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tobase : Convert from base(2,8,10,16) to base(2-32). Also character to html entity.

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created by
Walter Hutchins
script type
Number base converter and character to html entity converter.
Plugin script for vim on any OS.

(1) Number/character base converter:
Get a quick answer about a number or character without having
to refer to an external chart or calculator.

Syntaxes are
:Tobase obase inum
:Tobase obase [0oxy&]inum -- Optional modifier is '0,o,x,y,or &'

Convert inum to obase and and return it.
The result will be placed in the unnamed register @@
where a subsequent 'p' command would put the result
|P| before, |p| after the cursor.
Optional modifier preceeding inum indicates input base
of octal, hexadecimal, binary, or html character entity (e.g., Ä).
Version 1.2 has been extended to allow input number to be a character.
(note: vy captures 1 character under the cursor.)
(note: inum may be pasted from the mouse copied from any screen.)
Input base defaults to decimal if not preceeded by a modifier.
Output base may be 2-32, c, or h (c-character, h-html).
Multiple numbers can be input at once.

You could define a command to reduce typing Tobase e.g.,
command -nargs=* C Tobase <args>
Then you could execute it like the following examples:
:C 16 101              -- prints 65
:C c 192 193 xc2  -- prints 3 accented capital A's: grave, acute, circ

(2) Convert characters to/from html entities:
Function call Syntaxes
call Char2HtmlExec() -- Characters to entities (everything on all lines)
[range] call Char2HtmlExec( [min, max, [string] ] ) -- Characters to entities
[range] call Html2CharExec( [min, max, [string] ] ) -- Entities to characters
[range] call Char2AsciiExec( [min, max, [string] ] ) -- Characters to ascii simulation

The optional [range] may be line numbers such as 1,15
or it may be relative such as .-5,.+5 or markers such as 'a,'b.
Range may also be searches such as /line with this/,/line with that/
If range is omitted, or if range equates to just 1 line, it does all lines.

The optional [min, max, [string] ] goes like this:
min and max are numbers or characters which evaluate via Tobase
to the range of 128 to 255.
If both min and max are equal to 0, it means 'do not convert any entities'.
In order to specify the optional [string], both min and max must be present.
The optional [string] is useful to specify whether to convert
the & < > " to or from &amp;  &lt;  &gt; &quot;
If [string] contains & it should be the first one.
[string] can contain any combination of & < > "

Thus, [range] call Char2HtmlExec(0, 0, '& < > "')
would cause html in [range] to display literally in the browser.

It is easier for me to put these commands in my ~/.vimrc file:
command! -range -nargs=* Foo <line1>,<line2>call Char2HtmlExec(<f-args>)
command! -range -nargs=* Foof <line1>,<line2>call Html2CharExec(<f-args>)
command! -range -nargs=* Fooa <line1>,<line2>call Char2AsciiExec(<f-args>)
Those commands should be entered exactly as seen.
You may use other names besides Foo, Foof, and Fooa.

Command syntaxes
[range] Foo [ min max [string] ]
In the command, note that there are not commas between the arguments
and there are not any parentheses, i.e., Foo(128, 255, '&<>"') is wrong!

With the commands in place the syntax is easier:
Foo        - convert all accented characters to entities and convert & < > "
Foo j      - (j)ust convert & < > "
Foo n      - (n)ot convert & < > "

:Tobase -h    (Help)
:Tobase -hc  (Character conversion help)

To run from the command line, a script like this could do the job:
"vim -e input_file_name < foo.vim
"c:\vim\vim62\gvim.exe -e input_file_name +"source foo.vim"
"                                                                         :help gui-w32-cmdargs
:if argc() == 1 && exists("*Char2HtmlExec")
    :let ofile=argv(0) . '.tmp'
    :call Char2HtmlExec()
    :execute ':w!' . ofile . "\n"
install details
Copy to ~/.vim/plugin.
Optionally set up commands to do html character conversion.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tobase.vim 1.2 2006-06-29 6.0 Walter Hutchins Allow input number to be a character.
tobase.vim 1.1 2006-06-27 6.0 Walter Hutchins Added line range for character to html entity conversion.
Added ascii simulation for conversion to nearest look-alike
tobase.vim 1.0 2006-06-24 6.0 Walter Hutchins Initial upload
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