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vis : Extended Visual Mode Commands, Substitutes, and Searches

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Charles Campbell
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I'm hereby making the <vis.vim> script, long available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#VIS, also available here at vim.sf.net.  There are two commands made available: B and S.

Visual Commands:


    Use V, v, or ctrl-v to visually mark some region.  Then use
       :B cmd     (this command will appear as:   :'<,'>B cmd)

    The command will then be applied to just the visually selected region.
    For examples:

      Use ctrl-v to select a column and then do a substitute on just that column.  
      ctrl-v ..move.. :B s/pattern/becomes/
      Use ctrl-v to select a column, then apply an external filter to just that column.
      ctrl-v ..move.. :B !sort

Visual Searches:


    Use V, v, or ctrl-v to visually mark some region.  Then use
        :S pattern   (this search will appear as     :'<,'>S pattern)

    The search will then be applied to just the visually selected region.
    It may be repeated with n and N commands, too (without having to
    re-mark the region).  A plain S will apply the last :S-pattern
    to the latest selected region.

Related Subjects:

* For incrementing/decrementing numbers, dates, and letters in a column: see vimscript#670 and vimtip#150
* For sorting based on a column (column-restricted, whole lines but column-keyed), see vimtip#588
* For overwriting visual blocks with other visual blocks: see vimtip#808
* For more on applying substitutes to a visual block: see vimtip#63
* For swapping pairs of visual blocks: see vimtip#329

(alpha/beta version available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#VIS)
install details
vim vis.vba.gz
:so %

(uses vimscript#1502's vimball archiver)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vis.vba.gz 20 2013-03-29 7.0 Charles Campbell Split into a plugin/autoload pair (faster vim startup).
Cedit bypassed in vis.vim (bugfix).
Fixed bug where VisBlockCmd() effectively shortened a visual block selection due to a short last line.
vis.vba.gz 19 2006-06-20 7.0 Charles Campbell improvement -- cecutil updated to use keepjumps (vim 7.0)
bugfix -- small mod made to allow AlignMaps to work with visual blocks (...:B norm \somemap)
bugfix -- works around formatoption setting
vis.tar.gz 18 2005-08-26 6.0 Charles Campbell Bugfix - vis.vim now works around a virtcol() behavior difference between ve=all vs ve=block
(effect -- a ctrl-v selected region, with ve=block and a short last line, didn't build a search pattern for the entire block)
vis.tar.gz 17 2005-04-25 6.0 Charles Campbell Vis.vim now uses cecutil.vim functions; I've now included them in the tarball to make installation simpler.
vis.vim.gz 16 2005-04-14 6.0 Charles Campbell * Both B and S visual mode commands now use <q-args> instead of <args>
* Visual character selections (v) didn't restrict itself to the selected region when either ignorecase is used or if only one or two lines were in the region.
vis.vim.gz 15 2005-02-01 6.0 Charles Campbell Visual Commands, Substitutes, and Searches (visual line, character, and block)
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