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buftabs : Minimalistic buffer tabs saving screen space

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Ico -
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[Screeshot available at  http://zevv.nl/play/code/vimscripts/]

This is a simple script that shows a tabs-like list of buffers in the bottom
of the window. The biggest advantage of this script over various others is
that it does not take any lines away from your terminal, leaving more space
for the document you're editing. The tabs are only visible when you need
them - when you are switching between buffers.

This script draws buffer tabs on vim startup, when a new buffer is created
and when switching between buffers.

It might be handy to create a few maps for easy switching of buffers in your
.vimrc file. For example, using F1 and F2 keys:

  noremap <f1> :bprev<CR>
  noremap <f2> :bnext<CR>

or using control-left and control-right keys:

  :noremap <C-left> :bprev<CR>
  :noremap <C-right> :bnext<CR>

Some configuration options are available for styling and layout, check the top of the plugin file for instructions.
install details
Copy the script into your plugin directory, and optionally define configuration items for styling the buftabs layout.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
buftabs.vim 0.18 2011-04-12 7.0 Ico - Added marker for denoting modified buffers, provide function for including buftabs into status line descriptor instead of buftabs having to edit the status line directly.
buftabs.vim 0.17 2011-04-11 7.0 Ico - Changed persistent echo function to restore 'updatetime', leading to better behaviour when showing buftabs in the status line.
buftabs.vim 0.16 2010-02-28 6.0 Ico - Fixed bug causing errors when using buftabs in vimdiff mode.
buftabs.vim 0.15 2010-02-16 6.0 Ico - * Fixed window width handling bug which caused strange behaviour in combination with the bufferlist plugin.
* Fixed wrong buffer display when deleting last window.
* Added extra options for tabs style and highlighting.

Thaks to all contributors!
buftabs.vim 0.14 2010-01-28 6.0 Ico - Fixed bug that caused buftabs in command line being overwritten when 'hidden' mode is enabled.
buftabs.vim 0.13 2009-05-07 6.0 Ico - Reusing right-aligned part of original statusline instead of using fixed '%l,%c'
buftabs.vim 0.12 2009-03-18 6.0 Ico - Fixed support for split windows
buftabs.vim 0.10 2008-01-26 6.0 Ico - Added GPL license
buftabs.vim 0.9 2007-08-22 6.0 Ico - Now compatible with older Vim versions < 7.0 as well
buftabs.vim 0.8 2007-05-02 7.0 Ico - Update buftabs when leaving insert to properly show modified-status.
buftabs.vim 0.7 2007-03-07 6.0 Ico - Added configuration option to show tabs in statusline instead of cmdline
buftabs.vim 0.6 2007-03-04 6.0 Ico - 'only_basename' changed to a global variable.  Removed functions and add event handlers instead.  'hidden' mode broke some things, so is disabled now. Fixed documentation.
buftabs.vim 0.5 2007-02-26 6.0 Ico - Added option for showing only filenames without directories in tabs
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