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muttrc.vim : A syntax file to support the syntax of devel versions of mutt

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Kyle Wheeler
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A modified script to support the syntax of devel versions of mutt, as well as a few of the more common patches. This syntax file is for muttrc files. This is the same script that comes with the official vim, but I'm using this page to store versions of the file that are more recent than the one included in the stable vim release.
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Put it with the rest of your syntax files, for example, in ~/.vim/syntax/

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
muttrc.vim 1.9 2018-05-22 6.0 Kyle Wheeler Updated for Mutt 1.10.0
muttrc.vim 1.8.8 2016-08-18 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Updated for mutt 1.7.0 (thanks Greg Novack!)
muttrc.vim 1.8.7 2016-07-29 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Add a bunch of variables that have been added in the last few years (thanks to Greg Novak!), and fixed some bugs where a couple boolean variables didn't have all of their no- and inv- variants included.
muttrc.vim 1.8.6 2012-02-02 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Fix for cpoptions, add BackTab to the list of keys, and add support for a few sidebar keywords.
muttrc.vim 1.8.5 2010-12-29 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Support terminals with 100+ colors, all variations on =-based string matching, and partial-string prefixes on variables (so that bright$my_color isn't flagged as an error, for example).
muttrc.vim 1.8.4 2010-08-09 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Handle a few new things; break-thread, link-threads, and asterisks in unlists and unsubscribe commands, as well as the new %D in folder_format.
muttrc.vim 1.8.3 2009-06-15 5.7 Kyle Wheeler New release for mutt 1.5.20. Handles new fcc_attach behavior, and supports new variables honor_disposition and search_context.
muttrc.vim 1.8.2 2009-02-16 5.7 Kyle Wheeler fixing the behavior of a few hook commands, added end-cond, and a few other minor nits.
muttrc.vim 1.8.1 2009-01-28 5.7 Kyle Wheeler ssl_verify_dates, ssl_verify_host, attempt to handle blocks of text with escaped whitespace (not 100% accurate, but
... better than nothing). also handle "color header" lines with regexes on the end
muttrc.vim 1.8 2008-12-31 5.7 Kyle Wheeler fixing several things, including header_cache_compress, unnecessarily required whitespace, some matching efficiency, matching pattern undocumented features, setting multiple variables at once, using & and ? variable prefixes, as well as handling escaped variables in macros better.
muttrc.vim 1.7.1 2008-06-12 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Added support for query_format, f-keys, and next-unread-mailbox. Fixed multi-line macro highlighting, and a typo in "resend-message".
muttrc.vim 1.7 2008-01-08 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Highlights % patterns, and simple patterns can contain variables. Updated for time_inc and threading patterns. Also, if I hadn't mentioned it before, includes support for the printf-style format sequence patterns in the strings that use them.
muttrc.vim 1.6 2007-08-06 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Added highlighting for the escapes in strings that support them. The support is somewhat primitive, but effective for most common setups.
muttrc.vim 1.5.2 2007-03-12 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Improved date highlighting in patterns, spell-check, updated for mutt 1.5.14 keywords
muttrc.vim 1.5.1 2006-12-02 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Vastly improved macro highlighting. Also handles aliases with multiple targets, and = search patterns.
muttrc.vim 1.5 2006-08-03 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Eliminates imap_cachedir in favor of message_cachedir, fixed some errors in highlighting color lines, added support for my_* variables, what-key, and noop
muttrc.vim 2006-06-09 5.7 Kyle Wheeler tag-prefix-cond was missing
muttrc.vim 1.4 2006-06-07 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Better support for unhook commands, and support for Brendan Cully's smtp patch.
muttrc.vim 1.3 2006-05-22 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Support for new CVS options, and the patches currently used in Debian.
muttrc.vim 1.2 2006-04-03 5.7 Kyle Wheeler More support for line-breaks (in alias, unalias, bind, macro, color, uncolor). Support for color lines now much improved. Fixed some regular expression highlighting, and created pattern highlighting - applies to both color lines and hooks.
muttrc.vim 1.1.1 2006-03-29 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Changed the syntax ordering so that (un)lists and (un)subscribe lines get their -group flags highlighted correctly now.
muttrc.vim 1.1 2006-03-08 5.7 Kyle Wheeler Improved support of un* constructs, allowed for escaped line-breaks in more places, allowed for un-quoted regular expressions in some places.
muttrc.vim 1 2006-03-01 6.0 Kyle Wheeler Initial upload
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