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vimGTD : frontend to PyGTD todo list manager

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Michael M. Tung
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vimGTD - Using 'Getting Things Done' in Vim
all plugin files under the Vim Copyright License


PyGTD is  a simple  Getting Things  Done (GTD) system  based on  David Allen's
personal-productivity  book  and  Stephen  Covey's  'Seven  Habits  of  Highly
Effective People'. It is implemented as Python script written by Keith Martin
(http://96db.com/pyGTD/). The goal is to easily organize and prioritize your
todo lists.

vimGTD is the Vim frontend to the Python program and includes such features as
syntax highlighting, file navigation support, and a quick help reference.
install details
Installation is fairly easy. Follow these steps:

(i)   Copy the contents of the directory 'vim' (with all subdirectories as is)
      to your local runtimepath (see ':help runtimepath' for various platforms).

(ii)  After all the vim plugin files are copied, execute ':helptags ~/.vim/doc'
      or your OS's equivalent to generate the new help tags.

(iii) Rename the 'gtd.py' Python script (in directory PyGTD) to 'gtd' and copy
      it to your system's execution path (on UNIX e.g. /usr/bin/gtd or

(iv)  You might want to define a shorthand for running GTD from within vim
      (typically when you edit the todo.gtd file). The following mapping will

      map ,gtd :!gtd %<C-M>:e<C-M><C-M>

      so that ',gtd' launches PyGTD.

(v)   If you use vim in combination with the Mutt email client, try out
      the following macro in your muttrc configuration:

      macro index \ch "!vim ~/GTD/todo.gtd\n" "start GTD"
      macro pager \ch "!vim ~/GTD/todo.gtd\n" "start GTD"

      which binds <CTRL>h to vim opening todo.gtd in your $HOME/GTD directory
      using PyGTD (you might want to change the directory name).

(vi)  Note that double-clicking on the context filenames (filenames surrounded
      by brackets in the todo.gtd file) will automatically open them in a new
      vim buffer for editing.

(vii) Have fun using PyGTD with vim!

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vimGTD.tgz 1.1 2006-11-02 6.0 Michael M. Tung fixed double-click mapping to be local
vimGTD.tgz 1.0 2006-10-31 6.0 Michael M. Tung Initial upload
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