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VHDL indent ('93 syntax) : Revised VHDL indent file

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Gerald Lai
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This VHDL indent file will help indent a VHDL file in Vim with the operator '='.
To indent the whole file, do 'gg=G'. See ":help ="

Previous good work has been done by N. J. Heo & Janez Strangelj (see vimscript#766). However, Heo & Strangelj's script was lacking in terms of alignment for assignment statements that continued on for more than one line, among other things.

This script covers a broad set of VHDL keywords, and performs proper alignment on port/generic mappings & on the RHS of assignment operators.

To disable alignment of generic/port mappings:
  :let g:vhdl_indent_genportmap = 0

To disable alignment of right-hand side assignment "<=" statements:
  :let g:vhdl_indent_rhsassign = 0

The two options above are enabled by default. To change them, place either of the above in ".vimrc".

In later versions of Vim 7.1 and above, access help documentation with:
  :help ft-vhdl-indent

Please send feedback and bug reports via e-mail. Much appreciated :)
install details
Copy "vhdl.vim" to either one of these indent directories:

Place this line in ".vimrc":
  :filetype indent on


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vhdl.vim 1.62 2017-10-18 7.0 Gerald Lai Fix regression indenting type records

Incorporate shiftwidth() patch. Thanks Takuya Fujiwara!
vhdl.vim 1.60 2016-05-29 7.0 Gerald Lai Fix indentation of set of generic declarations.
Patch provided by Jacko Dirks.

Fix for port maps with bit-select in first port
Current version does not indent the following code
comp_inst : comp
port map (
a_in(0) => a, -- or a_in(1 downto 0) => a,
Patch provided by robin.

Thanks to both Jacko, and robin!
vhdl.vim 1.58 2011-09-28 7.0 Gerald Lai PORT-like indentation of PROCEDURE arguments
Better indenting for BEGIN and ELSIF/ELSE/END IF, etc.

Thanks to Tjaart Opperman!
vhdl.vim 1.56 2010-07-11 7.0 Gerald Lai Minor fix to correctly indent type record / units.
Better indenting for END;

Thanks to Angel Ezquerra.
vhdl.vim 1.54 2007-08-17 7.0 Gerald Lai Minor bug fix over v1.53
vhdl.vim 1.53 2007-08-16 7.0 Gerald Lai Full-line comments (lines that begin with "--") are aligned with the very previous line only if a whitespace follows after "--". In other words, the character that comes after "--" determines alignment.

This allows commented code to be distinguished from real comments.

Thanks to Christian Brehm again for the idea!
vhdl.vim 1.52 2007-08-07 7.0 Gerald Lai Critical bug FIXED: Alignment of code failed on indents with tabs. Realized that stridx() and matchend() read a tab as 1 space, instead of the correct &tabstop number of spaces. Thanks to Christian Brehm!

Renamed options to g:vhdl_indent_genportmap & g:vhdl_indent_rhsassign, to be consistent with naming convention.
vhdl.vim 1.50 2007-01-29 7.0 Gerald Lai Now, alignment of generic/port mappings and RHS assignment "<=" statements can be disabled in ".vimrc".
Minor improvements to keywords "end" + "component".
vhdl.vim 1.40 2006-06-13 7.0 Gerald Lai Improved indenting for keyword "end".
vhdl.vim 1.36 2006-04-12 7.0 Gerald Lai No change to main code. Just commented out code for "[[", "]]", etc. motion & matchit configuration, because they rightfully belong to the VHDL ftplugin. Also removed auto-indenting when typing "--" comment - it was more annoying than helpful.
vhdl.vim 1.34 2006-02-11 6.0 Gerald Lai Small change: Improved '[[', ']]', '[]', '][' motions. Motions now accept a count (e.g. indent 3 blocks '=3]['). Motions also ignore comments now, and work for visual-type modes.
vhdl.vim 1.3 2006-01-31 6.0 Gerald Lai Made more robust for various code layout.
Fixed "else" keyword in conditional statement bug.
Many other tweaks applied.
vhdl.vim 1.2 2006-01-26 6.0 Gerald Lai Minor fixes:
Keyword "report" handling added.
Better handling of keyword "for".
Resolved "<=" confusion between signal assignment & less-than operator.
Made some matches more robust.
vhdl.vim 1.1 2006-01-25 6.0 Gerald Lai Many major fixes:
Generic/Port/Map statements alignment
Generic Map no semicolon oddity accounted for
Case-When alignment when one-line When statements are present
Comments are smart-aligned now (be sure to do indenting at least twice)
Accommodated more coding styles (VHDL people are a diverse bunch ;))
and many more.
vhdl.vim 1.0 2006-01-24 6.0 Gerald Lai Initial upload
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