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Vim JDE : Vim - Just a Development Envirement (Java/C++)

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created by
JiuTian Zhang
script type
Just  a  Development Environment  for VIM . (VJDE)
And now , It's support C++/C by ctags
(VIM>=700  , +ruby future is on , JDK 1.5 support , JDK1.4 (maybe, not tested))

It's Had  been tested on Leopard 10.5.1 .

use <c-space> as the Code completion key!
change it by
:let g:vjde_completion_key='<c-space>'

doc http://www.hiibox.com/vjde-tut/index.htm .
A quick refrence create by Andrea Spadaccini http://media.cqic.com.cn/vjde-tut/vJDE_qr.pdf

English Version will coming soon.
Just work for :
       Project manager (load/store  your VJDE settings)
       Code completion ( working for java and jsp,taglib,html,xml,xsl,xsd) (VIM 7.0 required)
       Source tools( variable extract local, member,argument,  extract number or String to constance , fix build
                             unreported exception error ( depends on getqflist() )
        Source tools ( Override methods, implements interface,extract import, sort import)
       Create javadoc (depends on jcommentor.vim)
       Create getter/setter stub.
       Generate constructor of class which has all member;
      Support for annotation completion.
       Use readtags for tags parse.
       Bug fix.
       Code completion for more language available .(require ctags)
       let g:vjde_ctags_exts='vim;rb'
       Code template more powerfull!
      Put your own definition file , such as c.iab,vim.iab,cpp.iab ruby.iab to ~/.vim/vjde/
       let g:vjde_iab_exts='c;vim;cpp;rb'
      in you c/c++/vim/ruby file, you can use <c-j>
       More beautiful document viewer. ^_^
       C++/C Code completion support for both GUI and Console
       C++/C parameter information support for both GUI and Console
       ctags --c++-kinds=+px -R .
       For search speed , Befor your use Code completion,
       :call VjdeCppGenerateIdx()
      to generate a index file for your every tag file.
      see vcde.txt for detail
New (2005-08-27)
       Add JAVA document preview in GUI mode
       Add code template like (for block...) in console mode.
       Improved Preview window.
New (2005-09-01)
        More beautiful document window.^_^
        C++/C preview support
       C++/C parameter information support.

New (2005-08-22)
         Add import statement for classes .
         Add code template like (for block, while block...)
         Create javadoc (depends on jcommentor.vim)
         Create getter/setter stub.
         Generate constructor of class which has all member;
         Allow    write your own template file in: ~/vim/.vjde/iab.vjde
                                see vimfile/plugin/vjde/tlds/iab.vjde for detail.
         Bugfix for vim install on a folder like : c:\program files\vim..
         Add menu shortcut.
New (2005-04-30) Add sensitive java code support for dot '.' , '@',
       Add sensitive Jsp code support for '<' ':' and space.
New . Code completion support for packages.
         import java.net.<CTR>-x<CTR>-u

         or in coding:

        Code completion      
This future is depends on JDK, the java reflect API.
               available for
               a[+-*/%&|^=] str.<CTR>-x<CTR>-u
               return str.<CTR>-x<CTR>-u
                new Something(str.<CTR>-x<CTR>-u
         Use it , enjoy it.
         Completion for jsp
                <jsp:include <CTR>-x<CTR>-u
                <jsp:include flush="<CTR>-x<CTR>-u
         Completion for taglib (ie. STL)
           <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core";%>;
             :XMLns stl_c c
             <c:out <CTR>-x<CTR>-u

         Completion for xml ....(See doc for detail...)

        Definition search ( User Command    :Vjdei)
                you can list a class or a field or a method detail
                For example:
                Place cursor on the class System, the detail of System  would be shown , Constructor, fields
,methods, inner class ...

TODO list :

Tanks for every one who's name is occurred in my source code. ^_^

install details
unzip this file
         tar -xzf vjde.tgz  /usr/share/vim/vimfiles
         chmod +x /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/plugin/vjde/readtags

start vim
          :helptags /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/doc
          :h vjde

