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context_complete.vim : Context sensitive word completion

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created by
David Larson
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The focus of this script is to provide context-sensitive word completion - taking advantage of the popular ctags utility and Vim's built-in perl features.

Suppose you have an instance of an object (o), and you've typed:


While you are still in insert mode, press CTRL-J, and this script will then look up the first member of that object that starts with "set_" and complete it for you, like this:

o.set_range(integer max, integer min)

If this isn't the completion that you want, then press CTRL-J again for the next member that starts with "set_":

o.set_name(string name)

and again for the next one:


If you've gone too far then you can go back with CTRL-K. After each completion you are left in insert mode - so you can just continue typing when you've found the one you want.

The object can also be replaced with a struct, class, 'this', or 'super'.

Completions can also be made after the open parentheses to complete the list of parameters:


Or after the function:


Pressing CTRL-S will skip through the function parameters, visually selecting each in turn - useful for filling in the parameters after completing a function.
install details
Unpack the tar file into ~/.vim. Then from any vim window type :helptags ~/.vim/doc. You can read the installation details at :help context_complete-setup

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
context_complete1.0.tar 1.0 2005-03-04 6.0 David Larson Major upgrade.
- context completion continues after a function (var.getObject().<c-j>)
- search pattern and keywords are configurable
- added a new mapping to highlight parameter items in turn
- added a tag cache file for mega-fast searching.
- *much* more.
context_complete.tar 0.5 2005-02-10 6.0 David Larson - completes 'this.<c-q>'
- completes 'super.<c-q>'
- object type guessing is smarter - limits tag choises to members of the current object.
- more bug fixes and documentation.
context_complete.tar 0.4 2005-01-31 6.0 David Larson - implemented a basic understanding of class inheritance.
- tag searching is now *much* faster - uses binary searching whenever possible.
- function parameter completions are given when asked after "(". e.g.: util.do_suff(<c-q>
- completion suggestions are now sorted.
context_complete.vim 0.3 2005-01-24 6.0 David Larson - static members are completed: i.e. ClassName::<c-q>
- C structs are now understood and treated like classes
- local variable definition detection is much better... it uses more of vim's built-in features. (yay!)
- more bug fixes. Finding the definition of a local variable is much more solid.
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