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ant_menu.vim : plugin for ant

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created by
Shad Gregory
script type
A simple script that provides a pull-down menu and keyboard shortcuts for calling ant, a java build
utility.  By default, ant.vim assumes that the build.xml file is in the current directory.  The user can
set the build file in another directory by selecting the "Set build file" option or by using ",s" in
command mode.

Global options can be set in your .vimrc file.      For example:

let g:buildFile = 'foo.xml'
let g:antOption = '-debug'
let g:logFile = 'foo.log'

If you are on a windows box and you cannot see compilation errors in your quickfix window,
try setting the shellpipe to "2>" in your _vimrc.
install details
For vim 6, just drop ant_menu.vim into your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ant_menu.vim 2009-06-04 6.0 Shad Gregory *Moved ANT menu under Plugin
*Updated to toggle menu options upon load
ant_menu.vim 0.5.7 2009-06-03 6.0 Shad Gregory Selected options will now be marked with an '*' in the ant menu.
ant_menu.vim 0.5.6 2009-05-20 6.0 Shad Gregory Bug fix for default buffer problems that occurs when the user switches between buffers.
Thanks to David Fishburn for the fix.
ant_menu.vim 0.5.5 2006-11-19 6.0 Shad Gregory Amit Jain's cleaner output changes
ant_menu.vim 0.5.4 2004-04-19 6.0 Shad Gregory *Changed name to ant_menu.vim to avoid confusion with the numerous other ant.vim's.
*Includes Derek Pomery's code to dynamically load build.xml upon buffer switch.
*Includes David's <dakATdotech.com > code to specify a target on find.
ant.vim 0.5.3 2003-12-28 6.0 Shad Gregory *Merged in javac 1.4 code for GetProbFile() from 'Michael Scheper <ant.vim@michaelscheper.com>'
*added code for kjc (only works with -emacs)
*clean up
ant.vim 0.5.2 2003-12-14 6.0 Shad Gregory *Incorporated Phil McCarthy's fix that starts ant -find from the file's current directory.
*Incorporated bug fix from Michael Scheper.
ant.vim 0.5.1 2003-03-07 6.0 Shad Gregory *merged in Jou Wei Huang's fix for multiline targets
*fixed bug that prevented '-find' from working when another option is set
ant.vim 0.5 2003-01-18 6.0 Shad Gregory *Incorporated David Fishburn's quickfix code.
*Minor tweaks to target menu functionality.
ant.vim 0.4.3 2002-11-09 6.0 Shad Gregory *target menu fix for multi-line targets and
  target lines in which "name" is not the
  first attribute (thanks to Ronny Wilms for
  the fix)
*,g should have better support for jikes
  (thanks to Mark Healy for the code)
*,g will open a new gvim only if the file is
  in an existing buffer
ant.vim 0.4.2 2002-08-12 6.0 Shad Gregory *',g' now spawns new gvim window
  (thanks to Nathan for the suggestion)
*cleaned up target menu code
*added ',t' binding for selecting build
targets (thanks goes out to Anton Straka
for the code snippet)
ant.vim 0.4.1 2002-01-08 6.0 Shad Gregory updated to allow multiple ant options
ant.vim 0.4 2002-01-02 6.0 Shad Gregory Added ',g' keyboard shortcut.  When in the ant error buffer, this
will attempt to parse out the file in error and open it in a new
buffer with the cursor at the line flagged in error.  The user must
execute the shortcut at the line that identifies the file in error.
ant.vim 0.31 2001-12-13 6.0 Shad Gregory Added new options to specify a log file.  Once this has
been done, ant output will be piped to the log file.  You
must select the 'no log file' option to return  to dumping
the output to a buffer.  Alsoadded menu option for
ant.vim 0.3 2001-12-07 6.0 Shad Gregory Fixed bug in which ant.vim chokes on periods in target
names (thanks to Keith Corwin for pointing it out).
Added descriptions of keyboard shortcuts in comments.

ant.vim 0.21 2001-12-04 6.0 Shad Gregory ant.vim now builds the target entry on startup if a build.xml exists in the current
directory.  The user can now set options seperate from the build, hopefully this
will provide greater flexibility (as well as one less step to the build option :-)).
If you forget which option is set, "ANT->Set Option->Show Current" will display
the current option.
ant.vim 0.2 2001-12-03 6.0 Shad Gregory ant.vim will now add a 'Target' menu when the user manually sets the location of
the build file with ',s' or by selecting the build option.  So, for example, selecting
ANT->Target->clean from the menu will execute 'ant clean.'  I'm not all that confident
in my regex skills, so I can't guarantee that it will work in all (or even most!) circumstances.  
Any help or bug reports will be appreciated.
ant.vim 0.13 2001-11-26 6.0 Shad Gregory Fixed problem with find option.  Added keyboard shortcut for 'ant -find'.
ant.vim 0.12 2001-11-23 6.0 Shad Gregory *Rearranged the menu selections
*Added quiet build
*Added keyboard shortcuts for "default build" and "build.xml set"
ant.vim 0.11 2001-11-21 6.0 Shad Gregory Added test for the existence of build.xml.
ant.vim 0.1 2001-11-21 6.0 Shad Gregory Initial upload
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