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potwiki.vim : Maintain a Wiki of plain text files

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created by
Edwin Steiner
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If you like to keep notes in plain text files you might like this script.
potwiki provides functions and mappings for conveniently maintaining
a Wiki of text files with vim.

The Wiki is a collection of text files in a single directory. These files
can contain hyper links to each other in the form of WikiWords.

A WikiWord is a word which starts with an upper case letter and contains
at least one lower case letter and another upper case letter in this
order -- it's in 'camel case', e.g.


Such a WikiWord links to a file of exactly the same name in your
Wiki directory.

When opening a Wiki file potwiki scans your Wiki directory to find
which WikiWords are valid links. WikiWords without a corresponding
file are highlighted as errors (otherwise it doesn't matter).

After installing the plugin see :help potwiki for further documentation.

   The default mappings are defined as follow (By default, <Leader> stands
   for '\'. See |Leader| for more info) :

   <Leader>ww   - open the Wiki HomePage
   <Leader>wi   - open the Wiki index
   <Leader>wf   - follow a WikiWord (can be used in any buffer!)
   <Leader>we   - edit a Wiki file

   The following mappings are present when editing a Wiki file:

   <Leader><Leader> - close the file
   <CR>             - follow the WikiWord under the cursor
   <Tab>            - move to the next WikiWord
   <BS>             - move to the previous WikiWord
   <Leader>wr       - reload WikiWords
install details
Just drop potwiki.vim in your plugin directory (usually ~/.vim/plugin).

potwiki automatically installs its documentation the next time you start vim.

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
potwiki.vim 1.25 2008-10-06 6.0 Edwin Steiner Allow appending a configurable suffix to the names of WikiFiles.
(contributed by Anders Carling)
potwiki.vim 1.24 2006-09-18 6.0 Edwin Steiner Fixed bug causing "E121: Undefined variable: g:potwiki_dir"
potwiki.vim 1.23 2006-09-17 6.0 Edwin Steiner Fixed regressions from 1.21, non-silent opening of WikiPages.
potwiki.vim 1.22 2006-06-09 6.0 Edwin Steiner Work-around for a bug in vim 7 <buffer> maps.
potwiki.vim 1.21 2005-03-14 6.0 Edwin Steiner autowrite when doing \ww, \wi, \we, \wf, ...
potwiki.vim 1.20 2005-02-23 6.0 Edwin Steiner Better potwiki-autowrite: write file only if changed, also autowrite
when following another WikiWord with <CR>.
Put the following in your .vimrc to use autowrite:
    let potwiki_autowrite=1
potwiki.vim 1.19 2004-07-21 6.0 Edwin Steiner Better interaction with :syntax on | enable | off.
If you want to use these commands put the line 'call PotwikiSyntax()' in a file called
~/.vim/syntax/potwiki.vim (You can also add customizations after this line.)
potwiki.vim 1.16 2004-07-20 6.0 Edwin Steiner fix navigation if more than one WikiWord is on a line (contributed by Michael Fitz)
potwiki.vim 1.15 2004-07-11 6.0 Edwin Steiner fixed disappearing colors, work with hls set, better error handling,
use 'potwiki' filetype and syntax, removed umlauts from defaults
(avoids problems with UTF-8 locales)
potwiki.vim 1.11 2004-06-30 6.0 Edwin Steiner work correctly when ignorecase is set,
added option: potwiki_ignore
potwiki.vim 1.4 2004-06-20 6.0 Edwin Steiner Initial upload
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