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TinyBufferExplorer : A 1-file buffer list plugin with Grouping

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created by
Shuhei Kubota
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[Key features]

    1. incremental collection of buffers
      - buffer information are collected in the background
      - less time requred showing lists

    2. grouping
      - it suppresses excessive information
      - it's easy to switch among groups
      - defined groups:
        - Directory groups corresponding to buffers
        - MRU(Most Recently Used buffers) group
        - Search group
        - [new] All buffers group

    3. ease of accessing buffers and groups
      - the MRU group can list buffers you are likely to edit
      - the group list supports you switching among groups
      - it's easy to switch to the Directory group in which
        the current buffer is

    4. [new] selectable UIs
      - "Fullfeatured" (default), SimpleGroup and Minimal
      - "SimpleGroup": one window, supports switching groups
      - "Minimal": one window, shows all buffers

    5. customizable list format (Fullfeatured UI only)

[How to use it? (and screenshots)]

There are 3 UIs now. (You can choose by command)

Fullfeatured UI:
  execute :TinyBufferExplorer or :TBE.

SimpleGroup UI:
  execute :TBESimpleGroup.

Minimal UI:
  execute :TBEMinimal.

For more detailed descriptions, read tbe.vim(in clumsy English).
install details
Put this plugin in your plugin directory(e.g. $VIMRUNTIME/plugin).
Then restart Vim or :source it.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tbe.vim 2.0b3 2012-05-14 7.0 Shuhei Kubota added renaming in Fullfeatured and SimpleGroup. <F2>
tbe.vim 2.0b2 2011-12-27 7.0 Shuhei Kubota * fixed leak of buffer in collecting DirectoryGroups
* speed up
tbe.vim 2.0b1 2010-05-20 7.0 Shuhei Kubota This is a makeover. (may have some bugs inside...)

+ selectable UIs
+ ALL group
+ a performance tuning (drawing)
tbe.vim 1.0.1 2009-09-13 6.0 Shuhei Kubota bug fix. (improved not to hijack your yank)
tbe.vim 1.0.0 2006-02-26 6.0 Shuhei Kubota renewed with grouping and incremental collection of buffers
tbe.vim 0.3.1 2005-05-15 6.0 Shuhei Kubota Initial upload
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