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asmx86_64 : Syntax highlighting for x86_64 asm including gcc preprocessor

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created by
Florian Delizy
script type
This syntax is especially adapted to working in the Linux kernel (x86_64)

I am still working on it ... so this is a first version enjoy
install details
copy into your ~/.vim/syntax/ directory

to use it, just type :

set syntax=asmx86_64

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
asmx86_64.vim 0.5 2006-12-22 7.0 Florian Delizy Added mm registers and made the syntax usable for objdump output as well
asmx86_64.vim 0.4 2006-10-02 7.0 Florian Delizy Included all mnemonics (with their size suffix)
Fixed the .macro colouring...
asmx86_64.vim 0.3b 2006-09-12 6.0 Florian Delizy Close to completion, just needs now to add xmm and mmx registers, some instructions, and to deal with the #ifdef / '#' comment problem
asmx86_64.vim 0.2b 2006-09-12 6.0 Florian Delizy Fixed comments syntax: added a 'hack' so that # comment are correctly highted (they are highlighted as long as # is folowed by a space
Added %regs and regs (still needs mmx and xmm regs

This version should work with vim 5.7+ (if some of you try it on old version, please let me know).

knwon bugs:

'#' comments only works if followed by a space e.g.:
# my comment (will be highlighted correctly)
#my comment will not ...

gcc preproc directives works if not followed by a space e.g.:
#ifdef will be highlighted correctly
# ifdef will not ...

Still working on this problem
asmx86_64.vim 0.1a 2006-09-11 7.0 Florian Delizy Initial upload
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