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tcl.vim : Tcl syntax TEST version

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Robert Hicks
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I am experimenting with updating the syntax file for Tcl. I have added more "keywords" and I have enable the syntax highlighting of an option flags starting with "-" (i.e. -padx, -text).

Since Tcl doesn't officially have keywords they may need to be pared down since I added all of the Tcl and Tk commands from the Tcl wiki page.

Note: This is basically just something I am working on and not for consumption. However, if you have suggestions or requests please email me.

Note: You need to put "let tcl_extended_syntax=1" in your vimrc to get the extra OO syntax coloring. Otherwise you get the "standard" syntax coloring.
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tcl.vim .92 2006-09-01 7.0 Robert Hicks * If you want extended syntax put g:tcl_extended_syntax=1 in your .vimrc
* I guess I will start using small rev numbers since I am getting close to 1.0  : )
tcl.vim .91 2006-09-01 7.0 Robert Hicks * Some patches by IIlya to fix some highlighting errors
* renamed script vim.tcl since it *is* supposed to replace the current script in the Vim distro.
tcldev.vim 0.9 2006-08-17 7.0 Robert Hicks * some small bug fixes
tcldev.vim 0.8 2006-07-07 7.0 Robert Hicks * Cleaned up some
* Namespaces work *I hope*
tcldev.vim .007 2006-06-30 7.0 Robert Hicks * Maintainership of tcl.vim has passed to me. yikes!
* Adding a check. If a user puts "let tcl_oo=1" in their rc file then the OO stuff is turned off.
** That is currently turned off for dev purposes but does work
tcldev.vim .006 2006-06-29 7.0 Robert Hicks * Anchored the namespaces so "oo::whatever" will color but "foo::whatever" will not.
* I have some other things to match like "ttk::" can be embedded in other stuff and ::one is also a namespace  *sheesh*!
tcldev.vim .005 2006-06-27 7.0 Robert Hicks * Added namespace highlighting for ttk::, snit::, itcl:: and oo::
* Added keywords to support OO frameworks
tcldev.vim .004 2006-06-26 7.0 Robert Hicks Some cleanup...

* Added Snit (snit::) and Tile (ttk::) namespace coloring
tcldev.vim .003 2006-06-26 7.0 Robert Hicks This *should* source correctly now.
tcldev.vim .002 2006-06-23 7.0 Robert Hicks Changed the name to "tcldev.vim" to better reflect its intent!

Added folding

Added some widget stuff back in (not tested!)

Changed the "-" option to make sure it only colors alphas and not numerics

Lots of this was done by Tomasz Kalkosiński!!

The intent is to get this up to speed and then submit it to the current maintainer of "tcl.vim".

TODO: Tomasz implemented a tclOperator section that isn't in working condition yet.

TODO: Color the following like /* */

if {0} {


TODO: Whatever else floats our boat?  : )
tcl.vim .001 2006-06-20 7.0 Robert Hicks Initial upload
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