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autoload_cscope.vim : Script that will search for and load cscope.out databases automatically

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created by
michael tilstra
script type
This plugin will automatically load cscope.out databases into vim when you open a C file. (headers included)

It does a search starting at the directory that the file is in, and checking the parent directories until it find the cscope.out file.  The idea being that you can start editing a source file deep in a project dir, and it will find the correct cscope database a couple dirs up.

This version also creates some macros and a menu that can be useful.  If you don't like them, you can set g:autocscope_menus to 0 and they won't load.

install details
Just drop it into your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
autoload_cscope.vim 0.5 2011-01-27 7.0 michael tilstra Dotan Halevi fixed the path handling when used on Windows systems.
autoload_cscope.vim 0.4 2010-11-15 6.0 michael tilstra Fixed a handful of typos. Including one pointed out by Prasun Ratn.
autoload_cscope.vim 0.3 2002-01-28 6.0 michael tilstra fixed the issue where it wasn't always finding the right place to start looking.
usnig the nifty fnamemodify() function saves a lot of crude I was trying to do by hand.
autoload_cscope.vim 0.2 2002-01-14 6.0 michael tilstra fixed up the Cycle_csdb function a bit.  still has a few little bugs.  but they don't seem to be life threatening.  (scan the file for FIXME to see them)
autoload_cscope.vim 0.1 2001-11-30 6.0 michael tilstra Initial upload
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