To use VJDE GUI preview , add the preview.dll of old version for the latest version.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vjde.tgz 2.7.0 2016-08-04 7.0 JiuTian Zhang new version.bug fix. add <c-x><c-o> after HashMap<String,String> abc =new <c-x><c-o> .
vjde.tgz 2.6.18 2011-12-05 7.0 JiuTian Zhang change the encoding of somefiles
vjde.tgz 2.6.17 2011-08-13 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Bug fix for smartcase or caseignore option.
Fixed by Silver Gibiansky.
vjde.tgz 2.6.16 2011-06-28 7.0 JiuTian Zhang add
let g:vjde_tab_cfu=1
in your _vimrc,
then you can use <tab> to finish the completion.
will show the same result.
vjde.tgz 2.16.5 2011-06-28 7.0 JiuTian Zhang add completion for constructor:
ArrayList<String> abc = new <c-x><c-u>
will completion
ArrayList<String> abc = new ArrayList<String>(
vjde.tgz 2.16.4 2010-11-14 7.0 JiuTian Zhang 1. improved for completion :
new java.<c-x><c-u>
2. add <leader>ii to implements a interface with an anonymous class.
new Thread(new Runnable() {   <--here ,<leader>ii

would add the function of Runnable.
vjde.tgz 2.16.2 2009-07-11 7.0 JiuTian Zhang bug fix for LINUX and MAC OS .
vjde.tgz 2.16.1 2009-06-25 7.0 JiuTian Zhang completion bug fix for something like javax.naming.*
vjde.tgz 2.16.0 2009-03-04 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Support for annotation completion.
Line completion support :
I just support for one line
@Actions ( { @Action ( results={@Result
vjde.tgz 2.15.2 2009-02-23 7.0 JiuTian Zhang bug fix for java code completion in jsp.
vjde.tgz 2.15.1 2009-02-23 7.0 JiuTian Zhang improve for taglib completion in jsp file.
vjde.tgz 2.15.0 2009-02-21 7.0 JiuTian Zhang add completion support for taglib, It's automaticaly enabled for JSTL,JSF.
once your input <%@ taglib prefix="<c-x><c-u> , you can select your taglib
:h g:vjde_taglib_uri
vjde.tgz 2.14.6 2009-01-13 7.0 JiuTian Zhang bug fix for package completion. tested on jdk.1.6.0_01,
compiled with ant , options target="1.4" source="1.4"
vjde.tgz 2.14.4 2008-03-13 6.0 JiuTian Zhang compile with JDK1.5
vjde.tgz 2.14.2 2007-12-15 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Fix completion for this.<c-x><c-u>
Fix for VjdeDtd2Data
vjde.tgz 2.14.1 2007-08-10 7.0 JiuTian Zhang bug fix for linux system.
vjde.tgz 2.14 2007-07-25 7.0 JiuTian Zhang completion for parameters of a constructor
completion for name of the package which is come from JDK.
vjde.tgz 2.13.3 2006-12-18 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Buf fix for parameter preview.
After a "(", use <c-x><c-u> would show the parameter info of this function.
vjde.tgz 2.13.2 2006-09-18 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Fix a bug of document viewer : Once  vim lost the focus, the document viewer can't be found , can't be closed .^_^
vjde.tgz 2.13.1 2006-09-13 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Bug fix for cast statement.
Add JavaDoc viewer. During your completion, use the <f1> to call the JavaDoc Viewer. Setup your JavaDoc Path in vimrc:
let g:vjde_javadoc_path='e:/downloads/java/docs/api'

Add Function to remove all import statement which is not used.
Use the command <leader>ri . Remove Import.

A clear version.
vjde.tgz 2.12.5 2006-08-21 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Bug fix for code template.
Take affect on code template completion . For example  i<alt-.>
to generate if () {
vjde.tgz 2.12.4 2006-08-20 7.0 JiuTian Zhang 修改了 代码模板 提 示的 bug.
用于 if<alt-.> 这样的提示.
vjde.tgz 2.12.3 2006-07-17 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Bug fix for java package completion. Thanks for Attila Piros. ^_^
vjde.tgz 2.12.2 2006-06-28 7.0 JiuTian Zhang remove stl_fn.vim from autoload/xml.

you can remove this file by yourself.
vjde.tgz 2.12.1 2006-06-26 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Use the xml completion for java taglib completion.
Some Bug fix
vjde.tgz 2.12.0 2006-05-15 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Bug fix for vim7.0
Use popup menu to select code template.
If your want to use the old version,
add following in your .vimrc
vjde.tgz 2.11.4 2006-04-10 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Fix a minor bug.
Add a simple auto completion for ruby.
:h vjde-ruby
for detail.
vjde.tgz 2.11.3 2006-04-04 7.0 JiuTian Zhang bug fix for Project menu.
remove ruby require for taglib completion.
vjde.tgz 2.11.2 2006-04-03 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Add a dtd to xmldata ruby script.
Add a taglib define (TLD) to xmldata ruby script.
:h vjde-xmldata

Move html , taglib completion to htmlcomplete#CompleteTags
Add command

:h vjde-taglib
:h vjde-xml
vjde.tgz 2.11.1 2006-03-29 7.0 JiuTian Zhang Java completion improved.
Using JDK 1.4 compiled.
Use <c-x><c-u> to start completion in popupmenu.
A simple c# support added.

