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quilt : Enable quilt usage in vim

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created by
Florian Delizy
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(from the help of the plugin: :help quilt-intro ) :

Quilt is a project initiated by Andrew Morton to work with patches sent on the
LKML. It is quite stable now, and really usefull to deal with stacked patches.

First of all, before using this plugin, you must install quilt on your
station, for, under debian distribution, type in a command shell:

aptitude install quilt

Now that you have your station setuped, let's speak a little about Quilt
itself, more information can be found in man quilt shell command.

The idea behind quilt is that you work on patches, not on sources directly, so
all your productions are patches. You create a patch to track your
modifications and send this patch to a work group so they can valiadate/accept
or integrate your modifications.

Now you need a tool to help you maintain your patches, and that's exacltly
what quilt does. Quilt let you apply a patch, modify your files (and thus the
patch), unapply the patch. But it also allows you to do that on several
patches at a time (one patch applied after the other ...) that's what we call
the stacked patches. (or the patch stack).

You can go to a level on the patch stack, modify the patch, and come back to
another patch stack level.

This plugin helps you handle all those boring operations with simple vim
commands ;)

To sum up the workflow :

|:QuiltSetup| <patchdir>


|:QuiltNew|   <patchname>

... open a file ...


... work on the file ...
... save your modifiations ...


and so on ...

:help quilt-usage
install details
uncompress the archive in your .vim directory (or in the system directory), then restart vim (or :source ~/.vim/plugin/quilt.vim then :helptag ~/.vim/doc/ )

the archive contains :

plugin/quilt.vim (the plugin itself)
doc/quilt.txt      (the vim documentation about the plugin)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
quilt-0.9.7.tar.gz 0.9.7 2012-11-06 7.0 Florian Delizy Fixed viminfo '" filemark issue (thanks to Petr Uzel)
quilt-0.9.6.tar.gz 0.9.6 2007-09-23 7.0 Florian Delizy Fixed files handling in patches/ directory (thanks to Jordan Crouse)
quilt-0.9.5.tar.gz 0.9.5 2007-05-05 7.0 Florian Delizy bugfix handling absolute filenames
added readonly mode for files not in current patch
quilt-0.9.4.tar.gz 0.9.4 2006-11-15 7.0 Florian Delizy * Fixed g:Quilt* variables that were reseted every :source quilt.vim
* Added ta customization command for calling thunderbird (debian...
QuiltThunderbirdCmd should be set to "icedove" not "thunderbird"
quilt-0.9.3.tar.gz 0.9.3 2006-11-13 7.0 Florian Delizy * Fixed QuiltAnnotate interface for files not completely from a patch
quilt-0.9.2.tar.gz 0.9.2 2006-11-08 7.0 Florian Delizy * Fixed QuiltAnnotate Interface when anotating a file not from the 0 line (the Followcursor was not working)
quilt-0.9.1.tar.gz 0.9.1 2006-11-06 7.0 Florian Delizy * Added a function to keep the current line in QuiltAnnotate
* Added auto close interface when one is closed
quilt-0.9.tar.gz 0.9 2006-11-06 7.0 Florian Delizy * Added auto .rej opening when opening a file
* Added QuiltPatchEdit command
* Added .rej auto recognition in QuiltFiles
* Added automatic .rej recognition for FAILED hunk to QuiltPop
* Added automatic .rej recognition for FAILED hunk to QuiltPush
* Added color on QuiltPop/Push success/failure ...
* Added QuiltAnnotate command
* Fixed autocmd usage, so that commands are deleted on :source
* Added the license (GPL of course)
quilt-0.8.1.tar.gz 0.8.1 2006-10-27 7.0 Florian Delizy * Fixed the nocompatible option that caused problem in 'compatible'
quilt-0.8.tar.gz 0.8 2006-10-26 7.0 Florian Delizy * Added completion of patches directory for QuiltNew
* Beautified the help file :)
* Added patch argument for QuiltAdd
* Changed the completion of QuiltAdd (first arg file, second patch )
* Added QuiltRemoveFrom command
* Added QuiltRemoveFrom completion (patch, then files in <patch>)
* Beautified the code (comments and such ...)
* Added QuiltMail email address completion
* Fixed QuiltHeader to add the correct 'Subject:' template
* Added a status line in QuiltHeader to show the current patch name
* Fixed a little bug in QuiltHeader preventing to Push/Pop whille
  editing a header                                                    
quilt-0.7.tar.bz2 0.7 2006-10-23 6.0 Florian Delizy * Added QuiltRename command                                            
* Factorized code (adding DoSystem function)                          
* Added QuiltPushAll command                                          
* Added QuiltPopAll command                                            
* Added internal <SID>CurrentArgNumber                                
* Added QuiltHeader command                                            
* Added QuiltWriteHeader command                                      
quilt.tar.gz 0.6.1 2006-09-25 7.0 Florian Delizy * Fixed the mail feature, special characters are now parsed and and rendered properly in thunderbird                                
quilt.tar.gz 0.6 2006-09-22 7.0 Florian Delizy * Added QuiltPatches command                                          
* Fixed bug in commands taking a file a argument when no file was given
  (and no file was opened)                                            
* Added QuiltMail bind with thunderbird                                
* Fixed some bugs ...                                                  
* Spellchecked the help ;)          
quilt.tar.gz 0.5 2006-09-19 7.0 Florian Delizy Added a help file for all command (and describing a workflow using quilt)
Fixed a bug in QuiltStatus, raising error on vim startup
quilt.vim 0.4 2006-09-18 6.0 Florian Delizy "       * Changed :exe into system() with return value check                  
"       * Added QuiltStatus as an autocommand for file reading                
"       * Added QuiltRefresh warning parsing, create a quickfix using cexpr    
"       * Added QuiltFiles command                                            
"       * Fixed some bugs                                                      
"       * Suppressed verbose output for QuiltAdd                              
"       * Suppressed verbose output for QuiltRefresh                          
"       * Suppressed verbose output for QuiltRemove                            
quilt.vim 0.3 2006-09-17 7.0 Florian Delizy * Added the ! argument for Pop,Push,Refresh
* Added the QuiltMoveTo/QuiltFinishMove command
* Spellchecked the Changelog ;)
* Fixed the QuiltRefresh bug
* Fixed QuiltAdd definition bug
* Added QuiltGoTo[!] (Push/Pop)
* Added QuiltSetup[!]
* Make this file 80 characters terminal friendly
* Added QuiltNew command
* Added QuiltDelete[!]
* Fixed a whole bunch of bugs ... (thanks to #vim IRC channel )
quilt.vim 0.2b 2006-09-15 7.0 Florian Delizy * add QuiltRefresh, QuiltPush, QuiltPop commands
* add QuiltAdd, QuiltRemove
* check if the current directory is a quilt directory
* add parameters for Refresh, Add, Pop, Add ...
* add patch completion
* add in patch files completion
quilt.vim 0.1a 2006-09-14 7.0 Florian Delizy Initial upload
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