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IComplete : IComplete is a C/C++/Java/C# code completion system using the omnifunc framework

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Martin Stubenschrott
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There is a new vim plugin OmniCppComplete at:
It works better, is easier to setup and is also better maintained, so please use that.

IMPORTANT: I will NOT maintain icomplete in future anymore, if you are interested in improving it, please tell me, and you can take over maintainership.


**** Features ****
- Automatic generation of a tags file for the current source file by building a tree of included files.
- Listing members (also inherited ones) of a class
For QString s; s. only non-static members are suggested, for QString:: only static ones.
- Listing all function signatures of overloading methods
- Recognizes return values of methods.
QWidget w; w.rect().topLeft(). // Lists completions for a QPoint
- Uses the scope of the cursor position
- Recognizes, if you are inside a method-definition and completes also private or protected variables for this class. For a global scope, only public members are suggested.
- Works in both console and graphical vim
- Uses a cache system for increased spead.
- Understands namespaces
- Automatic completions after . and ->


Quick start: press <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-O> at any code position in insert mode.

For more usage information and screenshots or if you want to donate a little bit, then look at:
install details
Make sure you have exuberant-ctags (from http://ctags.sourceforge.net) installed.

After that unpack the .tar.bz2 tarball, an run these commands:

        # ./configure
        # make
        # su
        $ make install

This will install a command line program 'icomplete' to /usr/local/bin/icomplete and copies the actual vim scripts to

If you have vim installed in a different directory, look at the README in the package it explains, how to change these paths.

If it still does not work, try to put these lines in your ~/.vimrc:

autocmd Filetype cpp,c,java,cs set omnifunc=cppcomplete#Complete

Make sure you have a vim version with the autocmd feature enabled, which should be the case in most cases anyway.

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Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
icomplete-0.5.tar.bz2 0.5 2007-11-01 7.0 Martin Stubenschrott         * IMPORTANT: Last and final release of icomplete, use OmniCppComplete in future
        * autocompletion on . or -> (patch by Sanjaya Karunase)
        * add ability to change name of .icomplete_taglist (Tim Murison)
        * fixed some segfaults (thanks Johannes Winkelmann)
        * cleaned up the doc
icomplete-0.4.tar.bz2 0.4 2006-04-19 7.0 Martin Stubenschrott Apr 19, 2006:
* version 0.4
* completely new namespace support (by Maxime Coste)
* -t option to specify different tags filename (patch by Yuxuan Wang)
* completely new #include file parser, fixes problem of macos which does not understand \\s codes in regexps
* fixes segfault (replaced mmap with fread)
* improved java support
* including a shell script to create a java tags file for system classes
* placeholders work for more than two arguments now (forgot the 'g' in the
substitute command)
* added sys/types.h in parse.h and tree.h which solves compiling under
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