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OmniCppComplete : C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database

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Vissale NEANG
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This script is for vim 7.0 or higher, it provides C/C++ completion thanks to a ctags database.

If you don't want a completion based on ctags there are solutions using compiler front ends (real C++ parsing)
    - "clang" with the following script : http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3302
    - "gccsense" : http://cx4a.org/software/gccsense

Features :

    -   Complete namespaces, classes, structs and union members.
    -   Complete inherited members for classes and structs (single and multiple inheritance).
    -   Complete attribute members eg: myObject->_child->_child etc...
    -   Complete type returned by a function eg: myObject->get()->_child.
    -   Complete the "this" pointer.
    -   Complete a typedef.
    -   Complete the current scope (global and class scope).
    -   Complete an object after a cast (C and C++ cast).
    -   Complete anonymous types (eg: struct {int a; int b;}g_Var; g_Var.???). It also works for a typedef of an anonymous type.

Notes :
    -   The script manage cached datas for optimization.
    -   Ambiguous namespaces are detected and are not included in the context stack.
    -   The parsed code is tokenized so you can run a completion even if the current
        instruction has bad indentation, spaces, comments or carriage returns between words
        (even if it is not realistic).

ScreenShots :

install details
1) Unzip the plugin to ~/.vim (unix) or %HOMEPATH%\vimfiles (windows)
2) Run Vim and type the following command :

:helptags $HOME/.vim/doc


:helptags $HOME/vimfiles/doc

3) Type :h omnicppcomplete and please read the installation paragraph.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
omnicppcomplete-0.41.zip 0.41 2007-09-27 7.0 Vissale NEANG -   It's recommended to update ctags to version 5.7 or higher
-   The plugin is now activated for C files
-   New value for OmniCpp_SelectFirstItem when the option is equal to
    2 the first item is selected without inserting it to
    the text (patch from Marek Olszewski)
-   Bug when completing union members fixed with ctags 5.7
    (reported by Willem-Jan de Hoog)
-   New option OmniCpp_LocalSearchDecl (patch from Roland Kuck)
-   Bug when tags=something,,somethingelse (reported by Tobias Pflug)
-   Bug with nested structure (reported by Mikhail Daen)
-   Bug where the script fails to detect the type of a variable when
    the ignorecase option is on (reported by Alexey Vakhov)
-   Error message when trying to use completion on a not yet saved
    Vim buffer (reported by Neil Bird)
-   Error message when trying to use completion on an file opened from
    a tselect command (reported by Henrique Andrade)

omnicppcomplete.zip 0.4 2006-06-25 7.0 Vissale NEANG WARNING1: Please uninstall the previous version (remove at least autoload/cppomnicomplete.vim)
WARNING2: Option names have changed, don't forget to update your .vimrc
WARNING3: It's recommended to update ctags to the latest version (5.6)
WARNING4: Default value for OmniCpp_NamespaceSearch option is now 1

-   The script is renamed to OmniCppComplete according to the library
    script directory structure.        
-   OmniCpp_ClassScopeCompletionMethod renamed to OmniCpp_DisplayMode
-   Fixed a bug where the quickfix list is modified after a completion.
-   OmniCpp_ShowPrototypeInAbbr option added. It allows to show the
    function signature in the abbreviation.
-   OmniCpp_ShowAccess option added. It allows to hide the access
    information in the popup menu.
-   The tags database format must be a ctags 5.6 database if you want to
    complete anonymous types.
-   Fixed current scope detection not working properly in destructors.
-   Don't show protected and private members according to the current scope.
-   Overloaded functions are now filtered properly.
-   New cache system using less memory.
-   The class scope of a method is now resolved properly with "using
    namespace" declarations.
-   OmniCpp_SelectFirstItem option added. It allows to not select the first
    item in the popup menu when 'completeopt' does not contain "longest".
-   Fixed the bug where a "random" item in the popup menu is selected
    by default when 'completeopt' does not contain "longest" option.
-   The script is now split in library scripts.
-   Cache added for 'using namespace' search in included files
-   Default value for OmniCpp_NamespaceSearch is now 1 (search only in the
    current buffer).
-   Namespace search automatically disabled for C files even if
    OmniCpp_NamespaceSearch != 0.
-   To avoid linear search in tags files, the ignorecase option is now
    disabled when getting tags datas (the user setting is restored after).
-   Fixed a bug where friend functions may crash the script and also crash vim.
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