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cfname : Shows (or jumps to) the C/C++ prototype of the function the cursor is in

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created by
Fabio Visona'
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This is a simple (limited) script for C/C++ programmers.
When editing source files with very long functions, it may happen the
programmer does not know which function the current line is in (e.g.
when using tags and jumping with Ctrl-] or jumping after a search).
Here are some shortcuts to be typed in normal mode:
   ff: shows the function prototype on the command line
   fb: jumps to the function beginning
   fe: jumps to the function end
   ft: jumps back where the cursor was before typing 'fb' or 'fe'
       (the first 'fb' or 'fe' if a sequence of them is typed)
   fz: folds the function
   fo: unfolds the function      
Also, the function name is visible between square brackets on the status
line, with automatic update. To disable/enable this feature on-the-go use 'fd'/'fs'.
To disable it steadily, comment the statements
'au BufRead,BufNewFile * CFunSetStatusByFileName' and
'au BufEnter * CFunSetStatusByFileName' by putting a " in front of them.

Note that, by default, the status line is not visible when only one window is open.
If you like to have it always visible, add the statement 'set laststatus=2' in the script.

- The automatic update of the status bar may slow down or even block the cursor movements.
  This has been experienced with VIM running on an UNIX machine; also experienced with
  very large files and functions. Refer to the instructions above to disable the status line update.

- In files with comments like "// ... }" (with unmatched '{' or '}' brackets), the script does not
  work well (however, from version 2.2 on, the cursor should behave properly).
  I think it will not be easy to fix this problem.

There is a special version 3.0a by Yakov Lerner. This version has two differences with respect
to version 3.0:
1) if the user has a non-standard status line, that is preserved and the function name information
   is added to it (the status line is not changed to default);
2) the status line is updated with the function name information only after a while if the
   cursor position is held (it shows [...] before). That is useful if you feel window scrolling
   is slowed down too much.
With version 3.0a, use a capital F as the first letter for shortcuts.

Note that taglist.vim (vimscript #273), the most downloaded script, already does the job of showing
the function prototype, together with a lot more! However, try this little thing too!

install details
Just drop the script into your plugin directory and restart VIM

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
Cfname.vim 3.0 2006-03-24 6.0 Fabio Visona' The function name is now automatically displayed on the status bar only for *.c, *.cpp or *.cc files, because the status bar update caused the scrolling of non-c files to slow down unnecessarily. These changes have been contributed by Yakov Lerner.
Cfname.vim 3.0a 2006-03-24 6.0 Fabio Visona' Special version by Yakov Lerner (see description above)
Cfname.vim 2.2 2005-12-15 6.0 Fabio Visona' - Added 'ft' to jump back where the cursor was before typing 'fb' or 'fe'
- Added missing restoring of the cursor position in 'CF_GetPrototype' when
  'searchpair' calls fail
Cfname.vim 2.1 2005-12-13 6.0 Fabio Visona' Fixed bug: some ^M characters in the script lead to warning messages under UNIX
Cfname.vim 2.0 2005-12-12 6.0 Fabio Visona' Added automatic visualization of the function name in the status line;
Added "fz" and "fo" commands to fold/unfold the function.
Cfname.vim 1.0 2005-12-12 6.0 Fabio Visona' Initial upload
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