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PHP-correct-Indenting : The official VIm indent script for PHP

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created by
John Wellesz
script type
GitHub: https://github.com/2072/PHP-Indenting-for-VIm

(The version 1.39 of this script is included in VIM 7.4)

- Indents PHP code as "perfectly" as possible.
- Comments' content or non-PHP code are ignored and don't break the algorithm.
- Non-PHP code, multi-line /**/ comments and "Here Document" content remain unchanged.
- HTML <Script.*> tags' content is indented as PHP and like if it was part of the surrounding PHP code.
- Fast optimized indenting, the script knows when it's indenting large blocks and skips some unnecessary tests.
- Support folding (fold markers don't break the indenting)
- Auto-formatting for comments (using the Vim option formatoptions=qroc).
- Indent correctly complex "non bracketed blocks":

    Example: (start of line spaces are replaced by ____)
if (!isset($History_lst_sel))
____if (!isset($History_lst_sel))
________if (!isset($History_lst_sel)) {
________} else
_______$bla= "foo";
$command_hist = TRUE;

- Direct indenting, the text is indented as you type it.
- switch/case are indented correctly.
- Well commented source code.
- Bug free as far as I know.

A more complete example of its capabilities:

if ($foo="thing") // as you see an opened bracket isn't needed to indent correctly :)
____if (foo("something"))

<title>SOME HTML CODE</title>
________echo "Something here";
________<script type="text/javascript">
________// Note the indentation of the script as if part of PHP

________var truc=0;
________if (truc) {



<b>some closing and oppening bracket here } } {
nothing to indent here



if (foo)
____/* a useless comment here
____with useless code:
____if (broken code) {
____if (testHereDocument()) {

________echo <<<HEREDOC
Here is an Here Document style
echo, very useful.
The following code isn't indented
if (test)
while (foo) {



That's all folks!

This script can also be found there: (with a colorful example)

Enjoy :)
install details
Just make sure the name of the file is php.vim and copy it under your vimfiles/indent folder.
PHP syntax coloring must be turned on.

For alternative install solutions (Pathogen and Vundle) please read https://github.com/2072/PHP-Indenting-for-VIm/blob/master/README.md

Available options:

Just type :help php-indent

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
php.vim 1.70 2019-07-22 8.0 John Wellesz This page is no longer updated, see the Github page of this project for future releases:

php.vim 1.52 2014-06-16 7.4 John Wellesz - Fix issue #34 where indentation could get wrong with arrays defined using the short [] declaration.

- Fix an edge case in conditional block declarations when the ')' of the condition is put on the same line as the following '{' (complement to issue #4)

php.vim 1.49 2014-04-15 7.4 John Wellesz - Added support for 'finally', 'use', 'trait' and 'final' keywords

- Implemented support for multi-line block declarations (issue #4).

- Added support (with some restrictions) for multi-line string declarations (issue #22).

- Fix issue with lines following a {} block defined on a single line if this {} block was just beneath a '{'

- Fix issue #32 ('case:/default:' indentation issues in complex 'switch' blocks)

- Fix issue #17 where closures' content would get extra indenting.

- Fix handing of ^}\s*else\n{ blocks which were not detected as new blocks and resulted in wrong indentation.

- Fix issue #23 where the script could hang in some specific cases involving closing braces at column 0;

- Fix issue #6 where nested switches would not indent correctly.

- No longer add 'w' to formatoptions VIm' setting as no other file-type plug-in uses it by default. This prevents leaving trailing white spaces when text wrapping.
php-indent_1-39.zip 1.39 2013-08-08 7.3 John Wellesz - Also add 'StorageClass' syntax identifier (with an upper-case 'C') as it also exists in the syntax file.
php-indent_1-38.zip 1.38 2013-08-02 7.3 John Wellesz Changes: 1.38
- Fix an incredibly old bug that managed to survive unnoticed until today: the
  PHP code identifier routine was missing a few syntax names (Define,
  Structure, Storageclass and Exception). If you started indenting on such a
  line, nothing would happen as the script thought it wasn't actual PHP code...

Changes: 1.37
- Fix a bug for inline script element [imicky]
- Fix issue #11: https://github.com/2072/PHP-Indenting-for-VIm/issues/11

Changes: 1.36
- Added support for short array declaration (Thanks to Warren Seymour)

