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tcl.vim : tcl syntax file

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sm smithfield
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tcl.vim (syntax)

    An updated and complete syntax coloring scheme for tcl. Uses the 12 syntax rules of tcl as a starting point.

    Line Continues can be optionally highlighted as Warnings.

    [set set set] does the right thing.

    [set ^canvas [canvas create ...]] does the right thing.

    For [list ...], the subsequent expression is lit like a normal command. Also for [uplevel xx ...].

    The improved interaction of comments with line continuation and braces based on user feedback.


    Handles a wide variety of escaped expressions correctly.

    Multi-line comments following a semi-colon.

    Spell checking (when spell is enabled) for strings and comments.

    8.5 syntax: apply, chan, dict, lassign, lrepeat, unload, {expand} and {*} and the new math expressions, all the new words.

    Added error state to line continues that have trailing spaces, these are errors in a tcl script and now they are immediately visible. (thank you Ilya).

    "if {0} {}" multi-line commenting idiom.

    Smart syntax folding for procs, namespaces, and several itcl constructs - only folds the outer braces

    Nested parens brackets braces and quotes.

    Primary commands, secondary commands, and options.

    Highlights implicit expressions, such as the first group after an 'if' statement, or the second group after a 'for' statement.

    Colors expressions and math keyworks; but only inside expressions.

    Easily extended to include other packages.

    Current Extensions:
        snit (vimscript #1715)
        sqlite (vimscript #1716)
        itcl (vimscript #1765)
        togl (vimscript #1766)
        critcl (vimscript #1775)

    Highlight options to adjust the level of coloring. (default is most 'colorful').
install details
place in ~/.vim/syntax/

Note: This will override the tcl syntax file that is installed with vim. If you require the old file, remove or rename this one.


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tcl.vim 0.6 2016-04-29 7.0 sm smithfield Fixed a long standing issue w/ quotation. Single quotes inside regular expressions and other similar irregular quoting patterns involving quote or brackets or braces will not disrupt syntax highlighting.
tcl.vim 0.5.1 2007-05-02 6.0 sm smithfield additional syntax for tcl 8.5a6
tcl.vim 0.5 2007-02-09 6.0 sm smithfield The result of great feedback from M.Lemburg, J.Seal and R.Terry. See Read Me for full list of additions and corrections.
tcl.vim 0.4.5 2007-02-04 6.0 sm smithfield minor changes to fconfigure and canvas keywords
tcl.vim 0.4.3 2007-01-23 6.0 sm smithfield minor corrections. In extensions like snit, namespace qualifiers color the same as their keywords. Also corrected an issue with the ';# comment' pattern.
tcl.vim 0.4 2007-01-11 6.0 sm smithfield Improved parsing of the sort of escaped expressions that are common in regexp (and used to kill the syntax coloring). Fixed a script error for vim6 users. See description for all the goodies.
tcl.vim 0.3 2006-11-19 6.0 sm smithfield full 8.5 support. lots of corrections. lots of additions.
tcl.vim 0.1 2006-07-06 6.0 sm smithfield Initial upload
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