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baycomb : An intuitive Color Scheme (w/ dark & light colors)

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created by
Shawn Axsom
script type
color scheme
This is a dark scheme consisting primarily of red/orange & green/blue/purple, with support for Terminal and 7.0 users.
Both the original dark and a light version is included, be sure to specify the version:
  :set background=dark   or   :set background=light

Colors are laid out intuitively, such that:
         action/structure syntax is tan (Control Structure: red; Commands: orange; Operators: tannish yellow)
         variables/values are blue (Identifier: greenish blue; Type: greyish blue; Constants: blue)                                  
         text/special text is white/yellow (Normal: white; Title: golden; Underline: yellow; Special: brown)
It works very well for me coding in Html, ASP, and Perl.

Screenshots (v2.1): [removed from image host, I'll need to resubmit some]

Recommended programming fonts:
  ProFont, Proggy Fonts, Dina, or Envy Code A (downloadable), as well as Lucida Console or Terminal
Set :set linespace=0  to your preferred line spread (default is 1).

Comments and suggestions:               axs221@gmail.com
install details
Add :colo baycomb to your Gvimrc/Vimrc, after moving baycomb to $vimruntime/colors/

BE SURE to set background to dark to get the original dark colors.
:set background=dark    or    :set background=light  in your Vimrc

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
baycomb.vim 3.0 2015-03-01 7.0 Shawn Axsom Updated Color Terminal colors to more closely match the GUI colors in GVim
baycomb.vim 2.4 2006-06-03 7.0 Shawn Axsom New colors for Diff mode
baycomb.vim 2.3 2006-05-11 7.0 Shawn Axsom Changed Comments to green, several changed to the Terminal. Thanks to Bob Lied for the suggestions.
baycomb.vim 2.2 2006-04-04 7.0 Shawn Axsom Some adjustments mixing the old with the new.
_vimrc VimRC 2006-03-15 6.0 Shawn Axsom My current VimRC, hopefully someone will find it useful.
baycomb.vim 2.1g 2006-03-14 6.0 Shawn Axsom Fixed a Terminal bug from a background not being set.
baycomb.vim 2.1f 2006-03-13 6.0 Shawn Axsom Minor changes.
baycomb.vim 2.1e 2006-03-13 6.0 Shawn Axsom Added Terminal and GUI colors from the bayQua color scheme for when background is set to "light".
baycomb.vim 2.1d 2006-03-12 6.0 Shawn Axsom More changes to various Terminal colors to lower overall brightness & fatigue. Added Terminal colors for MatchParen and TabLine.
baycomb.vim 2.1c 2006-03-10 6.0 Shawn Axsom Minor adjustments to the new Terminal.
baycomb.vim 2.1 2006-03-10 6.0 Shawn Axsom Updated Terminal colors to flow better together and match the latest changes in GUI. Now uses more yellow/cyan than red/blue, since it appears more readable in a Windows terminal. Also changed comments to black on darkgreen. See new Terminal Screenshot.
baycomb.vim 2.0 2006-03-05 6.0 Shawn Axsom Many changes (see new screenshot)
baycomb.vim 1.9 2006-03-05 6.0 Shawn Axsom Changed Identifier and Operator to better blend in.
baycomb.vim 0.1 2006-02-02 6.0 Shawn Axsom Initial upload
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