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InteractHL.vim : Interactively generate colorscheme or syncolor.vim

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created by
Dave Silvia
script type
    creates syncolor.vim file
  ColorScheme bg name
    creates <name>.vim file with colorscheme header setting background='<bg>' [dark|light] and
    creates Hilite.vim file

Files are created in g:HiliteFilesDir, default '~'

Utility to interactively create highlight commands file (syncolor.vim|<name>.vim|Hilite.vim) which can be copied to appropriate  runtimepath directory as for automatic execution at Vim startup.  Previous settings are saved in a file named 'yymmddhhmmssHilite.vim'.
Use: ?? for online key mapping reference.

The utility opens 3 windows, the top window displays the major highlight groups with their names highlighted according to the current settings.  The middle window lists the highlight commands currently in effect to produce the output shown in the top window.  The bottom window lists the RGB names available for the current Vim release.

Place the cursor on the line you wish to modify in the middle window.  Place the cursor on the RGB value you want in the bottom window.  Use the mapped key sequences to set the line.  The key sequences are:

fg   Set foreground to RGB value
bg  Set background to RGB value
no  Set attributes to 'NONE'
bo  Add 'bold' to attributes
it    Add 'italic' to attributes
re   Add 'reverse' to attributes
st   Add 'standout' to attributes
un  Add 'underline' to attributes
install details
NOTE:  REQUIRES vsutil_vim.zip http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1056
unzip into vimfiles.

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
interactHL_vim.zip 1.2b 2004-09-12 6.0 Dave Silvia minor fix.  Added '^' to search for highlight keyword in top window so that exact match for highlight is displayed.
interactHL_vim.zip 1.2 2004-09-01 6.0 Dave Silvia Version 1.1
    -  g:HiliteFilesDir global
    -  added Syncolor command
       to have generated file
       named 'syncolor.vim'
    -  added ColorScheme command
       which takes 2 arguments.
       1) bg - light|dark
       2) name - for colors_name=
          and file <name>.vim
InteractHL_vim.zip 1.1 b 2004-08-13 6.0 Dave Silvia decoupled vsutil.vim.
vsutil.vim is now a separate package
InteractHL_vim.zip 1.1 zip 2004-08-13 6.0 Dave Silvia Added code to search
for rgb.txt.  If not found,
use rbg.txt included with
the zip.  If that's not there
either, abort with echoerr
InteractHL_vim.zip 1.0 zip b 2004-08-13 6.0 Dave Silvia corrected vsutil.vim SortR
InteractHL_vim.zip 1.0 zip 2004-08-13 6.0 Dave Silvia Made zip file containing
vsuitl.vim also for utility
functions used by IactHl
interactHL.vim 1.0 2004-08-13 6.0 Dave Silvia Initial upload
ip used for rating:

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