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runscript.vim : Plugin for running Python scripts.

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created by
Frederick Young
script type
Vim global plugin for running Python scripts
Version: 1.1
Maintainer: Frederick Young <lordfyb@hotmail.com>
Last change: 2001 Oct 30
--Pressing the "F12" key will run the Python script in the current buffer

--Pressing the "F11" key will designate the Python script in the current
  buffer as the script to run when pressing F12"
--Pressing "Shift-F11" will remove the designation performed by pressing "F11"
  and will allow pressing "F12" to run the script in the current buffer
--Typing the Ex command "Rs" will also allow you to run a Python script but
  with the benefit of allowing you to pass up to 20 parameters to the script.
   Sample syntax...

   :rs -xy 800 600

  The above will run the script in the current buffer or the one designated
  to run when pressing "F11" and pass to it the parameters "-xy 800 600"

--Pressing "F9" will toggle the display of a buffer containing the output
  produced when running the Ex command "Rs" or pressing "F12".

Also, the value of the variable s:PathToExecutable in the script may need to be changed to reflect the location of Python on your system.

  With some minor modifications, it should be possible to run other scripts
  like perl, vbscript, or even executables compiled with the Ex command
install details
Just copy into the plugin folder

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
runscript.vim 1.1 2001-11-01 6.0 Frederick Young New in this release...
New in this release...
*   The function key "F9" is now used as a toggle for the output window.
    Because of this, the Ex command "Sb" has been removed

*   Minor bug fixes
runscript.vim 1.0 2001-10-21 6.0 Frederick Young Initial upload
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