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MS Word from VIM : Interact with MS Word from VIM

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created by
Suresh Govindachar
script type
To interact with Microsoft Word from VIM
Currently supports use of Word's Thesaurus and Speller

Copyright (C) 2004 Suresh Govindachar  <initial><last name><at><yahoo>

System Requirements:
   Windows (with MS Word)
   VIM with embedded perl support
   The perl module Win32::OLE (good way to get this is to have external perl)


   The following four commands are exported to the end-user:
      :WordThesaurus    [<cword>]
      :WordSpell        [<cword>]
      :WordAnagram      [<cword>]
   In regard to the first three commands:
    - Each command can be issued with no arguments or with one argument.
      When no argument is provided, the <cword> (see :help cword) is
      used as the argument.
    - After execution, the "result" is appended below the current line.
    - The "result" for the Thesaurus command is all
      the synonyms and the antonyms.
    - The "result" for the Spell command is all
      the spelling suggestions.
    - The "result" for the Anagram command is all
      the anagrams of the given letters.
   Try the following:
      :WordThesaurus beautiful
      :WordAnagram   abt
      :WordSpell     helo
      :WordSpell     b?t*
   In regard to the fourth command (:<range>WordCheckSpelling):
    - The default range is the whole buffer -- in order for
      quickfix commands to work, there has to be a file
      associated with the buffer.
    - Results are:
      - highlighting as Error each misspelled word in the range
        (the filetype is set to nothing so that the only colored
        stuff are the misspelled words)
      - ability to use the quickfix commands (:cfirst, :cn, etc) to
        visit each misspelled word and to look at suggestions on spelling it.
      - Sub commands (of the :<range>WordCheckSpelling command):
                Highlights misspelled words (there won't be any other highlighting)                
                Restores highlighting based on filetype
           The next five commands extend the corresponding quickfix
                commands (:cfirst, :clast, :cc, :cn, :cp) by
                loading the search register with the appropriate
                misspelled word
      - Optional (controlled by g:no_plugin_maps or g:no_word_maps)
        normal-mode maps:
           <Leader>ws :WordShowMisspelled<CR>
           <Leader>wh :WordHideMisspelled<CR>
           <Leader>wc :Wordc<CR>
           <Leader>wn :Wordn<CR>
           <Leader>wp :Wordp<CR>

Tested on:

   Windows 98 with Word 97 (and Vim 6.3, ActiveState's perl 5.8).
   Anagram and WildCard NOT supported by Microsoft in later versions of MSWord -- see
   http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;224722 !!!

Known issue:
   Sometimes Windows and/or Word is sluggish and things
   time-out with a "no service available" or some such
   error message -- when this happens, just reissue the command.


   Although I conceived and developed this plugin, I
   learnt how to interact with Microsoft Word for
   accessing its Thesaurus and Spelling from:

    - Chad DeMeyer   (microsoft.public.word.word97vba)
    - Steven Manross (perl-win32-users@listserv.ActiveState.com)
    - Greg Chapman   (perl-win32-users@listserv.ActiveState.com)
    - http://www.perlmonks.com/index.pl?node_id=119006


   The material provided here is provided as-is without any warranty --
   without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a
   particular purpose.  The author assumes no responsibility for errors or
   omissions or for any sort of damages resulting from the use of or
   reliance on the provided material.
install details
Place in your vimfiles/plugin directory (and source
it or restart VIM).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
word.vim 1.11 2004-09-09 6.0 Suresh Govindachar Minor tweak:  set iskeyword to a-z,A-Z to better highlight misspelled words (restore iskeyword to original value after redraw'ing has highlighted misspelled words)
word.vim 1.10 2004-09-09 6.0 Suresh Govindachar New feature:  given a range of lines, figure out possible spellings for each misspelled word therein and set-up quickfix to navigate to each misspelled word (with spelling suggestions as the quickfix 'error' message)

Previous features:  Thesaurus, anagram, wild-card based spelling
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