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ccase.vim : Script to setup maps/menus to add in using Clearcase.

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created by
Douglas Potts
script type
Based on what Vim detects you are running, allows for Unix or WinNT based Clearcase.  Script will setup command-line abbreviations to shortcut checking-in/out, uncheckout, list checkouts (current directory, recurse directories, or all vobs), list version history.  Also sets up a Clearcase Menu if you are running a gui version of Vim, which provides the same operations.
install details
Vim 6.x:  Make sure to download the correct (new) version.

Version 1.36 and later:
Only one file, ccase.vim, and documentation is self installing the first time that VIM is started after putting ccase.vim in your plugin directory.

Versions 1.35 and prior:
Unpack the tar'ed and  gzip'ed file in your ~/.vim directory, the files will go into plugin/ccase.vim and doc/ccase.txt.

Then (from within vim) do
:helptags ~/.vim/doc

to rebuild the tags file.  For details, read
:help add-local-help

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ccase.vim 1.38 2004-09-03 6.0 Douglas Potts Added a Change Checkout comments command, and associated menu item.
Added version line to allow for use by GetLatestVimScripts script by Dr. Charles (Chip) Campbell.
ccase.vim 1.36 2003-12-09 6.0 Douglas Potts My changes:
Add User commands for all the regular cabbrevs used, so that diff commands and others may be issued on the command line with '-c'.

Changes from Gary Johnson and WEN Guopeng:
Addition of a diff with first version on this branch.

Stefan Berglund and WEN Guopeng:
Alter 'ctpwv' to not use the $view variable, and instead get it from the system.

Changes from WEN Guopeng:
Changes to embed the ccase.vim documentation in the .vim file, and automatically install on startup, diff with merged version, and other wonderful addititions that I'm probably forgetting.
ccase-1.35.tgz 1.35 2003-08-12 6.0 Douglas Potts - Added variable for listing checkouts by anyone, or just 'me'.
- Added save of comment text into global var so it is accessable across
  starts and stops of vim.
- Replaces some echo's with echomsg's so they are saved in vim err list.
- Moved autocmds around, so buffer-local kemaps aren't lost by the
  autocmds which automatically refresh the listing upon BufEnter.
- Added uncheckout functionality into Vim function instead of relying on
  shell to do it.
- MakeActiv now prompts for an activity comment.
- Activity functions no show the activity comment, including the
  activity list window.
- For the activity and checkout list windows, open new files below and
  to the right of the originating list window.
- Added check for maps of <unique><script> already being there so
  resourcing the plugin doesn't give errors.
ccase-1.31.tgz 1.31 2003-04-03 6.0 Douglas Potts Incorporated Guillaume Lafage's changes for link resolution and
improvements for the 'list checkouts' and 'list activities' windows.
Now double-click or Enter on a name in the list checkouts window will split-open that file, and double-click or Enter on an activity will set the current activity to be that of the activity under the cursor.
Some updates to the help file, added a thanks section to recognize those who have contributed to ccase.vim (thanks
everyone, I'm still open to more suggestions).
ccase.vim.tgz 1.30 2003-03-06 6.0 Guillaume Lafage added support for access to link files.
ccase-1.30-bugfixes.tgz 1.30_bugfi 2002-10-21 6.0 Douglas Potts fix from Gary Johnson on cleartool describe, used to determine predecessor
version for ctpdif, escaping missing on space in filename, seen on Windows.
ccase-1.30.tgz 1.30 2002-09-25 6.0 Douglas Potts Added buffer local settings to set the current activity, and update the
checkout list window on BufEnter.  Also added ability to create an UCM
activity (mkactiv).  See updates to the documentation (:h ccase-plugin).
ccase-1.29.tgz 1.29 2002-09-11 6.0 Douglas Potts Implemented suggestion (ok, call it enhanced from his patch), such that the
ctpdif and ctqdif functions work properly when the filename you were editting
was a fully version qualified ClearCase name (ie. filename@@/main/my/version/1).
This is likely to happen if you open a specific file version via the ClearCase
file browser or version tree browser.

Small correction to use of variables local to the function (l:), not local
to the script (s:).
ccase.tgz 1.24.1 2002-08-14 6.0 Douglas Potts Fixed goof in 'bd' command for results window, that would 'bd!' the first buffer
matching [acelrst] (ccase_results).

Please upgrade if you downloaded 1.24.

Sorry for the inconvience.
ccase.tgz 1.25 2002-08-13 6.0 Douglas Potts After several comments on the possible naming collision of the ccase results
file, I've changed the implementation so that it uses a generated filename for
the temp file that captures command output (via tempname()), and now use a
special buffer to display the results.

ccase.tgz 1.22 2002-04-05 6.0 Douglas Potts Added checkout of elements as "unreserved" as suggested by Barry Nisly.  Plus some fixes to the documentation.
ccase.tgz 1.17 2002-01-11 6.0 Douglas Potts Small bugfix: corrected default setting of g:ccaseUseDialog.  Now checks
to see if VIM was compiled with the GUI options.

I finally forced myself to write up some documentation for this beast.
Hence it has now become ccase.tgz.


Don't forget to use :helptags to generate tags for
newly downloaded plugin documentation.
ccase.vim 1.14 2001-11-01 6.0 Douglas Potts Lots of enhancements to prompting, added
diff capability utilizing vim diff
functionality.  Added more options for
checkin/out comments, making an element,
etc.  Check it out.
ccase.vim 1.11 2001-10-30 6.0 Douglas Potts Per suggestion by Gerard van Wageningen, added prompt box capability as well as
vim console prompt capability for checkin and checkout comments.  If using the
GUI version and g:ccaseUseDialog is set to 1 (default) then the gui prompt box
will pop up for the comment to be added to the checkin/out.  If g:ccaseUseDialog
is set to 0, then prompt will be of the console variety.

Continued suggestions are welcome!

Script version now matches cvs revision number.
ccase.vim 1.4 2001-10-01 6.0 Douglas Potts Fixed bug in checking directory back in
after making element, in the new make
element functionality.
ccase.vim 1.3 2001-10-01 6.0 Douglas Potts Added 'mkelem' functionality.  Function to make current file an element prompts to checkout directory if it is not already checkedout, adds file (not left checkedout), and prompts for whether directory is to be checked in again.
ccase.vim 1.2 2001-09-28 6.0 Douglas Potts Put in missing OpenIfNew function, that is used
to open up a new 'results' buffer if one hasn't already been loaded.
ccase.vim 1.1 2001-09-26 6.0 Douglas Potts Cleaned up some things, and tried to make
the script more in the style of a Vim 6.0 plugin.
Still has a ways to go for setting up mapleader yet.
ccase.vim 1.0 2001-06-08 5.7 Douglas Potts Initial upload
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