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DoTagStuff : Syntax Highlight based on tags

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created by
Gary Holloway
script type
Extract information from a tags file (exuberant ctags), and generate syntax highlighting scripts for functions, globals, macros, etc.

Somewhat "raw" extraction from my working environment; i.e., not particularly generic; e.g., hard-coded color settings for the various types of tokens identified (functions, macros, etc.).  Easily changed, but by editing the c.vim included that is intended to go in your "after/syntax" vim directory.

*Not* very polished, but perhaps helpful.

For a sample of the results, see:  http://castandcrew.com/~gary/DoTagStuff/

NOTE: You *must* include the --fields option to ctags that includes "language of source file containing tag" (i.e., "--fields=l" ; I use --fields=+Kl).  It's needed so that  the language type of each tag is included in the tags file.  This is needed to properly form syntax groups (e.g., cStaticFunction or perlExternalFunction -- to get the "c" or "perl" parts).
install details
Unzip the bundle; it will expand into a HighlightTags directory; see README for more info.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
HighlightTags.zip 1.2.2 2005-03-11 6.0 Gary Holloway Fixed typo in README; added note that samples are intended only for gui (i.e., only set guifg/guibg).
HighlightTags.zip 1.2 2005-03-10 6.0 Gary Holloway Added more debugging output (when run with -D).

Added note to README:  Must use --fields=l option to ctags to include the file language in the tag entries (needed for syntax names).
HighlightTags.zip 1.0 2005-03-07 6.0 Gary Holloway Initial upload
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