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omlet.vim : Much better OCaml indentation, and more...

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David Baelde
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OMLet provides a much better indentation for Caml/OCaml files than the official one. It mostly behaves as tuareg-mode for emacs does. Omlet supports most of the language features, including objects. I believe that the result is already very convincing, check at (http://perso.ens-lyon.fr/david.baelde/productions/omlet.php). You are no more forced to switch to emacs for editing OCaml! And omlet also provides nice folding...

OMLet is nearly stable, and will then be included as official OCaml indentation file in VIm. For now, it is available in the Debian package ocaml-tools.
install details
See the file INSTALL included in the tarball, or run make install blindly...

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
omlet-0.13.tar.gz 0.13 2005-04-08 6.0 David Baelde Add: support for 'c', "=" and [|..|]
Bug: parsing of expression and comment un-skipping
Comments are now always aligned on the next block
omlet-0.12.tar.gz 0.12 2005-03-25 6.0 David Baelde Bug: omlet now overrides correctly the caml.vim files: autodetect used to do a useless job for syntax and ftplugin...
Add: OCaml modeline
Add: * in the middle of comments is customizable
Bug: Auto indent is less tricked by keyword prefixed names
Bug: Many minor bugs
omlet-0.11.tar.gz 0.11 2005-03-14 6.0 David Baelde Bug: The parsing functions were weak, and were rewritten.
Add: More infix operators are now understood.
Bug: Many other bugs corrected by the way..
omlet-0.10.tar.gz 0.10 2005-03-10 6.0 David Baelde Bug: indentation after while/for
Bug: parenthesis on the master keyword's line
Bug: ! was not parsed correctly
Better integration with the official file, new syntax & code annotations...
omlet-0.9.tar.gz 0.9 2005-03-10 6.0 David Baelde Bug: folding works whatever the value of ocaml_indent_struct is
Bug: issues with patterns
And cleaning, optimizations...
omlet-0.8.tar.gz 0.8 2005-03-01 6.0 David Baelde Bug Corrected again the type definition indentation
Bug Better handling of comments when parsing
Add Better installation procedure, including system-wide installation
omlet.tar.gz 0.7 2005-02-25 6.0 David Baelde Add Flexible indentation nearly everywhere
Add Much more customization
omlet.tar.gz 0.6 2005-02-18 6.0 David Baelde Bug: Sum type definition
Add: Polymorphic variants
Add: Customization is starting
Many minor fixes...
omlet.tar.gz 0.5 2005-02-14 6.0 David Baelde Add Plugins from the official files
Cleaning of indentation code, minor fixes
omlet.tar.gz 0.4 2005-02-09 6.0 David Baelde Add: indent 'and' in let/and/.../in
Bug: file didn't load twice correctly
And more work on having it working for everybody
omlet.tar.gz 0.3 2005-02-08 6.0 David Baelde Add: Indentation of ;;
Bug: Variables names beginning with let
Bug: Toplevel "let" after end of modules/classes
Bug: Many Makefile fixes
omlet.tar.gz 0.2 2005-02-05 6.0 David Baelde Minor (|| and && added) and major (bug with then let _ = ... ; ...) enhancements
omlet.tar.gz 0.1 2005-02-02 6.0 David Baelde Minor correction in Makefile.
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