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pastie.vim : Interface with pastie.org; read and create pastes

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created by
Tim Pope
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This script lets you read and create pastes at http://pastie.org/ .  Pastes can be created from a range, a register (including the clipboard), any number of files, all open windows, or an existing paste.  It automatically maps between Vim filetypes and pastie's parsers.  Details for how to use the :Pastie command are included in the comments at the top of the plugin.

Pastie is the preferred method of sharing code in the Ruby IRC community.

install details
Place in ~/.vim/plugin (or vimfiles/plugin).
Ruby is required, but the Vim Ruby interface is not.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
pastie.vim 2.0 2009-03-21 6.0 Tim Pope Switch from pastie.caboo.se domain to pastie.org
pastie.vim 1.15 2007-12-13 6.0 Tim Pope Update for new server-side parser names.
pastie.vim 1.14 2007-10-15 6.0 Tim Pope More updates for server changes
pastie.vim 1.13 2007-10-01 6.0 Tim Pope Updates for latest server side changes.
Fixed issue with Vim 6.2.
pastie.vim 1.9 2007-07-02 6.0 Tim Pope Fixed bug in using clipboard as a source
pastie.vim 1.8 2007-01-16 6.0 Tim Pope Don't close current tab with ":Pastie!"
pastie.vim 1.7 2006-12-22 6.0 Tim Pope Fixed bug in Firefox cookie extraction
pastie.vim 1.6 2006-12-14 6.0 Tim Pope Support shell=csh
pastie.vim 1.5 2006-10-19 6.0 Tim Pope Properly handle new anti-bot measures
pastie.vim 1.4 2006-07-31 6.0 Tim Pope Extracts login account token from Firefox cookies.
pastie.vim 1.2 2006-07-29 6.0 Tim Pope Initial upload
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