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LargeFile : Edit large files quickly (keywords: large huge speed)

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Charles Campbell
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Editing large files can be a time consuming process as Vim is working on a number of things behind the scenes, such as maintaining an undo database, searching for a syntax highlighting synchronization point, etc.  LargeFile.vim is a very small "plugin"; mostly, its just an autocmd that disables certain features of vim in the interests of speed.

There's an option:  g:LargeFile (by default, its 100).  It describes the minimum size of a file needed for it to be considered as a "LargeFile", in megabytes.  You may set that option in your <.vimrc>.

The plugin is based on vimtip#611.

(alpha/beta version available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#LARGEFILE)
install details
Edit LargeFile.vba.gz:

  vim LargeFile.vba.gz
  :so %

(this presumes that you have gunzip on your command path)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
LargeFile.vba.gz 5 2013-11-25 7.3 Charles Campbell Undo for non-large windows retained if possible (ie. using 7.4 with patch 73 or if your vim has("persistent_undo") )
LargeFile.vba.gz 4 2008-09-23 6.0 Charles Campbell :Large[!] turns :LargeFile mode back on (reverses :Unlarge)
LargeFile.vba.gz 4 2008-09-23 6.0 Charles Campbell :Large[!] implemented (:Large! forces large-file mode)
LargeFile.vba.gz 3 2007-05-24 6.0 Charles Campbell :Unlarge command now undoes what LargeFile does
LargeFile uses getfsize() to decide if a file is large; however, that function may return numbers less than -1 for files between 2GB - 4GB.  LargeFile will treat any such file to be a "large file".
LargeFile.vim.gz 2 2006-03-30 6.0 Charles Campbell Now has GetLatestVimScripts support.
Bugfix -- the g:LargeFile option now usefully settable from <.vimrc>.
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