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marklar.vim : Dark colorscheme based on green chalkboard colors

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created by
sm smithfield
script type
color scheme
:Marklar            - change certain setting dynamically.
:Marklar (no args)  - displays current settings
:Marklar bold?      - diplays current value of bold. works similarly for all options.
:Marklar bold!      - toggles bold value for 'categorical' colors
:Marklar underline! - toggles the appearance of Underlined.
                      marklar.vim uses Underlined as an additional color
                      without the underline as default.
                      If you want the Underline back, turn it back on.
:Marklar ignore!    - toggles the appearance of Ignore'd text
                      from nearly invisible to invisible, ie. same color as background.
:Marklar conceal!   - toggles the appearance of Conceal'd text
                      from Comment to Ignore.

This means ... you can dynamically make Conceal'd text invisible, nearly
invisible or appear as a Comment in both gui and xterm-256 environments.

This colorscheme is designed to reduce eyestrain by using a much lower contrast
than black on white. It is appropriate for all lighting conditions.

Includes a palette of colors, support for RainbowLevels and Vimwiki headers.
Uncomment as desired.

Gui color support is complete and includes the latest highlight commands from

Presumes that you are able to set the foreground and background color to match
these gui colors.
    fg = #71c293 or rgb(113, 194, 147)
    bg = #06544a or rgb(6, 84, 74)
Pretty normal stuff for many terminals at this time.

xterm-256 color support is 'pretty good atm, though still improving'. The
intent is that xterm-256 conform to the gui colors as closely as possible,
giving the same essential experience when moving from one environment to the
another with reduced color capabilities. Next release will complete this

xterm-color support for the Terminal.app on macos<=10.6. Similarly, the intent
here is also to give a similar experience with a much reduced set of colors.

in your vimrc file put (for example),
    Marklar bold 0
    Marklar underline 1
or, if you are using version<700,
    let g:marklar_bold_opt = 0
    let g:marklar_underline_opt = 1
to establish your own preferences.

The 'categorical' colors are the colors which are used by syntax files to match
linguistic elements.  'Categorical' colors are treated as an ad hoc linguistic
heat map. In order of 'heat' they are..

    PreProc - includes Delimiter as a remap

The emphasis - yellow - is placed upon 'Type'.
The rest of the colors are 'interface' colors.
install details
    place marklar.vim in
    (~/vimfiles/colors on PC)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
marklar.vim 0.8 2020-04-11 7.0 sm smithfield more...
marklar.vim 0.7 2018-06-01 5.7 sm smithfield Nearly completely rethought. Looks similar to earlier versions, but that's about it.
marklar.vim 0.5 2006-12-01 6.0 sm smithfield Added optional settings, 'bold' and 'ignore'. Added a normal command to manipulate the settings. Useful color tweaks.
marklar.vim 0.4 2006-11-13 7.0 sm smithfield Improvements in colors and contrasts based on vim7 and certain features that were previously obscure to the author.
marklar.vim 0.3 2006-11-01 6.0 sm smithfield better colors for tabs, popups, matching parens, error msgs.
marklar.vim 0.2 2006-07-06 7.0 sm smithfield Added support for (some of) the coloring additions to 7.0 (the ones that I use :) )
marklar.vim 0.1 2006-03-02 6.0 sm smithfield Initial upload
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