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oracle.vim : Oracle SQL*Plus IDE

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created by
Rajesh Kallingal
script type
This file contains functions/menus/commands/abbreviations to make Vim an
Oracle SQL*Plus IDE.
Here are the main highlights of this script:

- SqlMake(): lets you open any stored procedure and compile from within vim.
Will display and optionally highlight the errors, navigate
thru errors in the quickfix mode.

- Adds a SQL*Plus menu

- SqlPlus(): lets you start an external SQL*Plus, execute the whole file
contents in SQL*Plus and return the results back in the same
buffer, or select a portion of the buffer, execute it and
display the results in a new buffer.

- GetSource(): get the stored procedure code from the database

- Abbreviations: lot of abbreviations to make coding in PL/SQL a breeze,
all accessible thru menu as well


  <Leader>c Select Database dialog
  <Leader>C Get column names for the tablename under cursor
  <Leader>F Stored procedure code from DB for the function/procedure name
   under cursor
  <Leader>i Find Invalid Objects
  CTRL+S Start SQL*Plus window (external)
  <Leader>r Execute current file in SQL*Plus window (external)
  <Leader>s Execute current file in SQL*Plus and get the result to same
  <Leader>s Execute current selection in SQL*Plus and get the result to a
   new window

  Following mappings from ftplugin sql.vim
  <C-D> Describe the object under cursor
  <LocalLeader>d make a dbms_output.put_line statement for word/selection
   below current line
  <LocalLeader>D make a dbms_output.put_line statement for word/selection
   above current line

Optional files:
  sql.vim - sql filetype plugin load to your ftplugin folders. This file is
     needed for Abbreviations and some mappings

I have tested this only under gvim6.0 on Win2000 and Oracle 8.1.5. I do
not have any other platform to test these.

Screen Shots:
If the above links don't work try this one.
install details
Just drop it this file in your plugin folder/directory.

If you are downloading 6.0.3 or prior version, to get some of the additional features you have to download the ftplugin sql.vim (http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=142) and put that
in the ftplugin folder/directory. This script is included in the zip file from 6.0.4 onwards

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
oracle.zip 6.0.4 2002-02-05 6.0 Rajesh Kallingal Changes:
- Added online help (oracle.txt)
- Save and retrieve connection info between sessions
- created new function GetColumn() to handle inserting column names for the table.
- redefined most of the connection variables.

Now its a zip file with online document as well as the ftplugin sql.vim (script# 141)
oracle.vim 6.0.3 2002-01-11 6.0 Rajesh Kallingal Added DescribeObject function to fix the Ctrl+D mapping issue in sql.vim ftplugin
oracle.vim 6.0.2 2001-11-26 6.0 Rajesh Kallingal Changed the error highlighting method to use +signs if available
oracle.vim 6.0.1 2001-11-11 6.0 Rajesh Kallingal Initial upload
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