Changes: 1.35
- New option: PHP_outdentSLComments to add extra indentation to single-line
php.vim 1.34 2011-02-14 7.0 John Wellesz - Fix: string with /* would be treated as comment start when using single quote. (Thanks to Manic Chuang for the fix)
php.vim 1.33_fixed 2010-10-05 7.3 John Wellesz Fixes a formatting issue concerning php.vim itself, (CRLF back to LF)
php.vim 1.33 2010-07-30 7.0 John Wellesz - Rewrote Switch(){case:default:} handling from scratch in a simpler more logical and infallible way.
- Added a new option: PHP_outdentphpescape to indent PHP tags as the surrounding code.
php.vim 1.30 2008-11-22 7.0 John Wellesz - Fixed empty case/default identation again :/
- The ResetOptions() function will be called each time the ftplugin calls this script, previously it was executed on BufWinEnter and Syntax events.
php.vim 1.29 2008-10-26 7.0 John Wellesz Fixed php file detection for ResetOptions() used for comments formatting. It now uses the same tests as filetype.vim. ResetOptions() will be correctly called for *.phtml, *.ctp and *.inc files.
php.vim 1.28 2008-06-10 7.0 John Wellesz - Added support for NOWDOC tags ($foo = <<<'bar')
- New option: PHP_vintage_case_default_indent (default off)
- End HEREDOC delimiters were not considered as such if they were not followed by a ';'.
- if a "case" was preceded by another "case" on the previous line, the second "case" was indented incorrectly.
- '/*' character sequences found on a line starting by a '#' were not dismissed by the indenting algorithm and could cause indentation problem in some cases.
- Fix some indentation errors on multi line conditions and multi line statements.
- Fix when array indenting is broken and a closing ');' is placed at the start of the line, following lines will be indented correctly.
- Minor fixes and optimizations.
php.vim 1.24 2007-02-24 7.0 John Wellesz - Added compatibility with the latest version of php.vim syntax file by Peter Hodge (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1571)
This fixes wrong indentation and ultra-slow indenting on large php files...
- fixed spelling in comments
php.vim 1.23 2006-01-14 6.0 John Wellesz - <script> html tags are now correctly indented the same way their content is.
- <?.*?> (on a single line) php declarations are now always considered as non-php code and let untouched.
php.vim 1.22 2006-01-12 6.0 John Wellesz - PHPDoc comments are now indented according to the surrounding code.
- This is also true for '/* */' multi-line comments when the second line begins by a '*'.
- Single line '/* */' comments are also indented.
php.vim 1.21 2006-01-07 6.0 John Wellesz - 'try' and 'catch' were not registered as block starters so the '{' after a 'try' or 'catch' could be wrongly indented...
(thanks to Gert Muller for finding this issue)
php.vim 1.20 2005-11-21 6.0 John Wellesz - Line beginning by a single or double quote followed by a space would cause problems... this was related to the bug correction of version 1.10 - Thanks to David F. for finding this (he was lucky).
- Changed the way this script set the 'formatoptions' setting, now it uses '-=' and '+='
- New option: PHP_autoformatcomment (defaults to 1), if set to 0 the 'formatoptions' setting will not be altered.
- When PHP_autoformatcomment is not 0, the 'comments' setting is set to the type of comments that PHP supports.
php.vim 1.19 2005-11-18 6.0 John Wellesz - Indentation of '*/' delimiter of '/**/' won't be broken by strings or '//' comments containing the "/*" character sequence.
- I Forgot to register 'interface' and 'abstract' as block starters so the '{' after them could be wrongly indented...
php.vim 1.181 2005-09-16 6.0 John Wellesz - I Forgot to register 'class' as a block starter so the '{' after a 'class' could be wrongly indented...
php.vim 1.18 2005-09-15 6.0 John Wellesz - No more problem with Vim 6.3 and UTF-8.
- Opening braces "{" are always indented according to their block starter.
php.vim 1.17 2005-07-06 6.0 John Wellesz - Now starting and ending '*' of multiline '/* */' comments are aligned on the '*' of the '/*' comment starter.
- Some code improvements that make indentation faster.
- Now following parts of split lines are indented:
    Instead of:

    You have:

- If a "case : break;" was declared on a single line, the following "case" was not indented correctly.
- If a </script> html tag was preceded by a "?>" it wasn't indented.
- Some other minor corrections and improvements.
php.vim 1.15 2005-06-23 6.0 John Wellesz - Corrected some problems with the indentation of multiline "array()" declarations.
- Added auto-formatting for comments (using the Vim option formatoptions=qroc).
- Added the script option PHP_BracesAtCodeLevel to indent the '{' and '}' at the same level than the code they contain.
- Some code cleaning and typo corrections (Thanks to Emanuele Giaquinta for his patches)
php.vim 1.12 2005-05-31 6.0 John Wellesz - The bug involving searchpair() and utf-8 encoding in Vim 6.3 will not make this script to hang but you'll have to be careful to not write '/* */' comments with other '/*' inside the comments else the indentation won't be correct.
NOTE: This is true only if you are using utf-8 and vim 6.3.
php.vim 1.11 2005-05-17 6.0 John Wellesz If the "case" of a "switch" wasn't alone on its line and if the "switch" was at col 0 (or at default indenting) the lines following the "case" were not indented.
php.vim 1.10 2005-02-22 6.0 John Wellesz Lines beginning by a single or double quote were not indented in some cases.
php.vim 1.09 2005-02-07 6.0 John Wellesz The javaScript code was not always directly indented when typing.
php.vim 1.08 2005-01-09 6.0 John Wellesz - End comment tags '*/' are indented like start tags '/*'.
- When typing a multiline comment, '}' are indented according to other commented '{'.
- Added a new option 'PHP_removeCRwhenUnix' to automatically remove CR at end of lines when the file format is Unix.
- Changed the file format of this very file to Unix.
- This version seems to correct several issues some people had with 1.07.
php.vim 1.07 2004-12-27 6.0 John Wellesz - Added support for "Here document" tags:
-   HereDoc end tag are indented properly.
-   HereDoc content remain unchanged.
- All the code that is outside PHP delimiter remains unchanged.
- New feature: The content of <script.*> html tag is considered as PHP and indented according to the surrounding PHP code.
- "else if" are detected as "elseif".
- Multiline /**/ are indented when the user type it but remain unchanged when indenting from their beginning.
- Fixed indenting of // and # comments.
- php_sync_method option is set to 0 (fromstart). This is required for complex php script else the indent may fail.
- Files with non PHP code at the beginning could alter the indent of the following PHP code.
- Other minor improvments and corrections.
php.vim 1.06 2004-12-19 6.0 John Wellesz - Switch block were no longer indented correctly...
- Added an option to use a default indenting instead of 0.
- A problem with ^\s*);\= lines where ending a non '{}' structure.
- Changed script local variable to be buffer local variable instead.
php.vim 1.05 2004-12-15 6.0 John Wellesz Lines containing "<?php.* ?>" and "?> .*<?php" (start and end tag on the same line) are no longer indented at col 1 but as normal code.
php.vim 1.0 2004-11-01 6.0 John Wellesz Initial upload
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