re-added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20090102 2009-01-02 5.7 David Necas Everything was updated to Gnome 2.24.  GIO and evince syntax files were added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20070925 2007-09-25 5.7 David Necas All files were updated to Gnome 2.20 versions of the respective libraries. (GLib to 2.14, Gtk+ to 2.12, ...). Syntax file for linc was dropped, files for at-spi, gail, dbus-glib, gtksourceview, gnome-desktop, gnome-vfs, liboil and poppler were added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20061121 2006-11-21 5.7 David Necas Variables (e.g. gtk_major_version or glib_mem_profiler_table) were added, they are highlighted as Identifiers by default (suggestions how to differentiate them from functions are welcome).

The synax files were cleaned up bit: hi-links are created only for symbol classes actually present in the file, deprecation stuff is completely excluded from files that contain no deprecated symbols.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20061120 2006-11-20 5.7 David Necas Syntax highlighting files for librsvg, libwnck, libgsf and libnotify were added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20061119 2006-11-19 5.7 David Necas atk syntax was updated to 1.12, cairo to 1.2, gdk, gdk-pixbuf and gtk+ to 2.10, glib and gobject to 2.12, libglade to 2.6, gnome libs to 2.16, pango to 1.14 and vte to 0.14.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20060423 2006-04-23 5.7 David Necas Syntax files for Gnome libs were updated to 2.14.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 2006-03-20 2006-03-20 5.7 David Necas Pango syntax file was updated to 1.12.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 2006-03-19 2006-03-19 5.7 David Necas GLib syntax file was updated to 2.10.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 2005-09-06 2005-09-06 5.7 David Necas Deprecated symbol handling was improved.  Syntax items for deprecated symbols have their own groups (fooDeprecatedFunction instead of fooFunction) so it's possible to link them to something else than normal symbols.  By default, they are not highlighted at all (like before).  If you set

:let foo_enable_deprecated = 1

they are linked to the same highligt groups as normal symbols.  If you set

:let foo_deprecated_errors = 1

they are linked to Error.

GLib, GObject, Gdk, Gkd-Pixbuf, Gtk+ syntax files were updated to 2.8. Atk and Pango to 1.10. Cairo was newly added.  As a side effect, missing highlighting of GdkPixmap, GdkWindow, and GdkBitmap was fixed.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20050308 2005-03-08 5.7 David Necas Functions taking filename arguments that were incorrectly highlighted as constants since GLib and Gtk+ 2.6 are highlighted as functions again.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20050225 2005-02-25 5.7 David Necas Bug fixed: union types were not highlighted.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20050123 2005-01-23 5.7 David Necas Libglade syntax highlighting was added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20041222 2004-12-22 5.7 David Necas Gtk+ and GLib syntax files were updated to 2.6, Pango and Atk to 1.8, Gimp to 2.2, Gnome to 2.8.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20040815 2004-08-15 6.0 David Necas Syntax highlighting file for GtkGLExt was added.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20040813 2004-08-13 5.7 David Necas Fixed bug: many last enum values were not highlighted.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20040611 2004-06-11 5.7 David Necas Quite a few missing enums were fixed.  Parameterless macros like

#define gimp_get_data gimp_procedural_db_get_data

are highlighted as Macro (not Constant as the previous version did) -- if the generator can figure out gimp_procedural_db_get_data is a function.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20040605 2004-06-05 5.7 David Necas Parameterless macros were separated to somethingDefine syntax groups, highlighted as Constant by default.  This fixes highlighting of things like NULL or FALSE as macros and is more compatible with Hwanjin Choe's original files.
gtk-vim-syntax.tar.gz 20040531 2004-05-31 5.7 David Necas Initial upload
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