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The Mail Suite (tms) : Send, Receive and Organize mail from within VIM

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Suresh Govindachar
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The Mail Suite (TMS):  Send, Receive and Organize Mail
                       via an Editable User Interface (EUI)
                       using VIM As the Editor
                       (on WINDOWS and on Unix)
                       (relies on perl)

People who know VIM (especially those who have discovered
explorer.vim) are aware of the speed, the customized form
and, once learned, the ease of issuing commands and
processing the results of the commands while in VIM.  This
plugin, The Mail Suite (tms), exploits that power of VIM in
the domain of electronic mail: for the tasks of sending,
receiving and organizing mail.

The Command Set (Overview)

Since The Mail Suite builds on VIM's command set, there are
only a handful of new commands (or tasks):

   - Get emails (from a POP3 server) and save in raw (.eml) format
   - Send a buffer (even one without a file) or files as an email (via a SMTP server)
   - Index (create a ''table of contents'' for) a folder of emails
   - Open an email from the index (and then open the next or the previous email)
   - Reply, Forward or Acknowledge an email
   - Delete, Move or Copy emails

Contrast of Interfaces for Mail Clients

Here's a contrast that makes an aspect of the power of VIM
as a user interface clear:  other email clients need lots
more commands than the mail-specific commands listed above
since they need to provide a user interface;  and their
interface is restrictive (compared to that of VIM) in regard
to the means for navigating and manipulating the stuff on
the screen and in not allowing keystroke customization.

install details
System Requirements

TMS has been tested on Windows 98 and Linux.  It requires
VIM with perl support.  The perl module libnet is required
(and one easy way to provide this is to have external perl


Essentially, extracting tms.tar.gz into the vimfiles
directory (on Windows) or into the ~/.vim directory (on
Unix) while preserving folder names; then regenerate the
help-tags (using the command :helptags).

Extracting deploys the following files below the vimfiles or
.vim directory:


The help-tags can be regenerated, for example, by executing
'':helptags $vim\vimfiles\doc'' from within vim.


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tms_1_14.tar.gz 1.14 2004-09-08 6.0 Suresh Govindachar - Added requested "custom completion" feature to complete the mail-folder in commands such as :TMSMakeIndex

- Hereby explicitly revealing existence of the command :TMSShowIndex <mail-folder>

- Added test of perl version (require 5.8.0)

tms_1_13.tar.gz 1.13 2004-09-05 6.0 Suresh Govindachar See mail/release_notes:  The main new feature is an illustration of filtering, and the use of quickfix commands (:cn, :copen etc.) to visit mail folders which have new mail.
tms_1_12.tar.gz 1.12 2004-08-14 6.0 Suresh Govindachar See mail/release_notes (minor updates including
use of VimEnter event to capture passwords).
Welcome all feedback.
tms_1_11.tar.gz 1.11 2004-08-11 6.0 Suresh Govindachar Automated method for getting the passwords
for the various mail servers didn't work since it
was run during VIM's start-up.  Have added a
manual method for setting passwords.  Needs to
be done only ONCE -- see mail/release_notes.
(Do keep me informed of positive or negative
experience with using tms.)

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