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HP-41 file type plugin : Makes it easier to write HP-41 calculator programs in VIM

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created by
Geir Isene
script type
This ftplugin has the following features:

Auto-line-numbering: Upon pressing <CR> after a line, the next line has the correct line number. It even renumbers the whole file automatically. So, if you add new lines in the middle of a program, it renumbers the whole file. If you delete a line, just hit Enter to renumber the file (either in Normal or Insert mode)

Also, abbreviations of usual commands:
iab av AVIEW
iab ar ARCL
iab as ASTO
iab en ENTER
iab gt GTO
iab ge GETREC
iab lb LBL
iab pr PROMPT
iab sa SAVEREC
iab st STO
iab rc RCL
iab vi VIEW
iab xe XEQ
iab <> X<>Y
iab . STOP

There is a matching syntax file here:
install details
Drop the hp41.vim syntax file into your .vim/ftplugin/ directory and register the file globally or add to your .vimrc file:

autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.41 :source ~/.vim/ftplugin/hp41.vim

and you are ready for easy HP-41 program writing.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
hp41.vim 0.9 2018-02-27 7.0 Geir Isene Various improvements :-)
hp41.vim 0.8.3 2012-02-05 7.0 Geir Isene Minor fixes.
hp41.vim 0.8.1 2010-11-18 5.7 Geir Isene Minor but important bug fix
hp41.vim 0.8 2010-11-18 5.7 Geir Isene Changed short form of commands to abbreviations (quicker and more sensible). Changed format to conform with Raw file format.
hp41.vim 0.6 2009-06-21 6.0 Geir Isene Finally fixed the renumbering bug that rendered the plugin useless with large FOCAL programs. It's now very fast. Thanks to Dasn for the fix.
hp41.vim 0.4 2005-12-10 6.0 Geir Isene New command <M-W> for generating .RAW files. Made the ftplugin file conform to the syntax file where Alpha is enclosed in double quotes ("). Other minor changes.
hp41.vim 0.2 2005-09-25 6.0 Geir Isene Added <M-l> (lower case L) for alpha label.
hp41.vim 0.1 2005-09-20 6.0 Geir Isene Initial upload
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