Remove My own Preview GUI support!!!
vjde.tgz 2.11.0 2006-03-20 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Support the latest Vim .
Remove html suport , Should use omni xhtml to instead .
vjde.tgz 2.10.01 2006-01-16 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Add fix tools for other language.
Bug fix for c++ reference .
vjde.tgz 2.10.00 2006-01-05 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Add <c-l> for console completion key in insert mode.(c++/c/java users,)
Fix a minor bug for corperation of taglist plugin.
Add auto_ptr<T t> code completion support.
While use following coding:
auto_ptr<MyClass> MyClassPtr;
        MyClassPtr ptr1 = new ...;
VJDE will completion for MyClass , not for auto_ptr.
For use this new function , your had to add a file:

This file contains all of your used something like auto_ptr
My own file looks like:
vjde.tgz 2.02.09 2005-10-07 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Since the VIM autoload the script from the sub-directory , So, the loading order
must be correctly.
Fix it for VIM70aa-154
vjde.tgz 2.02.08 2005-09-18 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Change the API structure to fit the latest VIM.
change VjdeCompletionFun(line,base,col,findstart)
to VjdeCompletionFun0(findstart,base)

vjde.tgz 2.02.07 2005-09-11 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Add gtk tags for window version.
Add more power full struct support which ctags not supported!
   typedef struct {
        int a;
        int b;
   } SA;
   SA sa;
vjde.tgz 2.02.07 2005-09-08 6.0 JiuTian Zhang I forget to remove the ruby require for cpp completion.^_^
You can remove  it by your self .
plugin/vjde/vjde_cpp_completion.vim  line 3 and line 4
vjde.tgz 2.02.06 2005-09-08 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Add pure vim ctags support ( use vim +readtags) .
It's slowly than ruby+readtags
To  use this feature , for your vimrc , add this line
vjde.tgz 2.02.05 2005-09-08 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Use readtags instead of ruby parser for tags parsing.(more quickly)
Linux GUI version bug fixed.
see vcde.txt for detail.
use : gcc -static -o plugin/vjde/readtags src/readtags.c -DREADTAGS_MAIN
compile readtags on win32 and mandrake
vjde.tgz 2.02.04 2005-09-06 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Improve the seach speed for a member of a function.
Improve for the complex defination of c++ variable, like:
   boost::multi_index<string,char>::index idx;

vjde.tgz 2.02.03 2005-09-05 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Bug fix . ^_^
vjde.tgz 2.02.02 2005-09-03 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Some bugfix for linux user.
I found that sometimes I will crash your GVIM under linux.
So, It's recommened use preview in console mode is usefull for LINUX user.
vjde.tgz 2.02.01 2005-09-01 6.0 JiuTian Zhang All of ctags supported language is supported for code completion .
setup variable:  
can be used for VJDE self. Then , I can use <c-space> in vim and
ruby file to popup a completion preview window or in console.

Iabbr support Every language with filetype can be detected by VIM
put something like ruby.iab and vim.iab to ~/.vim/vjde/ , then , setup:
Then, I can use <c-j> in ruby or vim file to select code template .

And , add ruby.vjde to ~/.vim/vjde/, the menu Vim JDE->Wizard->ruby
World be append, and , in a ruby file, select a template ....
vjde.tgz 2.02.00 2005-09-01 6.0 JiuTian Zhang More beautifull docment window for Java . ^_^
c++ preview supported !
c++ parameter info preview supported .
see http://www.publicinfo.com.cn/wfc/index.html for snapshot

vjde.tgz 2.01.00 2005-08-27 6.0 JiuTian Zhang Add a document preview window for Java code .
Add code block template (iab) for console user.
vjde.tgz 2.00.13 2005-08-22 6.0 JiuTian Zhang minor changed
vjde.tgz 2.00.12 2005-08-18 6.0 JiuTian Zhang mirror bugfix for 2.00.12.
vjde.tgz 2.00.11 2005-08-17 6.0 JiuTian Zhang fix for bugs . when the vim home is contains a space , VJDE is not avaliable.
Add menu shortcut for menu.

Thanks for any advice.
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