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python_calltips : Display Python code calltips and allows you to auto-complete your Python code

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This script simualate code calltips in a new bottow window of Vim.
In fact, it display python help doc strings of word under the cursor
by scanning the imported modules in the current file.
this file Reference :    http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=73

Note: Because Python language is dynamic and the type of object is certain
         when running, the calltips is only displayed for the part of all object.  

It require Python and Vim compiled with "+python"
and MAKE SURE "set iskeyword+=."
It work well in my box in Win2000/XP + Vim6.3 + python2.3.
It can also work in GNU/Linux.
Note: as I know, Vim6.2 come into conflict with Python2.3, becase Vim6.2
         is compiled with Python2.1. you can update vim version to 6.3.
        Maybe yours not.

More detail is in the header of script file.

I write a tip(vimtip #778) about the script for all Pythoner. I wish you enjoy it.
install details
Put the plugin into "$VIMRUNTIME/ftplugin" folder

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
python_calltips.vim 1.01 2005-05-17 6.0 tocer deng Nothing to do except IGNORE a exception when press '.' key in a string
python_calltips.vim 1.0 2004-11-11 6.0 tocer deng Change:
1.get rid of  F4 key. You can get tips without any extral keys
2.support multi buffers
3.hightlight calltips syntax..
Thank Staale flock and Levin Du help
python_calltips.vim 0.85 2004-10-25 6.0 tocer deng Fix  the  clash with winmanager.vim and  minibufexpl.vim   plugin.
Thanks Staale Flock
calltips-linux.png 0.8 2004-09-23 6.0 tocer deng Snapshot in Linux
calltips-windows.gif 0.8 2004-09-23 6.0 tocer deng Snapshot in win2000
python_calltips.vim 0.8 2004-09-22 6.0 tocer deng 1.Rewrap the plugin, and change name to python_calltips.vim. In version 0.8, the plugin don't run automatically

2.Add two function to start or end the plugin. You can run function
  :call DoCalltips()        #start running
  :call EndCalltips()       #end running

3.if you use gVim, you can click  menu to start or end it in "Tools" menu :  "Start Calltips" and "End Calltips"
pyCallTips.py 0.7 2004-09-12 6.0 tocer deng 1.More variable can be display calltips.
2.Refresh automatically if you don't press key until 5s in "Nomal" mode
pyCallTips.py 0.6 2004-09-05 6.0 tocer deng 1.add "CT_unmapkeys()" and "CT_mapkeys()" function
2.add calltips of buitin types such as string, list, dictionay, file
3.thank Guilherme Salgado. He fix a bug in linux, and I know the script work well in linux
pyCallTips.py 0.5 2004-08-30 6.0 tocer deng Congratulate China win 32 gold medal in Olympiad Game.
and thanks montumba, without his help, I can't release 0.5 so quickly.
pyCallTips.py 0.3 2004-08-27 6.0 tocer deng add builtin function
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